9 Exciting Activities in Zadar Region
Activities in Zadar region

If you want an active vacation, look no more! You will find numerous exciting activities in the Zadar region, from thrilling boat tours, island hopping, cliff jumping, parasailing, jet ski and speed boat rides, bungee jumping, shipwreck snorkelling, rock climbing and many, many more.

Activities in Zadar region
Enjoy the best of summer fun

Zadar and its hinterlands as well as the archipelago are filled with unique experiences and stunning places for you to discover. Here is our list of the top 9 activities for thrill-seekers:

Opt-in for a Photo safari on majestic Mt. Velebit

Opt-in for one of the most exciting activities in Zadar region – a photo safari ride on the mountain Velebit. Start your morning with a scenic Jeep ride off the beaten path and shoot the epic shots of majestic Zrmanja canyon with your camera.

Apart from the karst canyon of the Zrmanja river and spectacular vistas on this emerald zig zag beauty, you will have a chance to take brief hikes and see numerous viewpoints that will leave you breathless.

activities in zadar region photo safari velebit
Enjoy spectacular vistas on a photo safari – Photo by: @_movepics

Moreover, after the canyon, you will witness the might of the longest mountain in Croatia – Velebit. Due to its extraordinary beauty, all of 145km of this majestic mountain range is protected as a nature park, while its northern area is a National park because it is home to various endemic species.

Make sure to soak up the views on the vast seascape from one side and majestic vistas on the tall mountain cliffs from another side.

HINT: Make sure to stop by Tulove Grede for extraordinary photos and breathtaking vistas.

Dare to Bungee jump from the tallest bridge in Croatia

If you are up for a real adrenaline rush and one of the most popular activities in Zadar region – visit Maslenica bridge and try out the highest Bungee in Croatia!

activities in zadar region - bungee jumping maselinca bridge
Dare to Bungee jump- Photo by: @zadar_adventures

Get your blood pumping and take a leap of faith into the shimmering Adriatic Sea from the 56m high bridge. If you want to get the adrenaline going, try bungee jumping and see the Mediterranean Sea from a completely new angle.

Of course, you will be secured with safety gear and top-notch quality ropes, and you will have professionals with you every step of the way.

Enjoy a thrilling boat tour to nearby islands

If bungee is a tad too much excitement for you, do not worry, there are still plenty of exciting activities in Zadar region.  Our favourite is most definitely a thrilling boat trip to nearby islands in the Zadar archipelago.

You will enjoy comfortable speedboat racing across the Adriatic and safely enjoy the thrilling boat trip. Apart from that, you will get a chance to explore the best spots of Ugljan, Dugi Otok, Kornati & Telaščica or Silba & Olib islands.

Activities in Zadar region - Fun boat ride Zadar archipelago
Make the most out of your boat trip

Spend a day filled with various exciting activities in the Zadar region – snorkel around shipwrecks, or sunken sarcophagi, explore sea caves and salt lakes, hike and cliff jump and enjoy on fully guided speedboat tour with local experts from Zadar Archipelago.

Try one of the most exciting activities in Zadar region – Cliff jumping 

One of the most beloved activities in Zadar region is a combination of pure excitement and a refreshing swim in the crystal clear Adriatic sea – Cliff jumping.

activities in zadar region - cliff jumping
Cliff jump with style into the Adriatic sea – Photo by: @like_zadar

You don’t need to jump from the tallest cliff around to try this activity, just make sure you are comfortable jumping and check with locals about the sea depth.

Here are the 3 best spots for cliff jumping around Zadar:

In Zadar, you can try out Cliff jumping in Arbanasi, near Kolovare beach, or enjoy looking at locals who adore this exciting summer activity.

Dragon eye cliffs near Golubinka Sea cave are great for beginners, intermediate jumpers and one seeking higher cliffs and bit more excitement. You can pick “your own size” of the cliff and still enjoy one of the most exciting activities in the Zadar region under the supervision of local experts.

Mana Island in the Kornati island group is an ideal spot for cliff jumping after a hike and sightseeing of a movie set on top of the island. Your local crew will make sure the boat will pick you up shortly after you jump.

Shipwreck snorkelling on Dugi Otok

If you are not a big fan of heights, you can try shipwreck diving and snorkelling. Dugi Otok has 3 shipwrecks for a thrilling snorkelling experience ideal for everyone.

Activities in Zadar region -snorkeling around sunken ship
Snorkel around the sunken ship Michelle in Zadar archipelago

Near Veli Rat you will find an Italian cargo ship, still protruding from the surface of the sea. Since it is stranded on a shallow part, sunken ship Michelle is ideal for beginners and for intermediate divers who want to investigate the inner parts of the wreck. You can visit this stunning spot with the Zadar archipelago tour to Dugi Otok or Sakarun beach Escape tour.

Activities in Zadar region - Shipwreck diving snorkelling dugi otok etna muline
Discover the secrets of sunken ships Etna & Muline

Etna and Muline shipwrecks are located in the proximity of Michelle, in Lučice bay. Both of these wrecks are right next to each other and you can explore them both at the same time.

Rafting & Kayaking on River Zrmanja

Not every all of the exciting activities in Zadar region are on the coast, the hinterland can be as thrilling, and the river Zrmanja is a true example of it.

Located only 30m car or bus ride from Zadar, your kayaking tour will start in town Obrovac, from where you will get a lift to the canyon of river Zrmanja.

activities in Zadar region kayaking zrmanja
Kayak around Zrmanja river – Photo by: @vuckovicsara

Here you will enjoy vistas of the majestic canyon, and emerald river while you listen to the sound of Zrmanja falls and the oars that are gently splitting the water surface. Zrmanja is usually a calm river but on some parts, it will give you enough excitement for fun-filled kayaking or rafting adventure with professional equipment and local guides for your safety.

Rock climbing in Paklenica National Park

Another excitement presented by yours truly Mt. Velebit is Paklenica National park. Here you will be able to enjoy one of the most fun of all the activities in Zadar region – rock climbing. Paklenica is one of the most prestigious rock climbing sites in Europe and a well-known destination for climbing enthusiasts.

Activities in Zadar region rock climbing paklenica
Rock climb in Paklenica-Photo by:@paklenica_xtreme_sports

The proximity of the sea gives a special charm to the rock climbing in Paklenica. Apart from that here, you will be able to climb around 590 well-equipped and marked routes of various difficulty and lengths, which means – rock climbing in Paklenica is for everyone.

Enjoy panoramic Parasailing on Zadar channel

If you want to see Zadar from completely another angle, you don’t need a drone. You can go to Borik beach and try out parasailing.

This is one of the safest and yet most thrilling activities in Zadar region. Here is how it works: Local crew will take you in the speedboat which will help you glide drought the air high above the city and witness spectacular panoramic vistas.

Activitities in Zadar -parasailing
Enjoy in 360 aerial vistas – Photo by: @parasailingzadar

Parasailing experts will make sure you are safely strapped seated on your seat, and that your parachute is ready to go.

You will gently be lifted by air currents in the air when your parachute gets high enough from the sea, and you will slowly glide in the air higher and higher.

You can choose how high you want to glide, 100,200 or 300 m from the sea level. It might sound scary but this is actually a very peaceful and extraordinary experience that reminds more of easy gliding than flying.

Wake up your adventurous side in an offroad quad ride

Experience an off-road excitement on the quad rides off the beaten paths. Enjoy four wheels adventure complemented by the scent of the pine trees and make the most of your vacation in spectacular locations mixed with an adrenaline rush. Feel the adrenaline and get in touch with your adventurous side in one of the most fun activities in Zadar region and explore the hidden beauties of the hinterlands.

activities in zadar region quad ride velebit tulove grede
Enjoy in fun off the beaten path- Photo by: @queen_k_n

Why choose Zadar Archipelago as your “partner in crime” for an exciting holiday in Croatia?

Zadar Archipelago will make sure you have spectacular fun and stay safe at the same time. Everyone on our tours will have an equal opportunity and local experts there every step of the way.

Apart from that we will make sure you feel comfortable and have fun in breathtaking locations. Moreover, with us, your entire boat tour will be filled with new and exciting experiences and stunning spots.

Activities in Zadar region water sports
Enjoy the ultimate summer fun

On a single boat tour, you will get a thrilling speedboat ride, snorkel around the shipwreck, explore the sea cave, get a chance to cliff jump, see magnificent 360 vistas from the tallest lighthouse in the Adriatic, enjoy summersaults from the boat deck, play picigin on a most beautiful beach in Croatia, visit the military tunnel and get a breather from excitement to simply enjoy a cocktail on turquoise beaches here and there.