Zadar archipelago is filled with unspoiled nature and pristine bays, and your local crew will help you discover the best spots on your boat tour in Zadar. Since the islands of the Zadar archipelago are diverse, boat tours in Zadar are thrilling and full of unique experiences. On a day trip with us, you will

Join us on your next boat adventure and explore the wonders of the Golubinka cave. Enjoy swimming and snorkelling in the crystal-clear sea, and witness the spectacle of colours inside of this magnificent sea cavern. Experience unique adventure and have a highlight of your Croatian vacation!  In Golubinka cave you will discover a hidden beach

Discover a unique atmosphere of nightlife in Zadar, after a relaxing day on the beach, breathtaking sunset on Zadar promenade and delicious dinner in a local restaurant. Opt-in the bar-hopping adventure and enjoy the vivid atmosphere before the wild night of clubbing. Here is our complete guide to Nightlife in Zadar, where you can go,

Imagine the turquoise bays of Silba island inviting you to take a dip on a hot summer day, far away from brimming summer crowds and completely liberated from cars.   On Silba island you will get a chance to enjoy in peaceful ambience, discover fascinating island fables, snorkel with sunken sarcophagi, soak up the sun in

Veli Rat is one of the most spectacular bays in the entire Zadar archipelago, and it will surely make you fall in love at the first sight. Here you will enjoy a combination of pebbly shore and translucent sea, but once you step into the water, you will be amazed how serene an afternoon swim