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Experience nightlife in Zadar - Photo by @zadarsunsetfestival

Complete guide to Nightlife in Zadar

calendar iconJan 19, 2022

Discover a unique atmosphere of nightlife in Zadar, after a relaxing day on the beach, breathtaking sunset on Zadar promenade and delicious dinner in a local restaurant.

Opt-in the bar-hopping adventure and enjoy the vivid atmosphere before the wild night of clubbing.

Nightlife in Zadar porat bar
Enjoy at the moment – Photo by @porat.zadar

Here is our complete guide to Nightlife in Zadar, where you can go, why should you visit these places, and when to start with night shenanigans during your holiday:

Why one must try Nightlife in Zadar?

Nightlife in Zadar is simply part of the local culture, and a great way to socialise, dance, recharge the batteries and have fun at the same time.

Nightlife in Zadar is vivid, full of fun, good atmosphere, great music and everything is within the walking distance! All the bars and clubs are within a radius of 5 minutes of walking distance which is especially great news if you are a lady who likes high heels, or simply not a fan of walking on a night out.

That means you won’t be needing long car rides, or worry about driving. There are loads of Ubers, Bolt cabs, taxi companies which will get you to your accommodation safe and sound.

You might notice locals are having fun carefree – you can do the same, relax, enjoy the mood because Zadar is one of the safest cities in Europe.

nightlife in Zadar Kult
Enjoy in good vibes – Photo by @caffe.bar.kult

Apart from that all the bars and clubs in summer are on the open-air terraces which will allow you to enjoy n the fresh air while having a blast on your nightlife in Zadar adventure.

Moreover, nightlife in Zadar will give you a unique experience – you will be able to dance and party on historical squares, 3000-year-old streets, lush fairy-tale clubs in the park, and enjoy magnificent moonlight vistas right on the seafront from your table.

Warm-up at the bars

Before adventurous nightlife in Zadar starts, locals love to have a proper warm-up at the local bars around the old town before they hit the clubs.

If you need some refreshing cocktails or a few shots of the “liquid courage” visit the city centre and you choose from numerous bars on almost every corner.

Warm-up at the local bars nightlife in zadar
Warm-up at the local bars – Photo by @teatrobarzadar

Discover the most popular places in our complete guide to bar-hopping in Zadar.

We suggest visiting “Varoš” where you will find all the popular bars, a vivid atmosphere and delicious cocktails. Apart from that area, most of the “IT” places are located near the University building and there you will find jolly vibes and streets brimming with life.

Enjoy the exquisite food and local wines at local restaurants

If you prefer dinner and drinks, Old Town Zadar is still the place to go. There you will find the best local restaurants with mouth-watering food that will prepare you for the nightlife in Zadar.

Pair the local delicacies with a great selection of wines and spectacular vistas and enjoy the dinner. However, if you are up for more atmospheric restaurants where you can sing and dance between the courses, search for “konoba”. Konobas are traditional local restaurants, that besides fresh local food offer great ambience, live music and a fun-filled, relaxed dining experience.

Enjoy the vivid atmosphere in konobas nightlife in Zadar
Enjoy the vivid atmosphere and good food in konoba – Photo by @berekinzd

As we previously mentioned all the places in Zadar are within walking distance and you will enjoy the nightlife in Zadar carfree, without the need to drive. If you cross the fine line of tipsy, drunk and kaputt, there are lots of Ubers, taxi companies that will make sure you arrive safely back to your accommodation.

Hit the Nightclubs 

Imagine having a blast on the open-air terrace on the waterfront with stunning Seaview, dancing on the historical square and drinking cocktails or champagnes in charming bars on the 3000 streets. Nightlife in Zadar will offer you all of the above plus a great atmosphere, delicious cocktails, unique local liquors and great places to visit.

nightlife in Zadar ledana
Experience nightlife in Zadar – Photo by Zadar in your Pocket

Here is our list of best places to visit for a great start to Nightlife in Zadar:

Dance on the square of five wells in Svarog Bar

Svarog bar is located on the Five wells square and it is one of the most iconic spots for nightlife in Zadar.  Here you will enjoy great music, fast service, and extraordinary atmosphere on a big open-air terrace.

Apart from that location is ideal for great Instagram photos, and it is only a few minutes away from the parking zone and the bar zone. Svarog bar is open every night and in the high summer season, every day is a great day to go out.

nightlife in Zadar Svarog bar
Dance all night in Svarog bar – Photo by Zadar in your Pocket

Enjoy in fairytale atmosphere at Lounge bar Ledana

Standing on the Five wells square you will notice a neon sign on the park entrance and hear the music in the park, that is the beat of the Lounge bar Ledana, inviting you to have a blast in a spectacularly decorated open-air club.

Ledana is one of the most popular clubs as far as the nightlife in Zadar goes, and it is famous for the themed parties with great performers, dancers, fire shows and concerts.

nightlife in zadar lounge bar ledana fire breather dancers club
Experience spectacle in Ledana – Photo by @ledanaloungebar

Ledana bar will welcome you with open arms every day in the summer season, no matter if you prefer to hit the dancefloor, enjoy in the VIP booths or simply lounge in the comfy lounge areas.

Get hyped in the Hype Bar

One of the places with the best atmosphere and the place that surely lives up to its name is the Hype bar, where you can feel and enjoy the hype of nightlife in Zadar.

Apart from that, this place has an open-air terrace with a great sea view, a parking lot, and an inner part of the club for the chilly summer nights on the seaside.

nightlife in Zadr hype bar
Get hyped – Photo by @hypebarzadar

Hype bar has its door open every night during the high summer season and you will 100% have fun in this atmospheric place.

Visit the Opera, and enjoy clubbing until the dawn

How many of you can say you were partying in the Opera until dawn? Well, this is a slightly different Opera, and here you won’t be listening to classical music.

nightlife in Zadar opera club
Party all night – Photo by @operaclub.zadar

Opera is the largest indoor club that nightlife in Zadar has to offer and it has 2 grad VIP areas with booths, a table area, a supervised dressing room, and a dancefloor. This club is located in Jazine harbour and it has a large parking area nearby, although it is only 5 minutes of walking distance from the Old Town Zadar.

Here you will be able to prolong your nightlife in  Zadar and enjoy in large, air-conditioned space, with a great programme.

Visit an open-air-concert at Kult bar or Dišpet bar

Two of the most famous bars for nightlife in Zadar are Kult bar and Dišpet bar which share a big open-air terrace. Here you will discover a vivid atmosphere, have a chance to taste delicious wines and superb cocktails.

Apart from that these bars are known for various events such as weekly concerts, stand up comedy nights and sports game watching, as well as the great ambience.

nightlife in Zadar kult dišpet
Enjoy in the unique atmosphere – Photo by @caffe.bar.kult

Experience the Sundance festival

The new kid on the block of nightlife in Zadar is the Sundance festival, which is organized on the Zadar promenade. Here you can enjoy in hottest EDM DJs and dance your worries away.

Discover a whole new level of fun, and dance away into the sunset with the beats of great music and enjoy magnificent vistas and otherworldly atmosphere.

nightlife in zadar sundance festival bsh events
Enjoy in the hottest festival in the town -Photo by @bshevents

Try out the Boat parties and island nightlife

There is no party like a boat party! You can always opt-in for a private boat tour around the nearby islands and discover the nightlife at the beach bars around the island in the Zadar archipelago.

Bring your favourite drinks and snacks and celebrate your birthday, bachelor or bachelorettes eve on the private boat tour.

Nightlife in Zadar was an extraordinary experience, before the COVID times, firstly you would go to the bars for a proper warm-up, around 22 and around 1 am, everyone would hit the clubs and dance until dawn! Sounds like a scene from a fantasy movie? Well, that is how nightlife in Zadar used to be.

nightlife in Zadar
Be a part of nightlife in Zadar – Photo by @teatrobarzadar

Today in COVID times Nightlife in Zadar is a bit different, shorter but still filled with fun. Since all the clubs and the bars work shorter- everything is a club now and you can start your Nightlife in Zadar after the sunset.

If you are still buzzed after the clubs and bars close, luckily there are tons of beaches where you can enjoy in the moonlight, Seaview views with your friends on the fresh summer air. Or you can opt-in for a private boat tour around the islands.

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