Explore the Best spots in Veli Rat on your boat tour
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Veli Rat is one of the most spectacular bays in the entire Zadar archipelago, and it will surely make you fall in love at the first sight. Here you will enjoy a combination of pebbly shore and translucent sea, but once you step into the water, you will be amazed how serene an afternoon swim can be.

Apart from that, you can take a dip right in front of your lounge bar, or bring your cocktail in the shallows with you and enjoy dipping in the sea and sipping colourful cocktails on your next boat tour.

On these best spots in Veli rat, you will discover the “robinsonian” atmosphere where you can feel the harmony between man and nature through the sights like Veli Rat beach, where the serenity of natural beauties forces visitors to slow down their tempo and get in touch with the tranquil atmosphere of this incredible place.

Veli rat aerial view on bays
Stunning bays around Veli Rat

Discover these best spots in Veli Rat:

Explore the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic on your boat tour and enjoy a wonderful 360 panorama from the eagle’s nest

The Veli Rat lighthouse, named Punta Bianca, is the tallest in the Croatian Adriatic sea and you will get a chance to explore it on your next boat trip. Measuring 46 meters, the top of the lighthouse offers astounding panoramic views of the greater Zadar archipelago region.

Constructed in 1849, it offers its visitors a one-of-a-kind experience of stepping into the shoes of a lighthouse keeper for one day.

Joined with the lighthouse is a small Chapple, as well as several apartments, which are popular destinations for summer weddings and incredible photo opportunities.

Veli Rat lighthouse Punta Bianca
Veli Rat, top of the lighthouse Punta Bianca

The characteristic yellow paint used on the facade of the lighthouse makes it stand out above the turquoise waters and the lush green forests in the background. As the legend says – Punta Bianca’s distinguishing colour was made from 100.000 seagull egg yolks that built nests on the nearby reefs.

Enjoy in private bays on your boat excursion to Veli Rat

Veli Rat is a true paradise for those seeking a completely private bay only for their enjoyment. During your boat trip, you can explore the numerous peaceful bays until you find a cove that perfectly suits your needs.

Dugi Otok is well-known as the island of diversity, and Veli Rat is a true example of that statement. On one side of the bay, you’ll find a translucent, crystal clear sea, with the pebbled shore, while on the other side you will discover emerald waters of Pantera bay.

Veli Rat bays with lighthouse view
Stunning crystalline bays on Veli Rat

Hint: You can easily reach Pantera bay from the Veli Rat Lighthouse, with a relaxing 10-minute stroll underneath the shade of the pine trees.

Treat your taste buds with fresh local food on your full-day boat tour

Arriving at Veli Rat, some guests may find themselves hungry and in need of food and refreshments. Luckily, restaurant Momi offers quality food in big portions for competitive prices, which will satisfy a wide range of appetites.

Your local crew will make sure you have the best tables in the restaurant and help you with the selection and translation of the local dishes.

Momi restaurant Camp Kargita Veli Rat Dugi Otok
Delicious food and stunning view in Camp Cargita – Photo by: @ana.and.hrana

The restaurant offers a prime seaside view, which will make enjoying meals in this establishment that much delightful. Besides, they serve excellent local wines, perfect for seafood dishes.

Try out the taste of freshly caught fish and other seafood, prepared in a local manner and by following traditional recipes on your boat excursion. Meat lovers will be thrilled to hear that the steaks are mouth-watering, as well as the truffle pasta for vegetarians.

This restaurant is surely on of the best spots in Veli Rat.

Enjoy a stroll through a fairy-tale-like pinewood forest before the thrilling boat ride

Veli Rat is full of hidden pathways that connect numerous bays by following their trails through an old pine forest. You will recharge in the lovely stroll in the shade and enjoy the clean air mixed with gentle scents of the salty air and aromas of the pine trees during your next boat excursion.

These dense woods have clear pathways, and your local guide knows the fastest route to yet another magnificent bay that will amaze you.

You will feel rejuvenated and experience a completely different setting than the spots you have visited before on your boat trip to Dugi Otok, this is what is special about the Veli Rat – diversity at the top of your palm, reachable within a 5-minute long walk.

Veli Rat pine woods Dugi otok
Relax in a hammock with a sea view on Veli Rat- Photo by: @kamilahalagic

Relax in a lounge bar or rejuvenate on a massage during your boat excursion

Take a breather in a cosy lounge bar with a sea view after your adventurous morning on the “The Best of Dugi Otok” boat tour.  This bar is hidden under the shade of pine trees, and it offers a great selection of drinks and cocktails.

If you need a quick massage – you can visit a massage tent and enjoy being pampered while you have an outstanding view of Veli Rat lighthouse and intriguing bays.

Moreover, your kids can enjoy the children’s playground, a tree swing or shallow bays on Veli Rat and you can still keep an eye on them while you relax, just a few meters away.

Instagrammable spots on Veli Rat, ideal for epic photos from your boat tour

Once you arrive at Veli Rat, you will be amazed by its nature and atmosphere. Your local guide will show you all the best spots that will hype up your social media in a matter of moments.

Firstly Punta Bianca lighthouse will offer you 5 instagrammable spots just a few meters away one from another. Lighthouse alone is an impressive place with a backdrop on the open sea.

Apart from that, we suggest you look on the left side where you will find a charming photo spot suited for a wonderful post. Moreover, you will find a lovely little chapel in the lighthouse’s front yard, ideal for a romantic photoshoot.

Besides, if you look around you will find numerous stunning bays ideal for your summer Instagram feed. Or perhaps you can become a food blogger for a moment in the restaurant with a spectacular sea view on your boat trip to Dugi Otok.

Veli rat ligthouse instagram spot
Make stunning photos on Veli Rat

If you like nature, a boat tour to this magnificent island filled with pine trees will amaze you, and you can capture a perfect lounge moment in the little hammock between the trees with a backdrop on the turquoise bay.

Make sure to visit the famous tree swing with a backdrop on the Veli rat lighthouse, and the one-of-a-kind sea view, a must-do location for perfect holiday photos.

We saved best for the last –  Punta Bianca lighthouse top, with 360 panoramic vistas on the greater archipelago.  Hike up will definitely pay off once you witness the miraculous vistas from the 46m high Veli Rat lighthouse.

Why you should visit the best spots in Veli Rat with Zadar Archipelago tours.

The Veli Rat beach is located in the northern part of Dugi Otok island. This stretch of coastline is most famous for its lighthouse, surrounded by welcoming pebble beaches, as well as a sunken ship, located several hundred meters off the coast.

This means that every visitor to Veli Rat can find something to fit their taste; kids will simply love the beaches, the pine forests and the lighthouse, while adults can relax in the nearby restaurant and lounge bar.

Punta Bianca on Veli Rat Tallest Lighthouse in Croatia
Enjoy in a thrilling boat trip with Zadar Archipelago through the best spots in Veli Rat

Veli Rat is an incredibly long stretch of coastline, where every swimmer and diver can discover the lively Croatian seabed in complete privacy and peace. There will be no bumping heads between swimmers and divers because the beach is spacious and you can enjoy your privacy on your boat trip.

The sea around Veli Rat beaches is incredibly blue, thanks to the sandy bottom and the clarity of the sea surrounding these beaches.