5 easy tips for Eco-friendly Boat Tour with Zadar Archipelago

Are you longing for leaving the shore and summer crowds behind and explore the spectacular island locations on your next boat adventure? Now you can do it on an Eco-friendly boat tour!

If are a lover of boat trips, you can make your experience sustainable help out the environment and feel closer to nature. The best way to enjoy a boat tour is while being aware of the fragility of marine ecosystems and knowing that your small deeds can keep it safe.

Visiting spectacular locations filled with unspoiled nature sounds amazing right? Well, now you can discover stunning places and help us to keep the environment thriving and still enjoy an Eco-friendly boat tour, with a few simple tips.

eco-friendly boat tour to telescica
Discover areas of unspoiled nature


Help your crew to reduce marine litter 

Our boat trips are held in spectacular locations full of natural phenomena and unique flora and fauna, and we want to keep it that way. Wondering how you can help?

Make sure you do not throw any litter in the sea or in nature. You can give it to your crew, or if on land dispose of it in the proper bins on your Eco-friendly boat tour.

Your crew will make sure you can dispose of any litter, especially plastic bottles in an environmentally friendly way. Your skipper and tour guide will make sure non of harmful litter gets into the sea and we do not cause any pollution on an Eco-friendly boat tour.

All the litter from our boat tour will be carefully transferred on the mainland and disposed on a proper manner, and if it is possible, recycled.

You might notice, your local crew will pick up any plastic residue and litter we might find floating around on our routes and give our small yet significant contribution to keeping our environment clean. We encourage all of our guests to help us in our mission and enjoy a carefree Eco-friendly boat tour without any litter.

people snorkeling with fishes on sunken ship
Explore the vivid Marin world

Keep the “lungs of the ocean” alive on your Eco-friendly boat tour

Your Skippers are experienced sailors, and they will make sure your Eco-friendly boat tour doesn’t harm any seagrass, known as the Posidonia oceanica or “The lungs of the Ocean”

Our local crew makes sure we do not anchor our boats in the seagrass, rather we use mooring buoys, berths and sandy bottom. Our Eco-friendly boat tour has a specially designed itinerary to make sure we berth and moor our boats in areas we will not harm the marine flora and fauna.

How can you help? Please be considerate when snorkelling around the sea bed, and try not to pluck any seagrass.

If you are renting a boat by yourself, keep in mind that Posidonia is extremely important for marine life and the ecosystem, and do not anchor in the seagrass.

How do know where is the seagrass? It is simple, the seabed will seem almost black from the surface, while the sandy bottom will be lightly coloured.

sakarun beach aerial
Enjoy stunning natural lagoons

Observe, but do not disturb marine life on your Eco-friendly boat tour

On your Eco-friendly boat tour you’ll visit some of the most beautiful snorkelling spots in Croatia, and what makes them special is the vivid marine life. Help us keep them that way and enjoy snorkelling but please do not harm the marine life and do not disturb their natural behaviour.

How can you do so? When snorkelling, do not harm their natural habitat, do not damage it. If you want to observe marine life up-close, relax and do not scare marine life with sudden movements, and they will be just as curious as you.

You can try these tips at the most beautiful snorkelling spots, such as Sunken ship, Golubinka cave, sunken sarcophagi, or in protected areas such as Kornati and Telaščica on your next Eco-friendly boat tour.

guy snorkeling with fish
Explore the marine world up-close

Be aware of your SPF lotion

Yet another way you can help out the environment on your Eco-friendly boat tour is by choosing your sunscreen. Since the sunscreen comes directly in contact with the sea when you snorkel and swim, it is important to be aware of what is in your SPF lotion.

Many SPF creams contain substances such as oxybenzone, which is highly harmful to the sea, and it is even partially responsible for corals’ bleaching and their demise.

This means with a simple check of ingredients of your Sunscreen lotion, you can help out the environment while you enjoy your Eco-friendly boat tour and possibly turn towards greener alternatives.

If this information is new, we are glad we can spread the word. You can ask your local guide for a non-harmful SPF lotion, on your Eco-friendly boat tour.

guy on a boat
Sunbathe in breathtaking locations

Spread the word, knowledge is the key for Sustainability

The big change starts with simple words and small deeds, help us to spread the word and share what you have learned about the importance of preserving nature on your Eco-friendly boat tour.  Share these simple tips and tricks to help keep our planet safe.

You can share this blog or knowledge you got on your Eco-friendly boat tour with other people, or your family and friends. Awareness is the first step in the more sustainable approach to simple things in life, which can make a difference on a global scale.

people in the sea playing
Enjoy in best summer activities in crystal clear sea

How Zadar Archipelago does its part with our  Eco-friendly boat tours?

Zadar Archipelago educates every employee about the importance of sustainability and each day we try to do our best to keep the environment safe and clean.

All of our boat trips are optimised in a way that prevents any leaks and excessive fuel usage. We have optimised our itinerary in a way we can provide our guests with unique experiences, show them spectacular locations and make sure our carbon footprint and fuel usage does not harm the environment on an Eco-friendly boat tour.

girls in croatian shirts on a boat
Enjoy in an Eco-friendly way

On your Eco-friendly boat tour, your crew will make sure, we do not harm marine flora and fauna with anchoring, we do not litter the sea, rather we will bring all the plastics to recycling and dispose of other garbage in the proper containers.

Your crew will make sure you have non-harmful SPF lotion and give you simple tips and tricks on how can you be sustainable on your Eco-friendly boat tour while still enjoying every aspect of it.

Apart from that, we service, clean store and prepare out boats on an eco-friendly way without harmful effect on the nature and the environment we all live in.