Before You Go
summer accessories

You have booked your trip and now it is time to get ready for a fun day full of activities. To pack wisely – pack lightly. Luckily, hot summer trips are much easier to pack for, the season of thin layered clothes and bikinis is on.

To make your trip as comfortable as possible, you should mind that the tour we are taking you on is going to get you moving – there’ll be swimming, snorkeling, walking, hiking, sun baking, playing water sports, and speeding in the wind. To stay young and natural-colored you should protect yourself with sun cream several times during the day, combining this protection with a cap or a hat. Bring a beach towel and your swimsuit, as well a changing clothes. To enjoy the panorama view from the top of the islands you’ll need to walk uphill a bit. This will be a piece of cake if you bring your sports shoes, and then you’ll easily hop back in your flip-flops.

Last but not least, the places you visit are remote island spots. It is what you came for – the sweet escape away from reality and the city rush. These are so remote that the convenient credit card payment system is still unknown. You need to bring cash in a local currency (kuna).

All this fits in a soft beach bag that will be easy to hold and store. To keep you safe and sound during the day, we made sure to provide some necessities as well.