Is The Full-Day Kornati Boat Trip 100% for me?
girl in swimsuit on a speedboat pointing to thre island on kornati boat trip

Kornati boat trip is one of the most praised day trips from Zadar, and it is suitable for everyone, no matter how old or how “fit” you are.

On a full-day boat tour to the Kornati islands, you will enjoy the best summer activities, discover extraordinary spots filled with unspoiled nature, explore the underwater world, and witness the spectacular panoramic vistas.

telaščica salt lake mir and sea surrounding the cliffs
Discover the True Nature of Kornati and Telaščica

When is the best time to go on a Kornati boat trip?

Kornati boat trip is ideal in the shoulder season and the high summer season. That is because this day trip is full of wondrous activities on the mainland, so you can enjoy the pristine nature even when it is a bit chilly for a swim. In the summer season, this boat tour is ideal, and it will give you a chance to explore the vivid underwater world and swim in the clearest bays in the Adriatic Sea.

Weather conditions are ideal during the whole summer season, and even if the rainy day comes upon the city of Zadar, there is a good chance sun that will still shine upon the Kornati islands.

group on a kornati boat trip on a speedboat
Enjoy in a scenic speedboat ride

What will I see and do on my full-day Kornati boat trip?

You will enjoy a scenic speedboat ride from Zadar, and enjoy spectacular seascapes. You will be amazed by the countless islands, islets and reefs protruding from the sea. Apart from that, you will get a chance to discover all the glory of Nature Park Telaščica, admire majestic white cliffs and Salt lake Mir, with its healing waters.

Moreover, on your Kornati boat trip you will discover unique plate shape islet Taljurić, cracked “Dead man’s island”, and Sestrica Vela island with lighthouse Tajer. If you are lucky enough you might even spot dolphins or sea turtles roaming around the clear waters of Kornati islands.

After your scenic boat ride, you will be able to explore private island Mana, hike up to the island’s hilltop, discover a movie set from a Hollywood blockbuster from the 50s named “As the sea rages”, and be amazed by the 360 panoramic vistas on Kornati archipelago.

crystal-clear sea in island bay on levrnaka island in kornati
Explore the stunning bays in the Kornati archipelago

After your adventure on Mana, get ready for a unique gastronomical experience in Vrulje bay and try out fresh local dishes.  Your Kornati boat trip will take you to one of the most beautiful places in the whole National Park Kornati– island Levrnaka, where you can enjoy in best summer activities, snorkel, swim and rejuvenate in the crystalline waters of Lojena lagoon.

Your last stop will be Fisherman’s village Sali, where you will enjoy a charming island atmosphere and be able to try out local beverages or treat yourself with an ice-cream cup.

What to bring with me on the Kornati Boat trip?

Just bring your swimsuits, light clothes,  ID card and a good mood, we will take care of the rest. No matter if you opt-in for a full-day boat tour to Kornati & Telaščica or a half-day beach escape to the Kornati, we will provide you with snorkelling gear, snacks, water and beverages. You can ask your local crew for sunscreen and make sure you get a nice tan without any sunburns.

girl snorkelling in swimsuit on Kornati islands
Snorkel in spectacular lagoons

TIP: If you decide to try out local gastronomy in the restaurants on the Kornati islands, we suggest you bring some cash in local currency.

Why go on the Kornati boat trip with Zadar Archipelago?

Our team of local experts will make sure you have a fun-filled day trip, full of unique experiences, you can only get with us. Your local crew will take you to the most beautiful locations in Kornati and Telaščica and your local guide will learn you fun local insights about these spots.

Apart from that, you will discover breathtaking spots and recharge your batteries in the nautical paradise, known as the Kornati islands.