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5 Exciting activities on Kornati Boat Trip

calendar iconMar 25, 2022

Explore the nautical paradise filled with unspoiled nature on your Kornati Boat trip and have a fun, active day trip.  Apart from stunning nature, scenic views and crystal-clear sea, Kornati National Park along with its sister Telaščica Nature Park will give you a chance to experience new and exciting activities.

speedboat tour near taljurić island on telascica
Enjoy a thrilling speedboat ride

Here is our list of top 5 activities for an exciting boat tour to Kornati islands:

Snorkelling around numerous bays

When on the Kornati Boat trip, it would be a shame to miss out on a vivid marine world hiding in plain sight. All you need is a pair of goggles and a bit of enthusiasm.

Since Kornati National Park is a protected area, here you will discover an underwater world brimming with life. Snorkel around the sea sponges, corals, curious fish and if you are lucky you might even spot sea turtles or playful dolphins.

snorkeling with fishes during a boat trip
Snorkel with curious fish

Conquering the island hilltops

After your underwater adventure, opt-in for some fun on the land, hike up to the Mana Island hilltop and get ready to be amazed. Once you conquer the top of this island, you will witness the breathtaking 360 panoramic vistas on the Kornati archipelago, and the longest cliff in the island group. The majestic Mana cliff is 1530m (5019ft) long, and it will give you a chance for a scenic stroll and more.

Apart from that on your Kornati Boat tour, you will be able to visit a Movie set on the previously mentioned hilltop, and make awesome holiday photos in the stone set of Fisherman’s Village from the 50s Hollywood blockbuster film – “As the Sea Rages”.

cople enjoying panoramic view from kornati islands hilltop
Conquer the hilltops

Activity for the bold ones – Cliff Jumping 

Imagine the complete feeling of freedom while you are in the air, just like a bird, and a thriččing adrenaline rush as the gravity pulls you towards the refreshing sea. The bold ones and adrenaline junkies will be thrilled to find out that Mana island is famous for cliff jumping.

Don’t worry, you can find different heights and jump from the island top into the crystal-clear Adriatic sea and simply swim back to your boat, which will be at a safe distance from the jumping point.

cliff jumping on mana island
Be Bold

Hike to the Lake with healing waters

As the first stop of your Kornati Boat trip, you will visit stunning Nature Park Tealščica which is hiding majestic 100+ meters tall cliffs just a brief 5-minute hike away from your speedboat.

Moreover, your local guide will take you to the Salt lake on top of the island – Lake Mir, where you can refresh yourself with a swim in the waters with healing properties. A perfect way to cool down after a scenic hike on a hot summer morning.

telaščica nature park and salt lake mir aerial view
Discover the hidden secrets of Telaščica

Step up your Photography Game

Kornati Boat trip will enable you to step up your holiday photos to a whole new level. You will have the awe-inspiring backdrops for your holiday pictures, and have fun making them. Capture the best moments of your Kornati boat trip and share them on your social media, your social media feed will thank you for it.

girl with hat looking view from telascica cliffs
Make stunning holiday photos

Why go on the Kornati Boat trip with Zadar Archipelago?

Our team of local experts have carefully designed this tour in a way our guests can see more, experience more, and avoid the summer crowds.

That way you can relax and enjoy the best summer activities, in the gorgeous spots without brimming crowds and rush hours. Your holiday photos won’t be photobombed and you will have time to have fun carefree on stunning island locations.

You will explore the most beautiful archipelago in the best way possible – with a speedboat.

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