Boat Tour to Dragon's Eye Sea Cave on Dugi Otok
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Boat Tour to Dragon’s Eye Sea Cave on Dugi Otok

calendar iconJan 10, 2024

Dugi Otok, one of the largest islands in the Croatian Adriatic Sea, is home to an incredible natural wonder – The Dragon`s Eye (or Zmajevo oko, as it is called in Croatian). The Dragon`s Eye is a natural pool in a seaside rock formation, and this incredible location is accessible to guests who decide to book a tour with Zadar Archipelago Speedboat Tours.

Dragon`s Eye pool on Dugi Otok island with Zadar Archipelago boat tours
Getting to the Dragon`s Eye pool is a rewarding journey through rocky terrain

As a bonus, the Golubinka sea cave is located only around 100 meters from the location of the Dragon`s Eye. Both attractions are popular with visitors, but they offer very different experiences.

Dragon`s Eye / Zmajevo oko

Zmajevo Oko is located in the Brbinjšćica cove on the southwestern side of Dugi Otok. For our speedboats to reach this location from Zadar, it takes about 1 hour.

The Dragon`s Eye is a 15-meter-wide and 5-meter-deep pool created by limestone erosion, that is connected to the open sea by a narrow underwater passage. The surrounding environment is equally intriguing, featuring cliffs that provide perfect lounging spots with breathtaking views.

Dragon`s Eye pool on Dugi Otok island with Zadar Archipelago boat tours
Visitors are delighted when they have the entire pool to themselves – like a gift from nature

For those who are brave enough, diving through the underwater passage to the other side is a thrilling experience not easily forgotten, since the water is clear and refreshing, while the scenery is breathtaking. However, for all enthusiastic freedivers, it is important to be aware of the strong currents that can occur in the pool.

How to Reach Zmajevo Oko

Usually, travellers arrive at this location via ferry from Gaženica in Zadar, disembarking in Brbinj on the island’s mainland-facing side, and heading toward Brbinjšćica Bay on the outer side of the island, near Brbinj.

The journey involves taking a relatively narrow but well-maintained road from Brbinj to Brbinjšćica Bay on Dugi Otk, about 2.5 kilometers away. The bay itself, with its turquoise waters and white pebble beach, is a sight to behold. Parking may be challenging due to the high number of vehicles and tour vans, so plan accordingly.

Dragon`s Eye pool on Dugi Otok island with Zadar Archipelago boat tours
Zadar Archipelago guarantees professional tour guides, who use their local know-how to deliver unique experiences

Now, this might seem like a hassle to reach only a singular point of interest, but this is not the case. Zadar Archipelago is a local boat tour operator, who can transport passengers swiftly and with style. Book a speedboat cruise to Zmajevo Oko and enjoy the benefits of our speedboats and local know-how, as we unveil many more local secrets, otherwise hidden from the general public.

Bonus – the Golubinka sea cave

Golubinka is a sea cave located in the Brbinjšćica cove, just a short distance from the Dragon`s Eye pool. The cave is 20 meters deep and has a wide opening that allows sunlight to stream in. The result is a stunning display of refraction of natural light, creating splendid colours and patterns of light and shadow on the surface of the water.

dugi otok boat tour girl posing inside a cave
Dugi Otok Boat Tour – Create Amazing Photos in Golubinka Cave

Golubinka can be reached by swimming or by speedboat, but since most people opt to reach the end of the cave, disembarking is encouraged, since the end of the cave contains a shallow area that allows you to exit onto the rocks.

Exploring Golubinka Cave is an adventure worth repeating, despite occasional crowds. Timing your visit to Golubinka Cave around noon allows for optimal sunlight illumination, but be prepared for potential crowds during peak hours.

Despite the popularity of Modra špilja on Bišovo or Odysseus’s Cave on Mljet, Golubinka Cave holds its own unique charm, making it a worthy addition to your cave exploration itinerary.

The Dragon`s Eye and Zadar Archipelago boat tours – the perfect pair

Dugi Otok, a picturesque island off the coast of Croatia, is home to a natural phenomenon known as Zmajevo Oko, or the Dragon’s Eye.

Nestled in the Brbišćica Bay on the southwest side of the island, this enchanting spot is a result of limestone erosion, creating a captivating pool connected to the open sea by an underwater passage. Adventurous swimmers and divers can brave the underwater tunnel that separates Zmajevo Oko from the surrounding sea.

The entire Brbišćica Bay is a fascinating geomorphological site, revealing traces of ancient history on its steep slopes, including dinosaur fossils. The area is a protected natural landscape, ensuring the preservation of its unique features. Adding to the allure, the nearby Golubinka Cave presents another natural attraction within Brbišćica Bay.

Dragon`s Eye pool on Dugi Otok island with Zadar Archipelago boat tours
Explore Croatia`s vast natural riches with the help of Zadar Archipelago boat excursions

For those planning a trip to Dugi Otok, Zmajevo Oko and Golubinka Cave are must-visit attractions. Over the past year, social media platforms have been flooded with spectacular shots of Zmajevo Oko, capturing its beauty and essence – now you too can be a part of that experience.

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