A week full of activities and events is ahead of us. If it’s your first time in Zadar – welcome, if you had been here before – welcome back! Do not worry for there is plenty novelties to make your holiday wonderful. Use your days well and take some time to explore what we suggest:

Dear visitors from around the world, welcome to Zadar! This charming coastal Croatian city will be your perfect holiday spot with its amazing offer of attractions, sights, activities and events. For the upcoming days, we suggest you the following: 1. Spend the evening at the Sea organ and Greeting to the sun Don’t miss out on the

5 panoramic views around Zadar that will give you goosebumps Every passionate traveller holds on closely to the memories of their wanderings around the world. Wheather it is a shell from a Portugese beach or a special edition of Marcel Proust In search of lost time from a dreamy Parisian bookshop all of these items