Top 6 activities on a fun-filled boat trip to Dugi Otok

Aug 24, 2022

Come on an adventure of a lifetime with Zadar Archipelago and book a speedboat tour of Dugi Otok island. Allow yourself to experience the best activities on Dugi Otok and get acquainted with its many secrets and create memories that will last a lifetime with the help of the local know-how from your native tour operators. Also, there are many native captains that know the secrets of the area around Dugi Otok, and will share them with your tour operators.

These are the top 6 best activities on Dugi Otok boat tour:

Explore Telašćica Nature Park

The Telašćica Nature Park is one of the best-kept secrets on Dugi Otok island and absolutely worth a visit, especially if you come by speedboat. There are numerous bays and coves scattered all throughout the park, enabling travellers to enjoy the atmosphere of unspoiled nature and crystal-clear sea.

You can swim in the Park and take in the magical feeling of this enchanting place. When you arrive by speedboat, your local tour guide will show you the best place for a picnic and water sports, before you take a stroll through the numerous olive groves, alongside wild blackberries and other Adriatic vegetation.

Lastly, in the southwestern part of Telaščica park is a saltwater lake, fully enclosed by vegetation, but retaining salt from underground currents. It is said that the lake contains healing and rejuvenating properties; after just one brief swim, your skin will feel several years younger.

telašćica cliffs on dugi otok boat tour

Swim in the picture-perfect beaches around Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok island is famous for many things, most of all, for its breathtakingly beautiful beaches, the most famous of which is Saharun beach, but also Veli Žal and many others. This many incredible beaches would be impossible to experience, were it not for your local tour guides from Zadar Archipelago.

Since they grew up in these water, they know the perfect choice for every specific group, whether it be a variety of beachfront amenities, cafes and beach bars or no facilities at all, just incredible nature and the sea.

Bask in the awesomeness of Saharun beach

Saharun beach is one of the most famous, if not the most famous beach in Croatia. Its sandy bottom reflects the sea into the water, creating a blue-ish glow that is characteristic for Caribbean lagoons. Nevertheless, guests travelling with Zadar Archipelago may experience an exotic flair, right here in the Croatian Adriatic sea, by enjoying the waters of Saharun beach.

The sandy bottom of Saharun bay, combined with long stretches of shallow water, makes this beach perfect for families with children. Also, speedboats can freely anchor in the bay, while larger boats are completely forbidden from entering this area.

The water is immensely clear and offers great opportunities for swimming, freediving and snorkeling.

Visit the underground kingdom of Golubinka Cave

One of the best activities on Dugi Otok involves exploring Golubinka cave. Located near Brbišćica bay, it draws travellers from all over the world every year. Its trademark is a long and narrow entrance filled with turquoise luminescence, thanks to sunlight being reflected off the sandy bottom.

Due to the local know-how of your expert crew, you will be able to explore every inch of this cave without any fear, because your native tour guides know the inside of Golubinka like the palm of their hand.

If you are not squeamish about tight and small spaces, it is recommended that you explore the cave`s seabed with a diving mask, so you could witness first-hand the incredible interplay of light and shadow.

Thanks to an opening in the ceiling, sunlight trickles into the cave, which illuminates the stone halls of Golubinka cave.

Check out the picturesque lighthouse near Veli Rat

All visitors to Dugi Otok should definitely check out this famous lighthouse; it is a landmark of Dugi Otok and is not to be missed. Located near Veli Rat village, on the northwestern part of Dugi Otok island, the lighthouse was built in 1849 and is 42 meters high.

Thanks to its smart location, the lighthouse offers astounding panoramas and experiences, mostly due to its courtyard, which also houses s small chapel (often booked for weddings, anniversaries and honeymoons and similar occasions).

The lighthouse is also close to Saharun beach, which makes it double-enticing to visit this location.

Try Shipwreck snorkeling

The sea around Dugi Otok island is filled with enchanting treasures, but none are so fascinating as the shipwreck of the Italian cargo ship Michelle. It was stranded north of the Veli Rat lighthouse, in May of 1983. Some of the older inhabitants of Dugi Otok say the ship was run aground on purpose, to collect the insurance money.

Nevertheless, because of the shallow waters that surround the shipwreck, it has become quite an attraction for snorkellers, which can observe the wreck at depth of a maximum of 3 meters.

Why you should go on a Dugi Otok Boat Tour with Zadar Archipelago?

Dugi Otok literally translates as „Long Island“, because of its long and narrow shape, having a length of 43 kilometres and a width of only 3.5 km. It is located in the greater region of the Zadar archipelago.

This mainly untouched and undiscovered island hides many secrets, which would be hard to discover on your own. Luckily, the local tour operators and guides from Zadar Archipelago will help all guests with exploring beautiful locations and the best activities on Dugi Otok island.

The biggest and most important settlement on the island is Sali – a compact but charming port town, with several unique features, like a library and a designated „noon siesta spot”. The crown jewel of Dugi Otok is located on its southern shore – the fabulous Telaščica Nature Park.

One of the most popular activities around Dugi Otok island is snorkeling and diving, with waters in Telaščica Park and around Metanj island holding special significance to passionate divers and admirers of a lively seabed.

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