Discover a heart-shaped island of love on your private boat tour to Galešnjak island | Zadar Archipelago
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Discover a heart-shaped island of love on your private boat tour to Galešnjak island

calendar iconApr 06, 2020

Discover heart-shaped “island of love” – Galešnjak island, a wondrous gift of nature where Beyonce herself celebrated her birthday, and a place where numerous couples decided to commemorate their eternal love.

The shape of Galešnjak island greatly contributed to the Adriatic being recognized worldwide as a destination where travellers can experience unforgettable boat trips in unique surroundings.

Galešnjak island of love aerial sunset view
Enjoy romantic moments on Galešnjak Island- Photo by: @weroadit

If you disembark on Galešnjak island, you would not notice any special thing about this patch of dry land. But, thanks to the strengths of modern technology, you could observe the true nature of this incredible island.  Its shape is, without a doubt, similar to that of a heart, making Galešnjak island famous as the “Island of Love”.

Let the unspoiled nature of the Galešnjak island be the ideal background for familiarizing yourself with “Love Island”:

Celebrate a special occasion on a private boat trip to Galešnjak island

The fact that the Galešnjak island is small and isolated, as well as being known as “Love Island”, makes it that much more appealing as a destination for celebrating special romantic occasions and an ideal spot for a romantic boat tour.

Galešnjak Island was even on the Forbes list of the 16 most romantic destinations for Valentine’s day.

galešnjak heart shaped island of love zadar archipelago airplane view
Enjoy romantic moments on “island of love” – Photo by @croatiatravelinfo

Immortalise an intimate experience with some unbelievable drone photos, as many others have done before, and top-up your proposal, birthdays, wedding anniversary, romantic boat trip or enjoy an unforgettable date night.

Take advantage of a unique photo opportunity on your boat excursion to the “Love Island”

The entirety of the Galešnjak island is a perfect stage for unique photo opportunities, the best of which are taken from the air.

If you do not already own a drone, talk to your experienced skippers from Zadar Archipelago, for they surely possess the right equipment and knowledge to preserve a beautiful moment in time for decades to come.

galešnjak island heart shaped island of love in zadar archipelago aerial drone photo
Capture the best aerial photos- Photo by @zadar_region

Since the Galešnjak island is small, uninhabited and without any infrastructure, you are guaranteed photos that will contain only the two purest things in the world – unspoiled nature and love.

Swim around the Galešnjak island and enjoy its pebbly beaches on your day trip

Explore the shoreline of this fabulous place on your private boat trip, since it will be only you and the members of your party that will get to enjoy the complete privacy, peace and isolation of one of Croatia’s most secluded islands.

galešnjak island of love heart shaped island zadar archipelago aerial drone
Swim in bays of the “love island” – Photo by: @instacroatiaa

Out of the way means there will not be any summer crowds, instead, you will get to focus entirely on the magnificent natural surroundings of the islands. There are two smaller neighbouring islands, which also make excellent targets for a swimming tour, seeing that they are less than 20 meters ( 40 ft. ) from Galešnjak.

Enjoy an intimate boat trip and opt-in for a beach picnic on the “Island of Love”

Talk with your Zadar Archipelago booking agent prior to your boat trip and all sorts of extra activities and bonus features can be arranged. You could enjoy a tailor-made beach picnic or special decorations to add an extra flair of bedazzlement to your romantic outing.

Enjoy intimate atmosphere and romantic sunsets on Galešnjak island of love
Enjoy a romantic sunset on a heart-shaped island- Photo by @zadar_region

For even more panache on your private boat tour, arrange a beach bonfire and camp beneath one of the starry skies in all of Europe. There are few things more romantic than a fire, the sea and a starry sky above the most adorable of all the islets – Galešnjak island.

Enjoy in romantic sunsets on Galešnjak islans on private boat tour with Zadar Archipelago

Celebrate your birthday like Beyonce on a private boat trip

Galešnjak island calls out to all the hopelessly romantic souls, and “Queen B” was no exception to its charm. Beyonce and Jay-Z were so enamoured by this heart-shaped islet, that they have decided to create unique memories there and immortalise this special occasion.

Galešnjak island of love heat shaped island of love airplane view on coastline
Discover unique perspective on love- Photo by @mladenov.v2

The diva celebrated her 39th birthday on the “island of love” and not many people can say – I had my birthday party at the same place where Beyonce celebrated hers, or I celebrated my special day on the “island of love”, but wondrous Galešnjak island will make both possible and top it up with extraordinary vistas on the Zadar archipelago.

Consider a boat trip to Galešnjak and enjoy a romantic getaway with Zadar Archipelago

The mild summer temperatures on Galešnjak island will make it possible to stay on the island for longer periods of time, but… When it is time to depart,  it is certain that you will not want to separate yourself from the splendours of the Croatian “Island of Love”, as well as the clarity of the sea and the freshness of the air around this enchanted place.

Experience a romantic boat trip to Galešnjak island of love Zadar archipelago
Experience a romantic boat trip island of love- Photo by @punkuferhr_

Nevertheless, know that with the local know-how from Zadar Archipelago, all of your romantic desires will be met on a private boat tour to Galešnjak island. So, prepare to experience one of the most private and intimate atmospheres in the entirety of the Croatian Adriatic sea.

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