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Boat tour to Pašman island -The Island Without Frontiers

calendar iconJul 13, 2022

Opt-in for a boat tour to Pašman island and discover a place filled with joy, happiness, and enjoy in the lush island of the little people with big hearts.

Escape the brimming summer crowds and enjoy the tranquil island its picturesque villages, gorgeous sandy beaches and untouched nature. Pašman will amaze you with its unique ambience and enter the pores of your innermost being.

Pašman Island provides a relaxing environment free of stress. Your Boat tour to Pašman should be the ideal summer escape and start of an unforgettable summer holiday.

bartoul bay pašman
Visit Stunning bays on Pašman – Photo by @visit_pasman

Visit the Island with the Clearest Sea in the Region 

On your boat tour to Pašman island, you will discover the clearest sea in the region. Pašman canal is extremely clean due to its fast-changing sea currents that change every 6 hours, filtering the seawater.

This gorgeous island is well known for its stunning beaches, and the boat tour to Pašman island is an ideal way to explore them carefree.

The southern part of the island offers wild beaches and unspoiled surroundings ideal for lovers of Robinson-type bays. There you will find pebble beaches, secluded bays, and pristine nature, complemented by spectacular vistas of Kornati national park.

Lovers of sandy lagoons won’t feel left out on a boat tour to Pašman Island. The northern side of Pašman will amaze you with numerous sandy beaches with crystal clear sea. Pet Parents can visit Mrljane beach, where they can enjoy summer with their beloved furry companions.

No matter what you are looking for, this island has it all. On your boat tour to Pašman Island, you will be able to experience a true Mediterranean lifestyle without the crowds.

enjoy in secluded lagoons on Pašman
Explore the Secluded coves – Photo by @visit_pasman

Discover the island’s cultural sights 

On Pašman island you will discover the remains of ancient Illyric towns, hilltop forts, Roman ruins, numerous mosaics, stone statues of St. Michael from the 12th century in Nevidjane, and much more.

You can visit the two monasteries on the island and unravel the past. The Franciscan monastery of St.Dujm in Krajfrom 1390, while the Benedictine monastery of Kuzma from 1125 is crowing the picturesque hill of Cokovac, overlooking the village of Tkon.

In addition to monasteries, you can also visit old churches, including one on the hill of Mali Bokolj named the Church of Lady of Loreto. Merge adventure and history on the south side of the island, and visit St. Ante Bay. Here you will discover a small church accessible only it only by a macadam road.

Apart from the cultural heritage, pay attention to the small stone houses that are scattered along the island, reminiscing about how people used to live in Pašman. These tiny houses are some of the most interesting man-made sights on Pašman.

pašman herritage
Discover Islands Heritage- Photo by @slukii

Enjoy in Unspoiled Nature on a boat tour to Pašman island

There is lush Mediterranean vegetation and aromatic plants covering Pašman – pine woods, vineyards, olive groves, orchards, dense evergreen forests, and medicinal herbs. Therefore, wherever you go you will enjoy the lush vegetation and the scent of aromatic herbs and pine trees mixed with the fresh sea breeze.

Additionally, the marine world of Pašman is brimming with life which will complement your boat tour to Pašman island with impressive snorkelling and diving spots.

Enjoy in best summer activities on your boat tour to Pašman island 

Conquer the impressive panoramic vistas from the top of the island. Hike up to Veliki Bokolj, the highest point on the island at 237 meters above sea level. On the hilltop, you can see an amazing viewpoint built as a circle wall, evoking memories of an old fort that dominated the area.

Pašman is surrounded by many small islands, which makes it an ideal base for island hopping. You can easily visit Ugljan, Ošljak, Rivanj, Molat, Sestrunj, Dugi Otok, and Kornati islands from Pašman.

Although, there is one special heart-shaped island nearby, worth a visit – Galešnjak. This tiny islet is world-famous as “The island of love” and it has impressed many people. Even Beyonce celebrated her 37th birthday here. You can access this unique place either by taking organized boat tours or renting a boat.

Discover Galešnjak
Discover Galešnjak – Photo by @visit_pasman

Choose from two bike trails on the island and enjoy a scenic ride under the shade of the Mediterranean vegetation while observing the island from a different perspective.

Trail Number 8 is an easier trail that runs through all the Island villages. This will give you an opportunity to experience each place and enjoy the unique island ambience.

For more experienced cyclists, trail number 7 will be a dream come true. Mainly via the macadam road, this trail runs from the north to the south of this island. You can stop to admire scenic vistas from numerous lookouts and see both sides of the island. To cool off, you can always drive down to one of the many natural bays and find your own hidden beach.

Other activities offered on the island are volleyball on the sand or tennis, but we advise you to try yourself in a local game of boćanje of the “Dalmatian unofficial sport” – Picigin.

A coastal adventure awaits as well, so rent a jet ski, SUP, or enjoy exploring the numerous pristine bays on a boat tour to Pašman island and explore it from the sea at your own pace.

Additionally, Pašman will provide a great gastronomical experience. Try out local dishes prepared from fresh locally grown food and freshly caught seafood, paired with a glass of exquisite Dalmatian wine. With a combination of delicious local and fresh food and countless natural and historical sights, your boat tour to Pašman Island will be an unforgettable experience.

Take a dip into the crystalline sea
Take a dip into the crystalline sea- Photo by @hiperaktivni_sanjar

Enjoy in gorgeous island bays

A boat tour to Pašman will enable you to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic, with extremely clean sea. Having a boat at your disposal will be a massive advantage since you will be able to explore remote, hidden beaches accessible only by speedboat.

Families will be able to enjoy in lagoons of Pašman island carefree due to numerous jaw-dropping beaches with shallow sea, white sand and all the amenities they might need.

Here is a list of a few beaches on Pašman island ideal for family beach escape:

Lokve beach is surrounded by a dense pine tree forest, and hidden from prying eyes. This island gem near the village of Neviđane will provide you with a sandy shore and a crystal blue sea that will make you fall in love instantly. This beach also has a concrete part, if you prefer to keep sand off your towels.

Barotul Beach is located in Mrljane village. This is the largest sandy beach on the island of Pašman. There are tens of meters of shallow water and soft white sand at this spectacular beach.

Getting to the deeper parts of the sea will require you to walk out over 50 meters to even get knee-deep, making this beach ideal for children, families, and non-swimmers.

You will have plenty of natural shade provided by the pines, as well as an abundance of amenities such as restaurants, cafes, showers, and even beach volleyball.

Fun fact: This beach is referred to informally as “Jackie-O” beach since Aristotle Onassis took his newlywed Jackie-O here on their honeymoon.

The beach of Sovinje is known as FKK beach, just outside the settlement of Tkon. This sandy beach is also a natural phenomenon due to the sedimentation of the sand which creates breathtaking scenery. In the vicinity of the beach in the Sovinje camp there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and shops along the waterfront. You can then relax with a cool drink after your swim in this crystal-clear sea.

Tratica beach is ideal for families with children, due to the sandy, shallow seabed mesmerising sea colour.  There is plenty of natural shade and amenities such as showers, changing rooms, a volleyball court, and catering facilities.

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Why go on a Private Boat tour to Pašman Island?

Pašman Island is a true Mediterranean oasis and a place where pristine nature makes a perfect blend with modern lifestyle. Here you will be able to explore the stunning shores, secluded coves, enjoy sandy beaches, hike up and see the panoramic vistas, enjoy the local gastronomy and much, much more. Your local Zadar Archipelago crew will make sure you visit the best island spots known only to local experts and enjoy the unforgettable fun-filled day on Pašman island.

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