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6 facts about Ist island: A Comprehensive Guide

calendar iconJun 26, 2023

A quaint, picturesque haven nestled within the Zadar archipelago, the island of Ist presents itself as a sanctuary for the soul. Unspoiled, Ist boasts a breathtaking landscape, imbued with mystery, and brimming with charm. A place where time seems to stand still, it welcomes the weary traveller with open arms. Book your trip to Ist with Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours now and learn about the many interesting facts about Ist island, and enjoy the secludedness and unspoiled nature that lie dormant on this isle.

Natural Beauty and Scenic Spots

Ascend to Straža, the island’s zenith (at approx. 160 meters above sea level), where a charming chapel and a mesmerizing panorama await. One’s gaze sweeps over Kornati’s peaks to the south, Olib and Silba to the north, the sprawling Velebit range eastward, and the infinite sea to the west. Here, the poetry of nature unfolds before your very eyes, a masterpiece of creation painted with a celestial brush.

Ist’s surroundings are a feast for the senses, offering a symphony of enchanting vistas. Like a masterful orchestration, each note of beauty resonates with its unique melody, inviting you to partake in a concert of visual splendour.

Ist panorama with a church in the foreground
Visit a place forgotten by time and blessed by nature – Ist island – a designated location on a day trip with Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours.

From this vantage point, you can also spot the reason for Široka bay’s allure, as well as the hidden gem of Kosirača bay, and the delightful village of Ist. As you traverse the island’s shores, let your spirit be gently lulled by the rhythmic dance of the waves, the whispered songs of the breeze, and the sun’s warm embrace.

Village Life on Ist Island

Ist’s hamlet, home to a mere 200 souls, swells in numbers as summer unfurls. Yet, the silence remains palpable even in the peak of the summer season – a soothing balm for the weary traveller. Here, in this haven of serenity, one can rediscover the essence of life, as though each heartbeat were a symphony of simple pleasures.

June and September unveil a tranquil symphony with the ever-lasting beat of waves, the serenade of crickets, and the occasional, gentle arrival of a boat. Like a kind waltz, the island’s beauty invites you to dance along to its enchanting melody, losing yourself in its tender embrace.

Embrace the car-free, eco-conscious lifestyle that Ist proudly upholds. Here, nature’s unspoiled beauty reigns supreme, a testament to the delicate harmony of man and earth, a dance of mutual respect and adoration.

Discovering Ist at Your Own Pace

Let the island’s beauty sweep you off your feet as you meander along winding trails and bask in the gentle breeze and warm sun while unveiling hidden coves, charming villages, and stunning views at a pace that suits you.

If you’re up for a more laid-back exploration, everything can be arranged on your day trip with Zadar Archipelago speedboat excursions. Let us and our local know-how help you discover the shimmering turquoise waters, speckled with hidden beaches, and make your journey around the island an unforgettable experience.

An incredible Ist island panorama with the sea in the distance
Book a trip to Ist Island with Zadar Archipelago Tours and experience the unique atmosphere of this secluded island

Stroll through Ist’s quaint village streets, where it feels like time has stood still; enjoy the friendliness of the locals, as they greet you with warm smiles and open hearts, eager to share tales and insights into the island’s rich history and traditions.

Caring for Ist and Its Environment

Join in Ist’s dedication to sustainable tourism by participating in eco-friendly activities and adopting green practices. From using water responsibly to supporting local businesses, your choices can make a lasting difference. Since there is no official water treatment on the island, fresh water is used with a decent amount of forethought, and all visitors are encouraged to do the same.

Treasure the delicate balance between nature and human activity on Ist, understanding the importance of protecting this magical haven for generations to come. As a responsible traveller, your role in maintaining the island’s ecosystem is crucial for its ongoing success.

Enigmatic Narratives from Ist Island

Delve into the intriguing tale of Nana Konstanta, a woman whose existence blurred the lines between reality and myth. As a sorceress or a night terror, her story represents power, dread, and the island’s multifaceted connection with the supernatural.

If you want to know more, just ask your local Zadar Archipelago tour guide, who knows all the secrets and legends of this enchanting isle.

Venture into the eerie legend of the Surcić house, where the barrier between the living and the deceased appears to wane. In this location, hexes persist and peculiar events are rampant, as the island’s past emerges, revealing its mysteries to those who dare to pay heed.

A sole isle off the coast of Ist island, known as the Lost Island
One of the themes in Ist`s local mythology revolves around the Lost Island, a patch of land just off Ist`s coast

Uncover the accounts of children possessing heavenly vision, a testament to the island’s abundant folklore. In Istian tradition, spoken words hold significance, creating a network of beliefs and customs that persist in shaping the island’s identity.

The importance of oral communication in Istian culture weaves through its historical tapestry, giving expression to the island’s fears, aspirations, and enigmas. The stories passed down over generations persist in moulding the island’s shared memory, illustrating its rich heritage.

The battle of Ist island

For true history buffs, an overlook of Ist island would not be complete without mentioning the battle of Ist island , which took place during World War II.

On 29 February 1944, the Battle of Ist took place in the Adriatic Sea, between the islands of Škarda and Molat, near Ist Island. The engagement involved two Free French Naval Forces destroyers, Le Terrible and Le Malin, and a Kriegsmarine force of two corvettes, two torpedo boats, and three minesweepers. The German flotilla was escorting a freighter, the Kapitan Diederichsen. The French managed to destroy the German freighter and a corvette without any losses before withdrawing.

The Royal Navy had formed the 24th Destroyer Flotilla at Bari in 1944, which included three French destroyers. The French were led by the competent Captain Pierre Lancelot; he operated in the northern Adriatic, while the British assumed their positions further south. The speed of the French destroyers allowed them to act quickly based on intelligence and to strike at targets.

On 29 February, the French and the German convoys departed from their ports, on a direct collision course. The two forces encountered each other in the dark with minimal moonlight. Le Terrible’s radar detected the German convoy, and the French destroyers engaged the enemy, surprising them. Le Malin targeted the freighter, scoring a hit, while Le Terrible targeted the closest escorts. The French destroyers closed in using their radar and fired torpedoes, with one hitting the freighter amidships, causing it to catch fire and become immobilized.

The damaged Kapitan Diederichsen eventually sank, while the heavily damaged TA37 was towed to Pola. The French forces remained in the Adriatic for half of the year, bombarding Zante and sinking two Siebel ferries in March. In August, they participated in Operation Dragoon, the Southern Invasion of France.

Why you should learn facts about Ist island with Zadar Archipelago speedboat excursions?

Ist, an enchanting island of breathtaking beauty, rich history, and captivating legends, calls out to you. A haven of tranquillity and authenticity, Ist offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life, inviting you to rediscover nature, community, and self. Let the spirit of this magical island awaken your senses, ignite your imagination, and nourish your soul. Book our unique Silba, Olib and Ist day trip boat tour and experience for yourself the magnificent allure of this fantastic island.

A small islet in the middle of nowhere is just one of many fragments that make up alluring facts about Ist island
There is a place near Ist island that looks like it came from another planet – talk to your local Zadar Archipelago tour guide about visiting the Lost Island near Ist and learn plenty of interesting facts about Ist island

Allow us to create a speedboat day trip experience that will bring you nearer to the island’s hidden splendour. We promise that by trusting Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours As you commence this expedition, feel the excitement grow, with an adventure and serenity awaiting you upon arrival.

Immerse yourself in Ist island, where the cultural and natural heritage runs as deep as the sea itself. Boasting a proud history spanning generations, Ist’s bond with the Adriatic remains steadfast, with its inhabitants continuing to traverse waters both near and far.

A testament to its captivating allure, Ist’s pristine beauty provides a haven from the world, welcoming all to relish its peacefulness.

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