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Opt-in for Fun-filled Family Boat Trip from Zadar

calendar iconJun 22, 2022

Join us for a family boat trip from Zadar and bring your kids island hopping and enjoy a fun-filled family day at sea.

Your children will love a sea adventure, and get a chance to play in sandy lagoons, and pristine bays, where they can feel like pirates and tick off the islands on their map while parents can sit back and relax and enjoy the blue sky and the sound of the sea.

Apart from the element of adventure, your family will enjoy unspoiled nature and get a chance to create unforgettable holiday memories that will last a lifetime.

Zadar Archipelago Boat tours are family-friendly and safe for your youngsters. The boats are made according to the world’s top safety standards, they are made of rubber, so you don’t need to worry about accidents aboard.

Moreover, you will have a fully guided family boat trip from Zadar which means 2 extra pairs of eyes will look out for your children. Furthermore, boat tours are held in small groups with an individual approach, and you will be able to relax and have kids in your eyesight all the time.

family on sakarun boat tour
Enjoy with Your Family on Stunning Island Locations

Here is a short list of the best family boat trips from Zadar:

Zadar to Sakarun Beach Boat Tour & Shipwreck

Opt-in for a  Sakarun Beach Family Boat Tour from Zadar and enjoy in half-day beach escape.

You will visit the most praised beach in Croatia – an 800m long sandy lagoon, praised for its crystalline shallow sea. This stunning beach is surrounded by lush vegetation, which means you can relax under the shade, or hide from the sun in the beach bars.

Before you head to this island paradise you will get a chance to snorkel around the impressive shipwreck, visible from the surface and explore the vivid marine life. This sunken ship is an ideal snorkelling spot for beginners.

After your snorkelling adventure, you will enjoy a scenic speedboat ride to Sakarun Beach which will amaze you at first sight.

Your kids will enjoy playing safely in a shallow sandy bay, which is suitable even for non-swimmers and toddlers. Older kids can enjoy the best summer activities, beach sports such as beach volleyball, football, snorkelling, building sandcastles, playing frisbee and much more.

Ask your local crew to tech your “unofficial Dalmatian sport”  –  Picigin and have a blast with your family in this easy yet fun activity, suitable for all ages.

Older family members won’t feel left out on this island oasis. They will enjoy relaxing swims, soaking up the sun on the white sand or in cold beverages under the pine tree shade.

On your Zadar to Sakarun Beach Family Boat Trip from Zadar, you will create unique holiday memories, fall in love with this island paradise and enjoy a family day filled with joy and laughter.

Sakarun Family Boat trip from Zadar people swimming
Swim in Gorgeous Sandy Lagoon

Molat & Ugljan Boat Tour: Best Zadar Islands

Get ready for a unique half-day beach escape to the nearby islands and discover the best spots on Molat & Ugljan Family Boat Trip from Zadar.

You will enjoy in safe and thrilling speedboat ride across the Zadar channel and if you are lucky there is a good chance you might see playful dolphins.

Kids will enjoy playing the explorers near the lighthouse, and parents will be amazed by the panoramic vista from 16 meter high “Rivanj” lighthouse. After your first stop, you will head to the northern part of Sestrunj Island.

Grab your snorkelling goggles and explore the Ledenik shipwreck, visible from the boat. Due to the clear sea, the visibility is great and you will be able to clearly see the sunken ship and marine life.

After your snorkelling adventure, you will get a chance to enjoy the best summer activities on secluded Molat island lagoons, swim in crystal-clear bays far away from summer crowds.

Sandy lagoons of Molat island are shallow and ideal for children and non-swimmers. They will get the opportunity to relax and enjoy in shallow turquoise bays and stay safe.

Your Family Boat trip fun won’t stop there! The best part still awaits. After your beach escape on Molat island, you will visit “Garden of Zadar”, a lush island Ugljan with more than 200.000 Olive trees.

In the Mediterranean village Preko, everyone will find something for themselves. From gorgeous beaches, children’s playgrounds, charming beach bars and restaurants. You can visit the smallest inhabited island in the Adriatic with a traditional rowing boat – Galevac Island and visit the Franciscan monastery.

This lush islet is only 80m from Preko village which is ideal for a quick stop or a swim to this unique place. While in Preko, enjoy in a charming village, and emerge yourself in a unique island lifestyle.

skojic island galevac and preko village molat and ugljan island boat tour
Explore Preko & Galevac

Silba & Olib Boat Tour – #1 Sandy Beaches

If you are up for a full day family boat trip from Zadar, look no more. Silba and Olib boat tour will amaze everyone with sandy beaches that can overthrow even the most praised lagoons in the Adriatic.

You will enjoy in scenic speedboat ride and Visit the gorgeous shallow sandy lagoon on Olib Island. Enjoy in morning swim in a crystal clear bay surrounded by lush vegetation and rejuvenate in the unspoiled nature.

After a refreshing swim on the “Adriatic king od sandy beaches” Olib island, you will head to “Island of the captains” Silba.

On Silba you will snorkel with sunken sarcophagi, visit stunning sandy Sotorišče bay and enjoy in best summer activities. You can enjoy in a nearby beach bar or grab a bite with a stunning vista, or simply bask under the sun in a shallow turquoise lagoon.

You will get a chance to explore this unique island, take a relaxing stroll to Silba village, learn fascinating island fables and visit the Open-air art gallery.

Moreover, you will visit the Toretta tower,  known as the “Tower of love” and conquer panoramic views from the top of this charming place.

Silba and Olib Family boat trip from Zadar is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. You will discover a truly unique ambience and island lifestyle that will make all our worries disappear.

You can have a quick bite, try out local gastronomy or have an ice cream cup in the Silba centre.

Afterwards, you will get a chance for another swim on gorgeous St.Nicholas bay on Island Olib and refresh yourself before you head back to Zadar.

family on speedboat
Feel the Joy of a Family Boat Trip

Why go on a Family Boat Trip from Zadar with Zadar Archipelago boat tours?

You will discover amazing island spots ideal for all ages and create unforgettable family memories. You will be able to relax in safe and comfortable boats and have more time to explore the island destinations filled with wonders and pristine nature.

Apart from that, you will have a fully guided bot tour, which will come in handy for parents with children who will get extra 2 pairs of eyes looking after their kids. Moreover, your kids will enjoy island-hopping adventures in gorgeous locations, and play safely in shallow sandy lagoons.

from 94 €

National Park Kornati Islands Boat Tour

from 86 €

Zadar to Sakarun Beach Boat Tour & Shipwreck

from 80 €

Molat & Ugljan Boat Tour: Best Zadar Islands

from 140 €

Kornati Islands & Telašćica Boat Tour

from 132 €

Dugi Otok Boat Tour: Ultimate Boat Adventure

from 126 €

Silba, Olib & Ist Boat Tour 3 Islands & 6 Unique Spots

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