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Group Boat Tour vs Private Boat Tour – Guide to Your Ideal Match

calendar iconJun 29, 2022

An idyllic day trip to the islands around the Zadar archipelago is always a brilliant idea, no matter if you choose a Group boat tour or Private boat tour.

Both options will enable you to visit spectacular destinations and have new and unique experiences. But how to pick one?

When choosing your ideal boat tour you should firstly decide on which tour do you want to go on, what is your budget, do you want to share the boat with other people or you prefer your privacy.

people wirh snoirkelin gear on a boat
Enjoy in stunning bays

Here is our short guide which will help you decide:

Advantages of Group Boat Tour  

Group tours are a perfect chance to explore the islands, enjoy spectacular places and experience new things. Our boat tours are held in small groups with a minimum of passengers and a maximum of  12 passengers per boat.

If you decide on a group tour you will have a budget-friendly chance to explore the most beautiful spots in the Zadar archipelago, create new friendships and make unforgettable memories.

All of our group tours are fully guided, and you will have a tour guide who will make sure you have all the important local insights and find out numerous fascinating facts about your stops.

Our unique itineraries will give you a chance to experience the best of summer activities in breathtaking locations, known only to the local experts.

Group Boat tours are carefully planned and designed in a way that you get the most out of your boat trip, travel less, and explore more

Here s a list of our Full-day Group tours:

If you are in a mood for a beach escape and a full day group boat tour is too long for your preferences, don’t worry, you can still have an amazing beach getaway on the two most praised beaches in the Zadar archipelago. You can choose between morning beach escape at 9 am (9:00)  or opt-in for an afternoon on these awe-inspiring beaches at 2 pm (14h)

Here are our Half-day beach escape tours:

Difference between group boat tour and Private boat tour

Wondering what is the difference between our group boat tours and private boat tours? We will break it down simply:

On a group boat tour you won’t be alone with your friends in the boost, there will be other passengers in the vessel, however, the group won’t be larger than 12 people per boat with you included.

On a private boat tour you will have complete privacy and a boat all to yourself,  no matter do you wish to go alone, with your loved one, or with your group of friends. The maximal number of passengers is still 12 but due to capacity and comfort, your group size is entirely your decision.

family on a boat in a private bay
Discover stunning private bays

Since privacy is paramount to a private boat tour, you will have your very own professional skipper at your disposal. If you want your private guide, we can arrange it, but normally only group tours have a guide on a boat.

Another difference is product cost, while group tours are more budget-friendly, and you are booking a seat on the boat, on private boat tours, you will have the entire boat, all to yourself.

Group tours have carefully designed and planned itineraries to make the most out of your trip, and we cant change the itinerary on the demand.

On a private tour, the itinerary is fully customisable, and we can prepare a tailor-made tour just for you. You get to choose how long you will stay on one stop and which stops you want to visit.

Advantages of private Boat tour 

Our private boat tours are fully customisable and tailor-čmade experiences. You and your company will get an entire boat for yourself with the local private skipper at your disposal.

You will be able to explore numerous secluded bays, customise your itinerary, or celebrate your special occasion on a boat tour around the archipelago.

We can make a customised bot tour according to your wishes and preferences, and make sure the fridge is stocked with your favourite snacks and beverages. Your booking agent can make reservations on your behalf in the best island restaurants and bars.

people in stunning bay speedboat trip
Enjoy tailor-made itineraries

Our group tours have a maximum number of up to 12 people per boat, it is up to you to decide how many people will you bring on this unique island-hopping adventure.

Apart from that we can arrange a transfer from your accommodation to your boat or pick you up by boat near your hotel or apartment if that is possible.

Here is a list of our Private Tours:

Why go on Zadar Archipelago Boat Tours

Our team of local experts will make sure you have a fun-filled trip, visit spectacular locations full of unspoiled nature around Zadar islands and enjoy the best summer activities.

guy jumping from the boat
Enjoy in best summer activities

No matter which tour you decide on, our team will make sure you get a chance to create unique memories and have new experiences on your island-hopping adventures.

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