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Discover pristine bays on Žut island Photo by @gastro_glamping_festa

Žut island – be one with nature

calendar iconMar 30, 2022

Since it is only 20 nautical miles from the city of Zadar, Žut island, translated to English “Yellow Island” offers an excellent opportunity to experience a true Robinsonian atmosphere, very close to the mainland.

Žut island is part of the Kornati archipelago, an incredible National Park situated in the centre of the Croatian Adriatic sea.  This long and indented island is filled with bays ideal for anchoring, like Saruščica, Hiljača, Luka and Bizikovica.

stunning bays of Žut island
Stunning bays of Žut island – Photo by @gastro_glamping_festa

On the way to Žut island, most visitors pass Ugljan and Pašman islands, which can also be explored on the way back.  With no established settlements on the island, Žut island is a perfect destination for a day trip in the Zadar archipelago area, where you can find peace and quiet of Kornati island group.

Stargaze on your boat adventure on Žut island

Camping is more than welcomed on the island, and many tourists see this as an opportunity to enjoy a night under the starriest sky in Europe.

With no light pollution, skygazing on Žut island becomes an experience to rival the best observatories in the world, simply because there is no civilization around.

You can even expect to see a great number of falling stars around the month of August when the event known as the Perseids meteor shower can be observed with the naked eye all around Croatia’s coastline.

glamping on island Žut starry sky
Stargazing on Žut island – Photo by @gastro_glamping_festa

Explore the local gastronomy of Žut island on your boat trip to Kornati islands

Restoran Fešta is an incredible establishment, with a long and emotional story and equally incredible and mouth-watering food. In spite of there not being running water or electricity on Žut island, the owners of Fešta restaurant decided to open a high-end restaurant on Žut.

Žut island gastronomy seaview champagne and fruit
Žut island gastronomy – Photo by @gastro_glamping_festa

Disregarding all conventional advice, the Fešta team managed to create something that is totally unique in this part of the world.

By following an example of the Fešta restaurant, a local couple also decided to open a shop in the vicinity, considering there are only 3 shops in the entirety of Kornati`s 140 islands.

Seafood on Žut Island
Enjoy the seafood on Žut Island – Photo by @restoran_festa

Although the shop is compact, it does offer over 500 items, with prices not reaching astronomical levels, seeing that the shop`s primary target are yacht owners, charter guests and day trip visitors.

Examine the ancient dry-stone walls of Žut island

When you take a single step in the interior of this island, you will readily observe long stretches of old dry-stone walls, intricately constructed but seemingly without a purpose.

This mystery captures the imagination of many visitors on Žut, but your knowledgeable and local tour guides from Zadar Archipelago can answer any question regarding stone walls on Žut.

It is hard to believe that so much effort went into building these stone walls, only to create clear borders between peasant estates; this is only one of the explanations.

Discover the hinterland of Žut island
Discover the hinterland of Žut island – Photo by @restoran_festa

Another one is that the herding of sheep was much easier with sturdy walls, so you could be sure that your flock was always on your patch of land, regardless of the length of your absence.

Another explanation for the walls is that they protected the earth from blowing over on strong Bura days, but also protected the earth from the salt blown over by the sea.

Hike to the top of Žut island and enjoy the panorama of Kornati islands

If you choose to hike to the 155-meter (588ft)  tall peak of Žut Island, you will be rewarded with a glorious sight of the Kornati Archipelago.

The story of how these islands came to be is that, after making an accident, God decided that the Kornati were good, “as is”, so he left them alone to be perfect in their way. This is the truth you will witness once you gaze upon the glorious panorama on Gubavac, the tallest point of Žut island.

spectacular hilltop view on island Žut
Spectacular hilltop view on island Žut – Phot by @gdzie.ja.znowu.jestem

Enjoy the benefits of a fully-equipped marina on your boat trip to Žut island

Despite Žut being uninhabited, there is still a compact marina on the island, manned by the ACI Club, which signifies a higher level of nautical service on the Croatian Adriatic sea.

Moor in ACI marina Žut island yacht bay aerial view
Moor in ACI marina Žut – Photo by @janconrad76

It opens in March and closes in October, but from that time it guarantees all sailors a safe and well-equipped harbour. For everyone visiting Žut, but also Kornati National Park, this marina is unavoidable.

How can  Zadar Archipelago assist you in creating perfect memories on Žut island?

By combining local know-how and years of experience in guiding tours all over the greater Zadar region, your expert tour guides and skippers from Zadar Archipelago will always create the best experiences for their group.

Islan žut bays girls swimming
Enjoy turquoise bays of Žut island – Photo by @ivana_l_m

You will be taken to only the most beautiful places on Žut island and Kornat archipelago,  eat in the best family-owned restaurants and bathe in the most exclusive beaches. All of this will happen in a relaxed and friendly environment, so you will constantly feel like you are at home.

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