Stop in Božava village on a Dugi otok boat tour

Discover Božava Village with the expert guidance and the helping hand of the Zadar Archipelago tour crew, and undertake a full-day boat trip titled “The Best of Dugi Otok”. On this boat tour, you will get to know all the secrets of this long and beautiful island.

Familiarize yourself with spectacular beaches, splendid pine forests, crystal-clear waters and hospitable locals on your boat excursion. After a day filled with activities, where you got the chance to discover some of the secrets of Dugi Otok island, take a moment to catch your breath and just enjoy the surroundings, without the need of going anywhere or doing anything.

Such will be the experience once you stop at Božava Village, a sleepy but snug fishing village, located on the northeast side of Dugi Otok island.

Božava village sunset
Sunset in Božava – Photo by: @tmzbozava

Once you arrive, you will be greeted with a few man-made attractions, but plenty of beautiful natural occurrences.

Having 45 minutes on your hand, you can choose to either indulge one last time in the crystal-clear waters that surround Dugi Otok island, the shade of the pine trees and the sound of crickets and rolling wavelets.

You can also sit in the shade of a nearby bar, where sipping coffee and eating gelato is the order of the day for many visitors in transit, who take a stop in Božava Village.

Spend your time in Božava Dugi Otok in typical Croatian Adriatic fashion:

Take a refreshing swim in the Božava bay on your next boat tour

Since Božava is a small island settlement, there are no major contributors to pollution, which makes the waters around Božava full of underwater life, as well as extremely clean and inviting to swim in.

Use this opportunity to snorkel just outside the man-made breakwater in the bay and you will surely discover plenty of underwater specimens, as well as shells and clams, which make perfect souvenirs to remember your boat tour.

Božava bay Dugi otok
Crystalline sea in Božava bay- Photo by: @cornelie00

Shower on the beach for a comfortable boat ride to Zadar

After a long day discovering the secrets of Dugi Otok island on a thrilling boat excursion, some guests just want one thing, and that is to shower with fresh water and to remove the accumulated salt from their skin. You will feel instantly rejuvenated and ready for more action, as soon as you return to Marina Zadar and start planning a wild night on the town.

Božava Promendade
Take a stroll along the Božava promenade

Order coffee and gelato in the nearby bar on your  day trip from Zadar

After a full-day boat tour filled with activities on “The Best of Dugi Otok”, some guests find it best to just sit on the shaded terrace of the nearby cafes and bars.

Summer days are long and hot, and the best cure for the heat are plenty of refreshing drinks and hand-made gelatos, which will be served with a lovely view of the Božava bay. Choose between many different flavours and pair them with the sleepy and charming atmosphere of this fishing village.

TIP: Sit in Propela bar, which will instantly charm you with their blue and white chairs on the terrace right on the Božava promenade.

Božava bistro propela
Enjoy in charming Propela bistro after a day on the beach – Photo by: @bistro.propela

Why is Božava Village a perfect last stop on your boat tour?

Božava will embrace every visitor with a peaceful atmosphere, consisting of serene turquoise waters, charming pine forests and countless compact bays and coves, which are ideal for a quick swim.

There are shops, bars and cafes available, so if you are not up for sightseeing, you can always sit on a shaded terrace and sip your favourite refreshing drink, before returning to your speedboat and heading towards Zadar.

Bozava Village

Well protected against all winds, the Božava bay and the appropriate fishing village grew from a fishing centre to a spot for tourists in search of peace and quiet.

On your last stop of the fun-filled boat trip, before returning to Zadar, you will surely remember Božava as the crowning jewel of your tour.