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Island hopping with Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours

calendar iconMar 31, 2024

Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is a treasure trove of hidden coves, charming villages, and islands begging to be explored. Zadar, a historical gem itself, acts as the gateway to an archipelago paradise. But with so many islands scattered like emeralds across the turquoise water, how do you choose which ones to visit?

Look no further than Zadar Archipelago, the premier speedboat tour operator in the region. We offer private tours designed to maximize your island hopping experience, whisking you away to hidden beaches, quaint villages, and unforgettable Adriatic adventures.

Dugi Otok (2)

Buckle up, grab your swimsuit, and get ready to island hop between four enchanting islands: Ugljan, Sestrunj, Molat, and Dugi Otok – all in a single day on a private tour with Zadar Archipelago!

Ugljan: Idyllic Island Charm

Your journey begins on Ugljan, the closest island to Zadar. To hop between the city of Zadar to Ugljan island takes only 10 minutes. Experience lush greenery that carpets the rolling hills, while a string of pristine coves beckons with their calm, crystal-clear waters.

Ugljan island - the first to your island hopping destination
Stepping ashore, you’re greeted by the scent of pine carried on a warm breeze, mingling with the salty tang of the Adriatic.

Here, time seems to slow down as you wander through narrow streets, their coolness a welcome respite from the midday sun

Explore the charming village of Preko, a maze of narrow stone streets lined with traditional houses. Take a stroll through the waterfront and dive into the refreshing Adriatic at Preko and swim across to a small island hiding a big secret.

Preko- Ugljan
Ask your Zadar Archipelago tour guide about the interesting history of this place while you circle around with a speedboat, saying farewell to Ugljan.

A 15th-century monastery hiding in a pine forest in the middle of the isle, surrounded by a pictouresque shoreline and a breathtaking panorama.

Sestrunj: Beauty and Nature

Next on your island hopping list with Zadar Archipelago is Sestrunj, a haven for nature lovers and those seeking a tranquil escape. This car-free island boasts a rugged coastline with hidden coves accessible only by speedboat.

Let our experienced tour operaters guide you to the best secluded beachs – a slice of paradise where you can unwind on the pristine sand and snorkel in the crystal-clear water teeming with marine life.

Sestrunj 2
Even in the most busiest of summer months, Sestrunj remains virtually vacant of tourists. This is because only boats can carry people to the best beaches on Sestrunj

Unlike its bustling neighbours, Sestrunj offers a sanctuary from the crowds, a place to truly reconnect with nature and yourself.

Sestrunj island hopping adventure
Sestrunj is synonymous for secluded beaches and private coves, perfect for swimming and snorkeling

Venture to the charming village of Sestrunj, the island’s main settlement. Here, a cluster of traditional stone houses with terracotta roofs huddles around a small harbour. Explore the narrow streets, their coolness a welcome respite from the midday sun.

Molat: Untouched Paradise

Your speedboat adventure continues towards Molat island. A quintessential stop on every island hopping adventure, Molat will serve as a doorway to the mystical and hidden side of the Croatian Adriatic you can only experience on a boat tour with Zadar Archipelago.

Molat island hopping with Zadar Archipelago
On Molat, you can enjoy the undisturbed sounds of pristine nature.

Relax as the crickets sing their summer songs and the sea creates a bass that will lull you into a state of pure relaxation.

Dugi Otok: Dramatic Landscapes and Hidden Wonders

The final jewel in our crown is Dugi Otok, an island famous for its dramatic landscapes and hidden wonders.

Visit the north of the island, where you will get the chance to snorkel inside a shipwreck. Lady Michelle is a commercial ship that was run aground in the 20th century by the Italian navy.

Dugi Otok (15)
The shipwreck lies several hundred meters from the north coast of Dugi Otok island and is a perfect spot for unique snorkeling experiences.

Once you are done with shipwreck snorkeling, visit Sakarun beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in all of the Croatian Adriatic coastline. This sandy lagoon beckons visitors with its aquamarine glow, which stretches for hundreds of meters in all directions.

Near this beach is also the biggest lighthouse in this part of the Adriatic. Veli Rat lighthouse provides good photo opportunities, so for all those with a good Instagram following, it could be good to check it out and take a few pics.

Dugi Otok island
Dugi Otok, the final jewel in your Zadar Archipelago adventure, unfolds like a symphony of dramatic landscapes, hidden wonders, and untamed beauty

Stepping off the speedboat, a smooth coastline punctuated by Adriatic shrubbery rises subtly from the turquoise waters, promising an intriguing hike.

Your unforgettable island hopping adventure with Zadar Archipelago speedboat tour awaits

As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in vibrant hues of orange and pink, it’s time to return to Zadar. Your private speedboat tour with Zadar Archipelago has just unveiled a taste of the magic that awaits you in the Zadar Archipelago.

Dugi Otok (13)
Contact Zadar Archipelago today and let our experienced skippers guide you through the heart of the Dalmatian Coast. We’ll craft a private tour just for you, ensuring a day filled with stunning scenery, authentic experiences, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Unlike crowded ferries, you’ll have the freedom to explore hidden coves, savour delicious local cuisine, and delve into the rich history of each island. Call us today to start planning your island escape!

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