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Stay Active on a 100 % fun Boat tour in Zadar archipelago

calendar iconMar 09, 2022

If you are an active traveller, eager for new and thrilling experiences, you are in the right place. You can stay active and enjoy a fun-filled Boat tour in  Zadar archipelago. During your boat adventure, you will visit stunning islands, explore fascinating locations and enjoy thrilling activities. Here are our top 5 activities for active boat tour experiences:

Zadar Archipelago Silba and Olib boat tour boat jumps
Enjoy in best summer activities

Snorkelling around fascinating spots on a Boat tour in Zadar archipelago

The Adriatic sea is one of the clearest seas in the world, which means it is brimming with marine life which will make your snorkelling adventures fun, especially in protected areas such as Nature Park Telaščica and National Park Kornati. Apart from the marine flora and fauna, you will get a chance to explore some pretty cool snorkelling spots.

On Dugi Otok, you can snorkel around majestic shipwrecks, explore the exciting Golubinka sea cave, or dive under the surface of the turquoise sea at Veli Žal and Veli Rat bays.  Moreover, you can unravel the history of your next snorkelling adventure and explore the sunken sarcophagi on Silba island.

sunken ship snorkeling and and boats
Snorkel on stunning spots

TIP: These locations are excellent for underwater holiday photos.

Explore Unique natural phenomena you can only see in the Zadar archipelago

Due to the diversity of the islands in the region, you will be able to witness numerous natural phenomena on your boat tour in Zadar archipelago. If you decide to go on a Dugi Otok boat tour you can explore the marvellous Golubinka Sea Cave.

You can climb up the impressive cliffs, and try out cliff jumping, or enjoy in scenic speedboat ride on the cliffs that stretch to the jewel of the island – Nature Park Telaščica. In Telaščica you can hike up to the top and enjoy panoramic vistas on 100+ m high cliffs. Besides, you will get the opportunity to discover the unique Salt Lake Mir, on top of the island, and soak in its waters with healing properties.

On Silba and Olib Islands you will discover some of the most beautiful sandy bays, which are not so common for the Zadar region. On a Kornati Boat tour, you will be cruising in the natural phenomena itself, every island, islet and reef in the Kornati National Park is unique and impressive. Apart from that you will be amazed by the Kornati Crowns and enjoy in stunning spots.

guy relaxing in Golubinka sea cave
Explore Golubinka Sea Cave

Hike to the island hilltops and conquer the most beautiful viewpoints

One of the best ways to stay active on a boat tour in Zadar archipelago is to hike off the beaten path on the islands. This fun activity will give you a chance to enjoy in the shade of lush vegetation, and enjoy unspoiled nature. Apart from that, you will conquer various hilltops, and as a reward, you will witness unique and unforgettable 360 panoramic vistas on the Zadar archipelago and its dotted seascapes.

view of kornati islands
Conquer the island hilltops

Enjoy the aquatic sports and stay fit on the most beautiful beaches 

Beaches are ideal for more than just basking in the sun and working on the bronzed tan. You can opt-in for a swim, organize a sprint race with your friends, or play Waterpolo in breathtaking locations. Apart from that you can always snorkel and explore the marine world, or ask your crew to teach you “Dalmatian unofficial sport” – Picigin or play beach volleyball. Kids will especially love and enjoy these fun beach games.

You can get creative and do a light workout with the help of sea resistance. Try out beach pilates in shallow Sakarun bay, or beach yoga and have fun while working out and staying fit on stunning island spots on your next boat tour in Zadar archipelago.

handstand in the sea girl
Try out unique beach workouts

Why go on an Active boat tour with Zadar Archipelago?

Active day trip from Zadar is an ideal way to stay active on a hot summer day. You will have plenty of chances to enjoy the best summer activities and refresh yourself in stunning island lagoons on your boat tour in Zadar archipelago. Our local team knows all the most gorgeous spots on the islands in the Zadar region and we will make sure you visit them and get fun and thrilling new experiences during your day trip.

Apart from that, we will show you the best ways you can stay active and have fun safely around the Zadar Archipelago.

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