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Swim in the famous Sakarun Beach on your boat trip

calendar iconOct 05, 2021

Jump off your boat into the amazing turquoise sea and make a splash! Dive in the azure waters at Sakarun Beach and enjoy the tranquillity of pristine nature around you on your boat trip. Feel the warm white sand under your feet as you walk around the lagoon with soft summer breezes blowing through your hair on this paradise island.

Discover why Sakarun is an award-winning beach and enjoy all of its benefits on your Croatia holiday.

Enjoy in turquoise sea on 800m long sandy bay

Why should you undertake a day trip to Sakarun beach?

When visiting the Zadar region on your Croatian summer holiday, do not miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience all the glorious splendour of the Croatian Adriatic sea and its many beautiful secrets.

Among these, Sakarun beach is one of the most coveted locations in central Dalmatia, primarily because of its beautiful coastline, unspoiled vegetation, transparent waters and plenty of opportunities for having fun under the sun. Swim, snorkel and free dive, all the while being surrounded by countless fish schools and other interesting specimens of underwater life on your next boat trip.

Enjoy the softness of the sand at Sakarun beach and relax under the shade of nearby pine trees, as the sounds of waves, crickets and soft summer breezes lull you into a state of pure serenity and tranquillity.


Dugi Otok Boat Tour (9.5hr)

Zadar to Sakarun Beach Boat Tour & Shipwreck (4.5hr)

WHEN TO GO: June- September.

Sakarun bay fun Zadar archipelago boat tour
Enjoy your Sakarun beach escape

Recharge in heaven on earth

This picturesque bay is one of the most beautiful in the world. On this pristine beach, you will discover a Maldivian flair in the middle of the Croatian Adriatic sea. Enjoy turquoise waters, fine white sand and a perfectly blue sky on your unforgettable beach getaway; swimming at Sakarun is one of the best things you can do on Dugi Otok island during your boat excursion in Zadar.

There is something special about “recharging your batteries”  with the help of shimmering waters that glisten in the sunlight. Whether you want to escape the pressures of work with a scenic stroll in a white sandy bay or spend all day playing in the waves, Sakarun is a must-visit spot.

Sakarun beach escape Zadar archipelago
Enjoy the best summer activities on Sakarun bay

A perfect day for family fun on a paradise beach

The 800-meter long Sakarun Bay offers enough space for sun-loving holidaymakers. This beautiful bay is lined with fragrant Mediterranean pine trees, which provide cool shade, especially in high summer.

Families with children will adore this heaven on earth; since the beach slopes are very gentle, the little ones can splash around safely and build sandcastles on the long white beach. Although Sakarun is located near open water, it is protected by a long bay, which offers protection, as well as pleasant temperatures for swimming and snorkelling.

Hint: Make stunning family pictures, complemented by the stunning background scenery!

Sakarun Bay family fun with kids zadar Archipelago
Sakarun is perfect for a fun-filled family day

Cocktails with a spectacular view

Enjoy delicious cocktails in the shade of pine trees with breathtaking views on your boat tour. Take a pause from beach activities with your family and friends and head to the bar! At Sakarun beach, there are 2 nice lounge bars offering coffee, cool drinks, ice cream, cocktails and even several small dishes – the perfect refreshment on a warm summer day!

Sakarun bay cocktail
Refresh yourself with a colourful cocktail

Especially charming is the wooden terrace of the Amarcord Beach Bar, where guests can relax in a really laid-back beach atmosphere and unbeatable ambience.

TIP: Bring an SPF cream for safe tanning! If you want to work on that Croatian summer tan and are not excessively sun-sensitive, try a fast-working, Croatian-made tanning marmalade!

Sakarun Beach bars
Relax in lounge bars on the Sakarun beach

Awaken your inner child

Enjoy the summer breeze and the salt on your skin on your boat tour. Grab an ice cream and reminisce about your childhood memories as you awaken your inner child by having fun with beach games in the warm sand. Build sandcastles, play tag and splash around with your friends in the warm, clear water.

Fun on sakarun bay boat jumoping
Jump into the crystal clear sea

What happens on the beach, stays on the beach. Relax and have a blast with your family and friends!

Pro tip: Sakarun is an extraordinary location for insta-worthy pictures!

Join for a round of Picigin on Sakarun beach!

Enjoy the pinnacle of beach fun with your friends in a game of Picigin! Loved by all generations, it is the king of informal summer sports for Croatians living on the coast. To play it, you need shallow water, sand and a small ball, which makes Sakarun a perfect target for a recreational game of Picigin! Aside from being an immensely fun activity with lots of splashing and laughing, this game is an excellent way to stay fit while on vacation.

Easy to learn but hard to master, Picigin is a combination of football, handball and childish splashing in the water. You are bound to see it being played somewhere on the Croatian coast. Now that you know the rules, you can freely join the game.

Picigin fun in sakarun bay
Opt-in for a round of Picigin – Photo by: @pravilaigre

A boat excursion from Zadar to Sakarun beach is a perfect choice for your holiday in Croatia

Let us take you on an unforgettable beach trip! Just bring your swimsuit and towel and let the fun begin! Contact us for a unique beach adventure and we will make sure you have a highlight of your vacation on your next boat trip.

Boat trip to Sakarun bay Zadar Archipelago
Enjoy a thrilling boat trip

Prepare to experience the very best of what the Croatian Adriatic can offer to its visitors and travellers. Among many Adriatic secrets,  Sakarun beach is considered to be an unspoiled gem of natural and aquatic beauty, with its sandy shores, turquoise waters and pine forests littering the long golden beach.

This elongated and shallow beach is ideal for families with children because when kids are having fun in the water, the parents can relax in one of the numerous beach bars, scattered along this marvellous stretch of coastline.

from 94 €

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Zadar to Sakarun Beach Boat Tour & Shipwreck

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Kornati Islands & Telašćica Boat Tour

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Dugi Otok Boat Tour: Ultimate Boat Adventure

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NEW! Super Snorkeling Tour & Sandy Beach Bays, 7 Stops

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