Is Dugi Otok boat trip 100% for me?
guy enjoying in the Golubinka sea cave dugi otok boat trip

Opt-in for a Dugi Otok boat trip and discover stunning island bays, snorkel around the sunken ship, explore Golubinka cave, climb up the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic and enjoy breathtaking Sakarun bay.

The Best of Dugi Otok trip is carefully planned to give you the best island hopping experience. You will visit 7 spots on your day trip from Zadar and spend more time exploring the remarkable nature of Dugi Otok island.

Apart from that, your boat tour will be fully guided and your local crew will learn you fascinating facts about the best spots on the island, known only to the local experts.

Family on a Dugi otok boat trip on veli Žal bay turqoise sea
Enjoy in turquoise bays on Veli Žal

What will I get from my day trip to Dugi Otok?

If you choose to go on a Dugi Otok boat trip, you will get unique experiences and create unforgettable memories in stunning locations. 

Apart from that, you will enjoy in thrilling yet safe and comfortable speedboat ride, which means you will have more time to explore the island and less in transit.

guy lounging in sea cave beach golubinka
Explore Golubinka Sea Cave

Moreover, Zadar Archipelago boat tours are tailor-made, and you will have a fully guided tour with an experienced crew, opt-in for a group tour, there will be a max of 12 people per boat. If you prefer private ambience you can book a private full-day or half-day tour as well and enjoy a customised tour.

Why go to the Best of Dugi Otok boat trip? 

Dugi Otok boat trip will give you a chance to enjoy a thrilling speedboat ride, enjoy seascape scenery, snorkel around the sunken ship, explore the Golubinka cave, cliff jump and see the best spots on the island.

You will swim in the turquoise sea of Veli Žal and enjoy the best summer activities on the world-famous Sakarun bay. Apart from that, you will visit Veli Rat, filled with stunning bays and climb up the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic Sea – Punta Bianca.

Boat ride veli rat lighthouse
Discover the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic Sea

One of the most memorable stops on your Dugi Otok boat trip, Veli Rat will amaze you with lush nature and pristine sea, as well as the gastronomy and restaurant, will breathtaking view.

Moreover, on your Dugi Otok boat trip, you will visit the Military tunnel and discover more about the island itself in a charming fisherman village Božava.

Is the Dugi Otok boat tour for everyone?

The best thing about the Dugi Otok boat trip is that everyone can go and have a great time! Tour isn’t very physically demanding, and your guide and skipper will make sure you are comfortable. Our boats are safe and our experienced skippers will make sure you enjoy your speedboat ride. 

If you prefer shallow waters, or you want your kids to enjoy carefreely, you will be delighted by Sakarun bay and its 800-meter long white sand coastline. Apart from that sea on Sakarun is shallow and sand seabed gives this spectacular lagoon turquoise colour.

Sakarun beach boat tour Zadar archipelago
Enjoy in best summer activities on Sakarun beach

You don’t need to be a great swimmer to have a relaxing dip here, or you can enjoy in pine tree shade in beach bars. Besides, Dugi Otok has a great gourmet offer and you will get a chance to eat local dishes complimented with extraordinary sea views on Veli Rat, and the kids can enjoy ice cream and a playground under the shade. 

If you want a bit of adventure on your tour, you can explore the Golubinka sea cave, try out cliff jumping with the assistance of your local crew and visit the Military tunnels.

When is the best time to go on a boat trip to the Dugi Otok?

The best time to go on the Dugi Otok boat trip is from May to October. Since this island has a high amount of sunny hours and it is stunningly beautiful, every day is a good day to visit Dugi Otok.

Zadar Archipelago boat tours have a carefully planned itinerary, and small groups specifically planned to avoid crowds and visit the best spots on the island before the rush hours. 

Sunken ship Michele dugi otok and boats
Snorkel around the sunken ship

Why go to Dugi Otok with the Zadar Archipelago team?

Our team of local experts will make sure you enjoy your Dugi Otok boat trip to the fullest, see the best spots and try out the best summer activities. 

boat ride zadar archipelago
Enjoy a thrilling speedboat ride

Apart from that, we have experienced skippers that will make sure your boat ride is safe and filled with fun, and your local guides will learn you fascinating facts about the spots you will visit. Besides, we will provide you with snacks, and cold drinks on your day trip. Join us and experience the best of Dugi Otok.