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The Best Way to Book Zadar Archipelago Tours

calendar iconJan 04, 2023

Travellers and tourists near the fantastic town of Zadar will discover the best way to book a boat tour and explore the greater region of the Zadar archipelago area thanks to Zadar Archipelago tours. With more than 300 islands and islets in a region spanning nearly 100 nautical miles in diameter, guests would need several weeks to experience all of the major locations, and several years to tick off every unique place on the map.

Luckily, a speedboat tour with Zadar Archipelago will drastically cut down the time needed to truly experience the magnificent locations of the central Croatian Adriatic sea.

This is mostly thanks to the local know-how and expertise of the speedboat guides and Zadar Archipelago’s support team. Because they are born in the area, they are familiar with the fastest routes, the best and cheapest places to sample traditional cuisine and the most beautiful places that mainstream tourists do not visit usually.

This means that guests travelling with Zadar Archipelago will be able to experience the locations that only the locals visit and witness a wild and mysterious side of Croatia.

There are many ways to book your tour with Zadar Archipelago, but there are several key factors we would like to highlight so that the customer experience remains as equally flawless as the service itself.

Book directly on our site and avoid using third parties

When booking a speedboat tour with us, try to avoid third-party websites that might not be efficient enough to process a booking completely; this could lead to complications before the start of a tour.

It is simpler, faster and easier to use our specially-designed booking page, found on the Zadar Archipelago website. Booking through our site guarantees a level of security and reliability that other sites, like Booking.com or Tripadvisor, do not offer.

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We had customers complaining about their bookings being delayed or not registered at all, especially through booking.com and similar sites. This becomes particularly true during the busy summer season when servers are prone to lag and payments are sometimes not processed.

The best way of purchasing the tour is on the spot, with cash

Why would we recommend such an unusual approach to booking with us? Because this makes our life easier regarding accounting and man-hours; sorting online requests through software takes much longer than just writing a receipt for a customer.  Also, if you choose to pay on the spot with cash, we can always arrange a special discount.

That is why at Zadar Archipelago, cash is king – because it makes our lives and business easier, giving us more time to concentrate on providing the best possible service to our guests.

We offer the most affordable prices and the most unique tour experiences

We offer the best deals on speedboat tours in the greater Zadar region, regardless of type or location.

Thanks to a wide network of partners and associates, we are able to ensure that every guest has the best possible experience. This means going “that 1 extra mile” to provide a bespoke experience to our guests in search of beautiful Croatian mysteries.

speedboat cruising in zadar archipelago

Let our expert tour guides take you to unique locations of the greater Zadar region; swim on sandy beaches with turquoise shallows, rest under the shade of pine trees and marvel at historic architecture in breath-taking locations. This and much more will be possible if you decide to book a speedboat tour with Zadar Archipelago.

You can always call directly and enjoy our 24/7 customer support service

There is always someone in Zadar Archipelago’s offices, as well as in the marina, making sure that the guests are enjoying themselves as much as possible; being on standby for our guest`s enjoyment is our working policy.

For any unforeseen circumstances, our customer support, with a wide network of partners and associates, has an incredibly long reach in the Zadar archipelago area. This means that the support team can solve many problems, without actually being on location.

Also, thanks to the expertise and local know-how of our tour guides, we will be able to provide a seamless service every time.

The best way to book a boat tour with Zadar Archipelago Tours

Rely on our expert bits of advice to get the best out of your experience in Croatia. Trust in the local know-how and business savvy of Zadar Archipelago Tours and enjoy the best possible speedboat tour in the Zadar area.

Snorkel around sunken ship with Zadar Archipelago tours
Snorkel around sunken ships with Zadar Archipelago tours

Our vast experience has taught us that there are some things that are best avoided if necessary; for this reason, this article tended to highlight some of the things visitors to Croatia should keep in mind.

When deciding what local tour operator to choose from, look no further than Zadar Archipelago, a team which consists of tried-and-true local guides and support staff that make their priority that visitors and travellers have the best time in Croatia.

There are other similar tour guides in the greater Zadar region, but none have the experience, the market presence or the quantity and quality of local connections and partners like Zadar Archipelago Tours. This summer, trust us to provide the best possible speedboat trip experience.

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