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Which Zadar Archipelago Boat Tour is Best for me?

calendar iconJul 03, 2023

When you arrive near Zadar, you will be tempted to explore the wider maritime area, because it consists of more than 300 islands and islets, each one hiding a different secret. Among many agencies, give your trust to Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours, because we are one of the oldest and most experienced tour operators in the greater Zadar region. This raises a question: how to pick a boat tour that is perfect for you?

Since there are so many islands, we also offer a variety of different tours to accommodate different needs and expectations. So, don’t be overwhelmed when you come face to face with our exciting offers; instead, talk to your local Zadar Archipelago tour operator to determine which boat tour is best for you.

To find the quickest answer to that question, you need to ask yourself what sort of person you are: do you like adventure, solitude, beautiful panoramas while cruising, or picturesque beaches where you can enjoy the sun, sea, and sand? Or is just hanging out with friends in a beautiful spot enough for you? Luckily, we have something for every taste, so before you book a day trip with Zadar Archipelago, it is a good idea to decide what kind of boat tour will fit your character (and the character of your day trip party, if you are planning a group trip).

Fast and short day trips for a busy holiday itinerary

Firstly, if you do not want to waste time on long commutes, we have excellent day trips to Ugljan and Molat, islands that sit right across Zadar and are 10 minutes of slow cruising away from the old town core. If you are planning on seeing as much of the Croatian Adriatic as possible, and Zadar is just another stop in your busy holiday itinerary, then you might also want to book a half-day trip to Saharun beach.

Speedboat arriving at location, shot from above
Thanks to our help, you will learn how to pick a boat tour that is perfect for you

Not lasting more than 5-6 hours total (including transit), this option is perfect for everyone wanting to swim in a picture-perfect beach and return to Zadar by dinnertime.

A full-day Robinsonian adventure

For adventurers who do not want to spend the entire day zig-zagging around the gorgeous Zadar archipelago, we would recommend escaping the summer crowds that squeeze into the narrow streets of Zadar and finding refuge in one of the many incredible spots for a perfect Robinsonian atmosphere.

A stone ruin, with the sea in the background
There are many hidden locations in the Zadar Archipelago, that are perfect for an adventurous boat trip

There will be only you, your tour group, and nature on our Private boat tour to Silba and Olib, two far-away islands on the very rim of the Zadar archipelago. Experience what it is like to be away from civilization for a day and fully recharge your batteries for the rest of your Croatian holiday.

For lovers of peace and privacy

For those who cherish privacy and solitude above all else, there is a solution. Book a trip with Zadar Archipelago to the incredible top picks of Best of Dugi Otok. Read a book in the shade while being cooled off by incredibly fresh summer breezes. Bring a hammock and create a perfect nest from where you can watch the sea and gently sway into a state of total relaxation.

How to pick a boat tour that will bring you to a secluded and beautiful destination? Rely on Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours
How to pick a boat tour – enjoy beautiful and secluded locations with the help of our local know-how

Our tour of the Best of Dugi Otok is a perfect fit for lovers of peace and privacy. Dugi Otok has a very indented coastline with lots of secret coves and small bays where you can find a picturesque beach all to yourself. Enjoy being one with nature and let the shores of Dugi Otok help you achieve that.

For a perfect family day trip

There are several good options when choosing a location for a perfect family day trip with Zadar Archipelago boat tours. Relax with the ones that you love the most in a perfect Adriatic setting. Feel the summer atmosphere and enjoy the water by swimming, free diving, snorkeling, and scouring the indented Croatian coastline with your kids to find the perfect souvenir, be it a shiny abalone seashell, a sea urchin skeleton, or a particularly photogenic salt-dried driftwood.

A bow of fruit on a speedboat tour
Enjoy our experienced tour guides, who will also act like professional hospitality providers

If you are planning a family holiday near Zadar, it would be a shame to miss our Dugi Otok boat tour, an ultimate adventure for a family with spirit.

For friends who just want to have a good time

We encourage party groups and have several very special locations for these exact purposes. If you talk to your competent tour guide before the start of the trip, freezer bags will be supplied so that everybody’s drinks remain fresh and cool throughout the journey. So, when you come on shore to one of our amazing party locations, be prepared to enjoy your very own private beach lounge atmosphere, complete with a drinks and snacks picnic and the most beautiful view you can imagine.

Cliff jumping
There is no better adrenaline rush in a friendly environment than cliff jumping

Our Zadar to Saharun Beach Boat tour is perfect for a group of friends who want to enjoy several distinct and exotic locations but still have enough time to take advantage of the fact that they are on holiday.

A romantic getaway

If you want to show affection to a special someone or just celebrate a special occasion, why not consider booking a romantic boat excursion with Zadar Archipelago? We offer several very engaging speedboat trips that can stir emotions and create a perfect and intimate mood. If you want complete privacy during your trip, that can also be arranged because everything can be arranged at Zadar Archipelago.

So, choose the private boat tour Magical Zadar Sunset and enjoy the luxurious atmosphere aboard our luxurious speedboat, Colnago 33.

Witness breathtaking natural sights

If you are a nature buff and want to see as much of the beautiful Croatian nature as possible, we suggest booking the National Park Kornati boat tour or the Kornati Islands & Telašćica Boat Tour. Both of these tours will bring you up close and personal with all the wonders and splendours of the Adriatic and Croatian nature. Since Kornati and Telaščica are considered to be one of the most beautiful of all National and Nature parks in Croatia, beauty will find you at every corner.

How to pick a boat tour with Zadar Archipelago?

Try to establish what you want to gain out of your day trip experience and be vocal about it to your Zadar Archipelago tour operator because he will be able to specifically recommend a program custom-tailored to match your character and expectations.

Deciding what’s best is crucial for your boat trip experience because getting exactly what you wanted out of a holiday is what it is all about. Coming to Croatia can be a beautiful and fulfilling experience, but experiencing every famous location can be difficult, especially if it involves maritime travel.

Luckily, Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours are here to help you get in touch with all the incredible locations that this unique Adriatic country has to offer.

from 94 €

National Park Kornati Islands Boat Tour

from 86 €

Zadar to Sakarun Beach Boat Tour & Shipwreck

from 80 €

Molat & Ugljan Boat Tour: Best Zadar Islands

from 140 €

Kornati Islands & Telašćica Boat Tour

from 132 €

Dugi Otok Boat Tour: Ultimate Boat Adventure

from 126 €

Silba, Olib & Ist Boat Tour 3 Islands & 6 Unique Spots

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