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Explore Rava island - Photo by @stipe_satalic

Discover Rava Island on a day trip in Zadar archipelago

calendar iconApr 01, 2022

Located between the islands of Iž and Dugi Otok, Rava island belongs to the wider region of the Zadar archipelago area, meaning it is easily reachable by boat tours, beautiful and equipped with everything needed for an unforgettable summer experience in Croatia.

With nearly 20 kilometres of coastline and dozens of bays and coves, Rava island truly is a paradise for people who come by boat. After you disembark, stroll between the only two villages on the island – Mala Rava and Vela Rava.

Rava island more.hr
Enjoy on Rava island – Photo by Morski.hr

The locals are known for cultivating peaches, oranges, figs, olives, blueberries and blackberries, so prepare to taste sweet and juicy fresh fruit and dozens of different hand-made jams, juices, liqueurs, desserts and more.  Every experience on Rava island  will be an unforgettable one, starting with:

Be stunned by the local legend of Rava island on your day trip from Zadar

A hole in the centre of Vela Rava village tells a tale of a huge tree that used to be planted firmly on that spot. No one knows for sure what kind of tree it was or when it grew there, but the locals hold true that the hole in the ground leads to the centre of the Earth.

Funny enough, they even pour local olive oil in the hole, to “make the world spin easier”. True or not – decide for yourself, after you visit the charming fishing village of Vela Rava with a boat trip from Zadar.

Rava Island tradition
Discover local traditions – Photo by Like Zadar

Enjoy local cuisine on a private boat tour to Rava Island

When it is time for lunch, be prepared to taste only the best of Croatian Adriatic cuisine. This means that the fish will be freshly caught, and each day a new fish speciality will be presented as the catch of the day in family-owned local restaurants – no frozen or imported goods will be used in preparing meals.

Only locally sourced ingredients and seasonal fruits and vegetables will provide a background for the kind of magnificent feast you will encounter every time you decide to sit down at a Croatian Dalmatian restaurant on Rava island.

Rava island cuisine
Enjoy in the local gastronomy – Photo by @escape_the_ordinary

Since the cultivation of figs, lemons, olives and grapes is commonplace in the entirety of the Croatian Adriatic coast, you will definitely enjoy the fresh and juicy textures of locally grown produce.

Get to know the charming fishing village of Rava on your day trip

Listen to the sounds of nature all around you and let go of prior stress and worries, allowing every wave that washes on the shore to bring you one step closer to total relaxation.

If you are in need of a location where time moves slower, the locals are warm and hospitable, while at the same time providing excellent cuisine and unique activities, look no further than Rava island in the region of Zadar.

rava island - like zadarr bay RAVA-VELA
Discover peaceful bays – Photo by: Like Zadar

Locals will also disclose beach locations and other peculiar points of interest only known to them. This will make your boat trip that much more unique and personalized, ensuring that you have time to remember.

Every visitor is valued as equally important on a Zadar Archipelago boat tour, so you can relax and know that you and your holiday are in safe and capable hands.

Spend unforgettable moments on the boat in the private bays of Rava island

Once you arrive at a bay of your choice, you can swim to shore or let your dedicated Zadar archipelago tour operators disembark you on a favoured spot.

Use the speed boat as a perfect springboard for some wild jumps in the turquoise blue sea or head straight towards a shaded area, where pine and cypress trees will surely provide ample f protection from the sun.

Enjoy the comfort and the idyllic Croatian Adriatic atmosphere, If you wish, hammocks can be provided for you and your tour party for ultimate enjoyment.

There are some things that are synonymous with a Croatian summer holiday, and one of those is gently swaying in the soft summer breeze, as the hammock provides a perfect rhythm for rest, relaxation and a spiritual detox from the stresses of everyday life.

rava island bay
Enjoy in secluded bays – Photo by @oceannomads.community

Soft drinks or alcoholic beverages can also be provided, so you could upgrade your boat tour experience to the next level. Let a fully customizable Zadar Archipelago day trip service be the ideal natural background for providing the means of making memories that will last a lifetime.

Why Rava Island is a perfect target for a boat tour with Zadar Archipelago

Once you begin the journey with Zadar Archipelago tours, prepare to experience the best of Adriatic Croatia.

If you have a special idea planned for a specific occasion, or you want your trip to mean something more, consult with tour operators from Zadar Archipelago before your boat tour, so they can improve your experience with their local know-how and native Croatian background.

Rava Island Zadar Archipelago boat tour

Combine this with our around-the-clock customer and logistical support, and there is no way that we can not deliver exactly what you have planned.

Just leave everything in the capable hands of professionals from Zadar Archipelago and you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much local knowledge can impact the overall experience of a day trip in the Croatian Adriatic sea.

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