10 things to do in Zadar this week 30. 7. – 6.8.

A week full of activities and events is ahead of us. If it’s your first time in Zadar – welcome, if you had been here before – welcome back! Do not worry for there is plenty novelties to make your holiday wonderful. Use your days well and take some time to explore what we suggest:

⦁ Participate in the millennium jump
Witness something phenomenal happening at the already special Zadar coast. On Saturday, 30th jump with thousands of others to participate in a millennium photo that sends the message from Zadar to the world. This is the 10th year of the millennium jump so expect a lot of surprises and a very happy day full of events in the old city.

Milenium jump

Photo courtesy: Vecernji.hr

Reflect on your day at Zadar classic open air festival
If you spend the day in the sun participating in a millennium jump, you’ll find it relaxing and comforting to listen to the harmonies of these young musicians. Dina e Mel carved their style on the brasilian music and harmonies that create a wonderful atmosphere at the Petar Zoranić square.

⦁ Have a chill-out evening and relax to the summer beats
If you are more into a different kind of music on the evening of 30th let the way lead you to the southern part of the perfectly serene garden bar on the south of the old city. Grab a refreshing drink at The Garden and enjoy the summer night.

⦁ See and hear into the Music nights in st. Donat church
Don’t miss to see the symbol of Zadar from the inside and experience the wonderful acoustic of this ancient church. On the 31st July, the Ardemus saxophone quartet is performing a wonderful concert in this unique setting.

Music nights in st. Donat

Photo courtesy: Croatia.hr

⦁ Listen to the wonders of freestyling
The greatest world fingerstyle guitarist Tommy Emanuel is playing in Zadar at last! On the 4th of August an Australian star will host the concert in a magic ambient in the Park Vladimir Nazor. Enjoy a warm summer night listening to the wonders of a man with a guitar.

⦁ Add a bit of culture in your visit
See the temporary exhibition in The Museum of Antique Glass in Zadar and pick out a very unique souvenir. Hide away from the sun and see the magnificent designs and varieties of glass, among which are the champagne glasses made for the famous couple – Angelina and Brad!

⦁ Meet the Mediterranean at its best
Traditional, but foolish at the same time, Saljske užance is the best party around. Employ all your senses at the same time in the biggest village on the Long Island – Sali. Try local specialities, see the illuminated Sali port, hear the unique UNESCO protected donkey music, cheer for the laziest donkey in a donkey race and dance to the live music concerts all night long. Join us on the tours to Sali 4th – 7th August!

Tovareca muzika Sali

 Photo courtesy Ethnodalmatia.hr

⦁ The tradition continues on the island of Ist
The yearly basketball tournament tells a lot about the competitiveness of the Dalmatians. See some serious basketball and enjoy your time in Ist, walking around the small genuine streets all wearing fiesta accessories while the locals and the visitors party hard. Swim under the stars in a sandy bay to refresh from partying!

⦁ Witness the marking of great history
If you are around famous Zadar Forum on the 5th of August, you’ll witness the marking Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day. Ask around for the story behind this event, which Zadar and its people had played a great role in.

⦁ Challenge yourself for a swimming marathon
The distance to the Preko village on the island of Ugljan is just 5 km so take on this challenge to swim across the channel on the 4th August! You’ll be joined by hundreds ambitious swimmers as well as the amateurs and followed by many boats.


Preko Zadar swimming marathon

Photo courtesy kdpdonat.hr