5 reasons why you should visit Silba island on your next boat tour
guy jumping from boat and a girl on a floatie on Zadar archipelago boat trip

Imagine the turquoise bays of Silba island inviting you to take a dip on a hot summer day, far away from brimming summer crowds and completely liberated from cars.  

On Silba island you will get a chance to enjoy in peaceful ambience, discover fascinating island fables, snorkel with sunken sarcophagi, soak up the sun in crystalline bays, visit the open-air art gallery and climb up the tower of love. 

Apart from that you will learn why Silba island is known as the island of the captains and recharge your batteries on this magical place.

silba island sotorišće bay
Enjoy in Silba island bays

Visit secluded bays accessible only by boat tour

Silba island is famous for its crystalline sea and stunning bays, which will make you fall in love at first sight. Since the island is remote, there aren’t many options to explore it without a boat. 

But don’t worry, your local crew from Zadar Archipelago will show you all the best spots, and take you to extraordinary bays accessible only by boat.

You will enjoy a scenic boat ride between Silba island and Olib island, visit stunning sandy bays, and get a chance to enjoy the best summer activities in Sotorišće bay. 

Apart from that, you can relax in a shade and grab a cold drink in a nearby beach bar, ideal for lounging and a quick bite after a proper swim.

stunning island bays on silba island zadar archipelago boat tours
Enjoy in best summer activities

Moreover, you will snorkel with sunken sarcophagi in Pocukmarak bay and your local guide will learn about the fascinating history of Silba island. Besides the sarcophagi, here you can enjoy vivid marine life, and observe curious schools of fish and sea urchins.

Recharge your batteries on a full-day boat tour to a car-free island

As mentioned before Silba island is remote, and that makes it an ideal destination to escape summer crowds at the peak of the summer season. 

What makes Silba different,  is the fact that it is completely car-free, and here you won’t see any motorized vehicles,  This gives a unique ambience to the island of the pedestrians, where you can recharge your batteries by stepping back from everyday modern life.

zadar archipelago people on a boat tour on silba island
Enjoy the boat ride

Although there are no cars on the island, it is quite easy to navigate in Silba village on foot, under the shade of its diverse vegetation and that will give you a serene feeling 

Learn about fascinating legends of the Island of captains on a day trip from Zadar

Another thing that makes Silba island a one-of-a-kind place is its long and fascinating history. Your local guide will tell you all about the fables of Silba island.

You will find out why Silba is known as the island of the captains, how those captains liberated the island, discover why there are sarcophagi in Pocukmarak bay and even get a chance to snorkel with them.

guy snorkeling with sunken sarchopagi on silba island
Snorkel with sunken sarcophagi

Apart from that, you will climb up the tower of love – Toretta tower and learn about the love story behind this landmark, with a backdrop of 360 panoramic views on Silba island.

Moreover, there are even legends about vampires on Silba island! Discover all the intriguing myths of Silba, on a pleasant sightseeing tour around the Silba village.

Enjoy in best summer activities on your boat excursion to Silba Island

On Silba island you will get a chance to enjoy in best summer activities around secluded bays filled with pristine sea and lush vegetation. You can try out swimming, learn summersaults and gallantly splash in the sea from a speedboat.

Apart from that, you can ask your local crew to learn you Picigin, a dalmatian unofficial sport, stay active and have fun. Kids will especially enjoy this fun summer game.  Moreover, you can explore underwater life, or snorkel with sunken sarcophagi. 

zadar archipelago boat tour people boat jumping
Make a splash

You can visit the open-air art gallery under the shade of the Mediterranean oak trees, and take a stroll in Silba village before you climb up the tower of love – Toretta.

Climb up the tower of love on Silba island

When on Silba, visit a well-known landmark Toretta tower. Climb up the “tower of love” and enjoy in spectacular panoramic vista on Silba island and discover the love story behind this unique spot.

According to the historical data, captain Marinić has built this observatory for his wife, so she can look on the horizon while he is sailing and spot his boat when he returns to her and the Silba island.

toretta tower of love silba island boat tour
Climb up the “tower of Love”

There is more to that story and as any real love story this one as well is full of plot twists, your local guide from Zadar Archipelago will make sure you find out all the juicy details.

Why visit Silba island with Zadar Archipelago?

The best way to visit Silba island is on a fully guided boat tour with Zadar Archipelago. You can simply relax and enjoy your full-day boat tour, while your local crew helps you to discover the most beautiful Spots on Silba and Olib islands.

Apart from that, you will learn fascinating facts about these islands, which only local experts know about, and you will visit gorgeous spots, that will make your trip memorable.

zadar archipelago boat tout silba island
Join us for an unforgettable boat trip

Moreover, you will experience the best of summer activities on a breathtaking Silba island and recharge your batteries far away from summer crowds.