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Discover 3 secrets of Premuda island

calendar iconSep 04, 2023

Zadar, a city known for beautiful sunsets, the Sea Orgon, and amazing historical monuments, hides behind its horizon a magnificent and irresistible empire of islands (more than 300 islands, to be more precise). Among these jewels of the Mediterranean, the westernmost island of the Zadar archipelago, Premuda island, stands as a stunning symbol of natural beauty and serenity.

This small, intimate strip of land, where even the pine trees smell of the sea, and the sound of the waves sings the most beautiful lullabies, invites visitors to explore a world where nature reigns supreme. From the sun-kissed beaches to the mesmerizing underwater caves, Premuda is a mosaic crafted by nature itself.

Where is Premuda island?

Premuda, a captivating island in Croatia, marks the westernmost point of the Zadar archipelago. Situated southwest of Silba and northwest of Škarda, this intimate island spans approximately 10  km².

The landscape of Premuda is adorned with evergreen pines, low vegetation, and fragrant aromatic herbs, as well as olive trees. The island’s dense undergrowth provides a lush and vibrant backdrop to the stunning Mediterranean scenery. The cultivation of olive trees, in particular, is very popular on the island, enhancing the island’s charm.

Surrounded by islets and cliffs, Premuda’s natural barriers protect it from strong winds. Its coastline, in places, drops sharply into the sea, creating a dramatic and beautiful contrast with the tranquil bays submerged in parts of short, dry transverse valleys.

This topography is inaccessible unless you book a private speedboat day trip with Zadar Archipelago boat excursions; our local tour guides will introduce you to all the best beaches on the island.

Dolphins in the Croatian Adriatic sea, near Permuda island
You may run into dolphins on your way to Premuda island

A place where the air is scented with the sea, and the harmonious sound of waves provides an eternal serenade, Premuda’s geography is perfect for those guests who want to find solitude and beauty in nature while swimming in crystal-clear waters.

Despite its small size and relative isolation, Premuda’s geographical uniqueness has made it a favourite destination among tourists, divers, and sailors, making it a vital part of the Zadar archipelago. So, book a private tour today with Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours and experience Premuda .

Getting to Premuda with Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours

Premuda ‘s strategic location in the Adriatic Sea ensures its connectivity to other islands and the mainland through its two main ports: Loza to the north and Krijal to the south.

Krijal, the island’s main port, is well-shielded from the Bora and southwest winds but remains exposed to those from the northwest. Mooring facilities are well-arranged, with depths ranging from 1.5 to 2.4 meters. A few restaurants at the harbour and a small minimarket add to the convenience of all guests on a private daytrip with Zadar Archipelago.

Zadar Archipelago local tour guides, en route to Permuda island
You can always rely on the professionalism and knowledge of the Zadar Archipelago team

Premuda also has a good road connection between the two ports, leading to a small village. The village hosts essential facilities like two shops, an ambulance, a post office, and a church; all of these amenities serve as a gateway to the island’s charm.

Diving and Underwater Exploration around Premuda

Premuda is renowned as a diver’s paradise, offering an extraordinary underwater landscape filled with fascinating diving spots.

The underwater cave system called the “Cathedral” stands as one of the island’s most mesmerizing diving locations. This system of connected caves is named for its enchanting beauty, where light rays penetrate through the porous ceiling, illuminating the caves’ intricate architecture; exploring these caves feels like stepping into a natural cathedral sculpted by the sea.

Apart from the Cathedral, another awe-inspiring site is the wreck of the World War I Austro-Hungarian battleship SMS Szent István. Resting in a depth between 40–60 meters, this historical marvel is only accessible to experienced divers. It offers an unparalleled diving experience, where history and natural beauty merge into a unique adventure.

Striking a pose underwater
Diving and snorkeling around Premuda island is sure to be a unique and unforgettable experience

Besides diving, snorkeling is also an option in Premuda, which is good for guests who do not like the sea depths. Snorkeling around Premuda is an immersive experience that takes you through time, history, and nature’s artistry.

This magical underwater realm has led to a growing number of tourists visiting Premuda every year, making diving not just a recreational activity but an essential part of the island’s identity and appeal.

Experience the Natural Beauty and Attractions of Premuda island with Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours

Premuda is an oasis of natural beauty with its distinct landscapes, offering the best of the Mediterranean. From the enchanting azure of the Adriatic Sea to the unique flora of the island, everything creates a harmonious symphony that captivates every visitor.

Covered mostly with shrubs, low forests, and holm oak, the island provides a rich habitat for various species. In recent years, the cultivation of olive trees has gained popularity, adding a touch of greenery to otherwise barren landscapes. A walk through the island introduces one to the low-lying Mediterranean vegetation and the charming olive groves.

For guests who enjoy a panoramic hike, the island village of Premuda , situated in the interior of the northern part of the island, offers scenic views of the surrounding landscapes.

Speedboat near coastline
Every bay and cove on Premuda island can be yours to enjoy fully, if you book a private day trip with Zadar Archipelago

Premuda’s natural beauty and landscapes offer a magical blend of land and sea experiences, making it an irresistible destination for nature lovers, photographers, and explorers. Book a private boat tour with Zadar Archipelago speedboat excursions and experience the irresistible allure of Premuda island.

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