Top 10 Beaches to Visit on Ugljan Island Boat tour
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Ugljan Island Boat Tour will be an ideal match for anyone looking for a half-day beach escape to stunning island lagoons. You will get a chance to explore the best beaches in Ugljan and hidden bays on your Boat excursion. 

It’s not uncommon for Croatia’s beaches to be pebbly, but if you are a lover of sandy beaches you will discover paradise on island Ugljan. In addition to the beautiful sandy beaches on Ugljan’s northern side, there are countless hidden coves and beaches on the southern side of the island.  

If you want to enjoy in robinsonian atmosphere you should explore the other side of the island where you can discover impressive locations filled with hidden natural beauty, secluded bays and naturist beaches far away from summer crowds. 

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Enjoy Summer to the Fullest

Best Beaches in Preko – Paradise lagoons with scenic vistas

Preko is located only 15 minutes speedboat ride away from Zadar, and it has many lovely beaches with gorgeous scenery that will give you the opportunity to enjoy in best summer activities, the pristine sea, sandy lagoons and unique vista on Zadar.  Relax and enjoy your Ugljan island boat tour. 

Magazin Beach

Magazin Beach is located in Preko, across the smallest inhabited island in the Adriatic – islet Galevac, and it will give you a chance to enjoy stunning vistas and crystal-clear sea. 

Dip your toes in the turquoise sea, relax on the sandy beaches, or visit the nearby cafes. On Magazin Beach, you can enjoy carefreely and be sure there is a vast variety of amenities of modern beach complemented with the natural beauty of Ugljan Island

Additionally, you can cross over to Galevac Island in style with a wooden rowing boat for  3kn, swimming or walking through Shallow Paradise Bay and visit two extraordinary beaches in one trip. This beach is ideal for all generations due to multiple access points to the sea, as well as showers and changing rooms. 

Jaz Beach

Jaz Beach is the most famous beach in Preko due to its white sand, shallow crystalline sea, and vivid beach bars. Families with children will find this spot to be ideal for a beach getaway on the Ugljan Island Boat Tour. Additionally, there are slides for children, restaurants, beach bars, restrooms, a children’s park, volleyball courts, and a lovely promenade for romantic sunset strolls.

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Explore Preko & Galevac

Sutomiška Bay – Paradise for adventurers 

This gem of Island Ugljan is located at the end of Sutomišćica, near the St. Gregory Cape. Here you will discover a gorgeous beach that offers easy access to the sea suitable for all generations.

Opt-in for the Ugljan Island boat tour and explore this bay in a unique way. If you are in search of adventure and peace will enjoy its backside, where you will find various rock formations surrounded by cypress trees.

Frnaža bay – Place that “has it all”

Frnaža bay is the ideal place to visit on the Ugljan Island Boat tour. On this stunning location, you will find 2 bays “Northern” and “Southern” Frnaža, or as the locals say “big” and “Small” Frnaža. These bays are right next to each other and they will offer you to experience both pebble and sandy beach experiences.

The seabed of Frnaža bay is sandy with numerous underwater rocks full of marine life, which makes snorkelling in this cove an especially enjoyable experience.

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Opt-in for a Private Boat tour and Explore Ugljan Island at your own Pace

Svitla Bay – A secluded paradise for private boat tours

Under the hill Vela straža you will discover a secluded bay ideal for a relaxing day of boating. What is interesting about this bay is a fact that it got its name after an island tradition of signalising for transport with the help of lights, to the neighbouring island Iž, which usually meant that someone is waiting for return transport to the island. 

Today Svitla bay is an attractive spot ideal for summer activities and beach picnics. Since it is not easily accessible, you will get a perk to enjoy this oasis of peace, filled breath-taking nature and crystal clear sea in privacy on your Ugljan island boat tour.

If you want to stay active and opt-in for beach sports such as beach volleyball or “Dalmatian unofficial sport” Picigin,  you can ask your crew for the equipment and have a fun-filled day in Kostanj bay. 

Located on the island of Ugljan north of Kukuljica village, this sandy beach with a shallow sea is ideal for children, non-swimmers and for those who want to relax away from the big crowds and busy traffic.

Behind the beach, you can explore a small pine forest or take a relaxing stroll under the shade.

Muline Bay – Paradise beach for history buffs

Muline Bay is an ideal spot to visit on your Ugljan island Boat tour. This spectacular bay has some of the best beaches in Ugljan, crystal-clear sea,  lush Mediterranean vegetation and exceptional hiking and cycling trails nearby.

Apart from that Muline is the most important archaeological site on the island of Ugljan, where you can witness the archaeological remains of the old oil mill from the 1st century where the famous Liburnian oil was produced.

This oil mill was one of the strongest and most famous mills in the Mediterranean, and next to its remains you will discover a faithful life-size replica.

Located immediately nearby Muline are “Zmorašnja luka” and “Južna luka” are praised as the island’s most beautiful beaches. Aside from being incredibly clean, the sea is almost transparent and there is a lot of natural shade which makes them a place to relax and unwind.

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Drop the Anchor in Muline Bay – Photo by @visit_ugljan

Ćinta Bay – Place where silence reigns supreme

This bay is surrounded by steep large rocks and it has an unusually blue sea colour. Since it is not easily accessible as some beaches on island Ugljan, that makes Ćinta bay suitable for a private boat trip and enjoying the silence, sounds of sea and smell of the pine trees. This is an ideal Robinson Crusoe bay, where you can enjoy unspoiled nature, pristine sea, and the best summer activities in complete privacy. 

Mostir Beach – Hit the beach bars and lounge on a sunbeds

Among the most popular beaches on the island of Ugljan is Mostir beach located in a sheltered bay. Because of the sand and shallow water, the beach is very popular among families with children during summer. There is a cafe and a restaurant near the beach. If you wish to get lounge under the shade with your favourite drink, you can rent parasols and sunbeds right on the spot.

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Discover the Hidden Gems of Ugljan Island – Photo by

Jelenica beach – an ideal place for people who hate tan lines

Nudist beach Jelenica in Kukljica is a spot where time stood still, a place where you can connect with nature, relax among the olive groves, and enjoy freedom in the sun and pristine sea. 

On this FFK beach, you can discard all worries as you take your clothes off. If you arent into the nudist beaches, do not worry Mala and Velika Sabuša will accept the shy ones with a few rags on. 

Jelenica has a rocky coast and sandy seabed with turquoise sea. It is ideal for dropping an anchor and working on your summer tan without worrying about the tan lines. Although this beach is not for families with small children, here you can enjoy in silence the sound of the sea and crickets while you enjoy a view on the islet of Golac.

Pavlešina cove – Unknown gem of Ugljan Island    

Make sure to visit the south side of the island Ugljan and explore the awe-inspiring Pavlešina cove, with a beautiful view of the neighbouring islands of Sestrunj, Rava, , and Dugi Otok

Here you will enjoy in otherworldly colours of the sea, et a chance to explore the vivid underwater world and enjoy the best summer activities in the remarkable scenery. Furthermore, this beach is equipped with a changing cabin and a shower.

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Enjoy in Scenic Speedboat Ride

Why choose the Zadar Archipelago boat tours?

With a speedboat at your disposal, you will be able to visit the hidden gems of Ugljan island, swim in private bays and enjoy scenic boat rides. Besides, our local crew is familiar with all the best beaches on Ugljan, known only to local experts.

Moreover, you will have more time to visit numerous island locations, coves and beaches with our fast, safe and reliable boats. If you wish to explore more of this lush island paradise we suggest a Private boat tour to Ugljan island, or Molat & Ugljan Boat tour.