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Opt In For a 100% Fun Boat rental in Zadar

calendar iconMay 11, 2022

Imagine unspoiled nature, the sound of waves and crickets, turquoise sandy lagoons and complete privacy wherever you go. Boat rental in Zadar is an ideal way to turn that daydream into reality.

When it comes to boat rental in Zadar, one of the biggest advantages is the vast and dotted archipelago with 200+ islands for you to explore. But, how to know where are the best spots to visit during your day trip?

We got you covered! You will have a local skipper at your disposal, and with his valuable local insight and expertise, you will be able to visit the best island spots and enjoy summer activities to the fullest.

Keep reading our blog to discover all the advantages you will have when renting a boat:

privacy on the sakarun beach boat tour
Explore the hidden spots in the Zadar archipelago

Enjoy in complete privacy at secluded coves

Explore the remote areas filled with untouched nature, stunning shores, and private bays and make the most out of your boat rental in Zadar. Our modern boats have all the amenities you need for cruising down the coast in perfect comfort in style.

Choose your ideal vessel for unforgettable summer holidays and scenic cruises. Your local skipper will take you to the most beautiful island locations, far away from summer crowds. You will be able to relax, recharge your batteries, enjoy the serenity, soak up the sun and enjoy ultimate comfort and all the luxurious amenities on a  boat rental in Zadar.

Visit the remote islands, explore the secluded coves and have your private beach for a day, where you can enjoy the summer activities to the fullest, surrounded by unspoiled nature and a serene ambience.

Explore our world on your way and discover some of the gorgeous locations, known only to local experts. Create unforgettable summer memories and experience the Zadar archipelago in a new way.

people on family day cruiser molat and ugljan private boat tour
Opt-in for a Island-hopping Adventure and explore the archipelago at your own Pace

Visit the off-itinerary locations 

The advantages of boat rental in Zadar are numerous, make sure to get the most of your day trip and explore the lesser-known islands such as Silba and Olib, Rivanj, Ošljak, Sestrunj, Ist, , Molat and many more.

These gorgeous islands have much to offer, especially if you have a boat at your disposal. You will be able to explore multiple islands, enjoy in scenic cruise, discover fascinating snorkelling spots, and explore the island hinterlands.

You can add the stops according to your wishes, explore the vivid underwater world and much more. You will be your boss, and your local skipper will be there to enable you a carefree experience of a boat rental in Zadar.

private molat and ugljan private boat tour antares 8
Visit off-itinerary spots known only to the local experts

Choose the ideal boat for your island-hopping adventure

If you are a lover of elegant cruising and scenic rides you will love our Family day cruiser and Royal Duch Cruiser. Cruise with class along the coastline of stunning island destinations and explore the private islands, secluded bays, while enjoying the comfort and feeling of exclusivity on board your boat rental.

Antares 8 Family day cruiser is an ideal boat rental in Zadar, due to its versatile design which makes going on a boat trip easier than ever. This stylish vessel will amaze you with a wide palette of leisure functionalities and luxurious amenities, which means you can enjoy ultimate comfort while cruising elegantly cruising amongst the islands of the Zadar archipelago.

Another superb boat rental in Zadar is the Royal Duch cruiser which is agile, powerful and will offer you the ultimate comfort on your day trip.  Colnago 33 boat is great for cruising with style and impressing any sailor moored in the bay.

Colnago 33 boat rental in Zadar
Enjoy to the fullest on Royal Duch Day Cruiser

With this rental boat in Zadar, you will explore the secluded areas with ease, enjoy untouched nature, visit stunning beaches, and private bays with a boat that has everything you need for an exceptional cruising experience.

If you are a lover of exciting speedboat rides, we got you covered. Lolivul 9.0. is a fast, reliable, comfortable, yet safe and effective speedboat for boat rental in Zadar.

This vessel is an ideal partner in crime for island-hopping adventures. Apart from that, Lolivul will ensure you comfortable and very safe cruising in any weather condition, due to its uniquely designed  “aeroplane seating arrangement”.

Due to its speed and agility, you will be able to spend more time exploring stunning island locations, discovering mesmerising beaches and spending less time in the transfer. Besides, this chase tender is suitable for all generations and perfectly safe for children.

Customise your boat tour according to your preferences

Yet another advantage of boat rental in Zadar lies in the customisation of your day trip. You can fully customise your tour, visit the places you desire, explore the spots known only to local experts, or stick to the itinerary and just add or remove the regular spots. It is all up to you and your preferences.

Read our blog and find out which tour will suit you the most, and plan out the ideal tailor-made itinerary with your booking agent. Another option for people who don’t like the stress of planning and love spontaneous trips is simply to ask the skipper to suggest them locations on the go.

Whatever you decide, you will have numerous stunning bays, private islands, sandy beaches and miles of unspoiled nature to explore on your boat adventure.

You can decide your departure, pick up and drop off spot, how long do you want to stay on one spot and much more. You can enjoy thrilling speedboat rides on a scenic route, island-hop around the archipelago or simply enjoy lounging in private bays, it is up to you.

Enjoy Family day aboard Antares 8

Celebrate your special occasions in Style 

Boat rental in Zadar is an ideal way to celebrate special occasions in wondrous locations and create unforgettable memories. You can enjoy in romantic sunset cruise with your loved one and make memorable moments that will last a lifetime. You can celebrate birthdays on a luxurious boat, visit awe-inspiring destinations or hit the beach bars.

Celebrate your Bachelor and Bachelorette parties with a style, and enjoy a unique boating adventure. We can prepare everything for you at your request or you can simply bring all you need aboard.

If you simply wish to have a memorable anniversary and nice lunch at island restaurants, we will gladly book you a table with a spectacular front-row seat view in a restaurant where you can savour the fresh locally grown food and seafood that came straight from the sea to your plate.

Magical champagne sunset boat trip moments
Enjoy in Romantic Sunsets

Why choose Boat Rental in Zadar archipelago 

Opt-in for boat rental in Zadar and make all of your dreams come true. Zadar archipelago team will make sure you have a highlight of your trip on a modern, fast and safe boat, full of luxurious amenities.

Your local skipper will take you to stunning island destinations known only to the local experts, where you can enjoy in best summer activities to the fullest and explore the secluded, private bays in style. Moreover, we will gladly assist you with any request you might have, and help you to organise your celebrations and surprise your loved ones.


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