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Famous Zadar Sunset

calendar iconSep 25, 2019

A sunset is the most photographed phenomenon in the whole wide world. With its gracious colours and extraordinary scenery vista over the crystal blue waters of Adriatic, the famous Zadar sunset is way up there on the top. For a great number of years it is among the most popular tourist attractions in Zadar and Croatia. With Archipelago Zadar team, you can enjoy it from the land and the sea.

Horror director’s romance with Zadar

When you look for #sunset on Instagram, you get over 208 millions of photos. If you dig deep into twilights and dusks, nightfalls and evenings, you get millions upon millions of images. You can enjoy the famous Zadar sunset anywhere around the city, including on the “riva” – a city promenade with a view of the Zadar islands: Ugljan and Pašman, where the sight goes all the way to to the northwest and the open sea.

After, on average, around 12 hours of sunshine a day in May and June, and 13 in July and August, you are to experience dusk light rays dance performance that impressed many celebrities.

Back in May 1964 Mr. Alfred Hitchcock came to visit Zadar and stayed for a night. We even know he checked in to the room number 204 in ex Hotel Zagreb. I can imagine how the acclaimed filmmaker stood in his room, slightly smitten by the sight and said:

“Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West, in Florida, applauded at every evening.”

Those who witnessed to his short stay in Northern Dalmatia, report that the great film master even tried to catch the beauty of the Zadar sunset with his camera. We do not have the photo but he wrote down the famous sentence that confirms that what all Zadar citizens are well aware of. The locals are more than willing to talk about it and show you where to be when is a famous Zadar sunset time.

Zadar Sea Organ sunset, famous Zadar sunset
Experience the famous Zadar sunset near the modern art sculpture “Salutation to the Sun” on Zadar`s boardwalk

Famous Zadar Sunset – A magical play of light and sound

The Greeting to the Sun is one of the reasons why is Zadar worth visiting. Located on Istarska obala, at the very end of Zadar Old city peninsula, the monument to the Sun, and its lighting elements, compliment the „most beautiful sunset in the world”. The monument was made as a symbolic communication with nature and an aim to communicate with light. It therefore consists of three hundred multi-layered glass plates, shaped in a 22-meter diameter circle.

This excellent attraction is actually a model of our solar system with all its planets, and shares a stone-paved boardwalk with the Sea Organ whose music converts into light show that starts at sunset – the lighting elements installed in “the Sun” turn on, and, following a meticulously programmed scenario, the two monuments produce an impressive performance in the rhythm of the waves. 

Romantic boat tours Private Sunset boat tour zadar archipelago
Enjoy in Romantic Moments aboard

The esteemed Zadar architect Nikola Bašić, author of both installations, became internationally known for these conceptions and, subsequently,  received numerous awards. His masterpieces made it easy for you to decide what to see in Zadar.


You might want to know

The names and numbers carved on the ring surrounding “the Sun” on the Greeting to the Sun installation, are part of the St. Grisogonus Calendar. The calendar dates from 1292 or 1293, and is among the oldest in the world. It is believed that St. Grisogonus Calendar is the first written document with astronomy data written in Arabic numbers.

The 13th-century calendar states feast days and saints’ names, as well as the sun efemeride and the coordinates of the heavenly bodies with their angle distances from determined immovable flat surfaces, straight lines or points. This almanach was developed in Zadar and found in 1964 in the Bodleian Library in Oxford.

I guess I’m one of those sunset catchers. My camera has hundreds of photos of the evening sky, followed by the moon and the trees. From Borik and Puntamika sights with Dugi otok on the other side of Zadar canal, to photos taken on Branimir coast with Zadar peninsula acting as a perfect background.


kornati islands boat tour sunset in zadar
Kornati Islands Boat Tour – Witness Amazing Sunset in Zadar

The famous Zadar sunset is indeed an astonishing spectacle, especially when observed sitting on the Sea organs, but my favourite is the one from Vidikovac – Bellevue, located high above the city, overlooking it all. The sun setting down behind Zadar islands hugs the city with colourful rays of light. Now, this is something that, when in Zadar you must do!

This is us – Zadar Archipelago

Zadar Archipelago is an enthusiastic travel agency with energetic people who are thinking out of the box and can show you where to watch the most beautiful Zadar sunset. Archipelago’s guests love to explore destinations around Zadar and Croatia in small and coherent groups. Our boat tours and excursions are led by local experts, with comprehensive knowledge and professional conduct.

Most of all, we love what we do and look forward to helping you find the perfect trip, ideal beach escape and ultimate sightseeing adventure. Following the link https://zadar-archipelago.com/contact-us/ you can book your transfer, a private trip to one of the Zadar islands, Kornati National Park, or rent a boat to set out to the sea and chase that perfect sunset on your own.

Based on hundreds of wonderful reviews of our valued guests, Archipelago Travel was awarded the TripAdvisor’s certificate of Excellence! This is an incentive for us to go further and provide you an impeccable Zadar and Croatia trip!

We remain on your disposal for any additional information or questions and you can contact us any time by email on base@zadar-archipelago.com .

More information about visiting Zadar and also a famous Zadar sunset you can also find on Zadar Tourist Board official website.

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