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Must-visit Islands in Zadar archipelago in 2022

calendar iconMay 25, 2022

Croatia is well-known for its dotted archipelago full of unparalleled beauty, and Zadar is an ideal base for exploring countless bays and numerous stunning islands. Here is our list of must-visit islands in Zadar archipelago in 2022.

boat tour to golubinka sea cave entrance and croatian flag
The Entrance to Golubinka Cave on a Zadar Archipelago Boat Tour

Discover the island of diversity – Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok is one of the largest islands in Zadar archipelago, and it is famous for its biodiversity. You can easily explore this magnificent place with a full-day boat tour or simply opt-in for a half-day beach escape.

Dugi Otok is home to the most beautiful beaches that you can find on the islands of Zadar archipelago. Here you will get a chance to snorkel with shipwrecks, explore sea caves, try out cliff jumping, swim in the crystal-clear sea on 800m long Sakarun beach.

Apart from that you will discover the spectacular panoramic vistas, visit the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic, enjoy unspoiled nature, and ride through a fascinating military tunnel.

You can take a stroll in charming fisherman villages such as Božava on the north or Sali on the south of the island and relax in a unique island atmosphere.

Wondering when is the best time to visit the king of the islands in Zadar archipelago? We suggest a full-day boat tour from June up to the end of September.

You can go every day with our fully-guided tours, and your local crew will make sure you visit the most stunning places on Dugi Otok and get a chance to have unique and unforgettable summer experiences.

shipwreck michele aerial photo
Snorkel around the shipwreck on your boat excursion to Dugi Otok

Explore the Olive Island Ugljan on your private boat tour

When you arrive in Zadar, Croatia you will instantly notice its islands and marvellous seascape. Ugljan island is one of the closest islands in the Zadar archipelago and a perfect destination for a quick beach escape.

You can visit it from May until November since its proximity to the mainland gives this island a vivid atmosphere and a lot of content. Apart from that Ugljan has brilliant nature and stunning beaches, which you can discover on a boat tour.

Local experts from Zadar Archipelago know all the breathtaking spots and hidden bays around Ugljan and surrounding islets and they will gladly show them to you.

What makes Ugljan special, besides long tradition and gorgeous nature are the numerous olive grooves, and island products.

ugljan island preko village and galevac aerial
Discover fisherman villages on the Olive Island

Visit Nautical Paradise – Kornati islands and Telaščica Nature park

The most praised islands in Zadar archipelago are the Kornati island group – known as the nautical paradise. This mesmerising place will leave you breathless with numerous uniquely shaped islands, islets and reefs and its countless private bays.

In Telaščica Nature Park you will enjoy unspoiled nature, hike through lush forest paths and witness majestic withe cliffs. Apart from that you will discover Lake Mir on top of the island and get a chance to swim in its salty water with healing properties.

After that, you will discover awe-inspiring sights on a thrilling speedboat ride in National Park Kornati and visit the most beautiful islands in Zadar archipelago on your full-day boat tour.

You can explore the Kornati from May until November and enjoy lush nature, unique vistas, vivid marine life, taste the island gastronomy and swim in pristine bays.

kornati and telaščica aerial photo
Cruise around Kornati archipelago

Opt-in for a Boat Tour to the Islands of Captains – Silba and Olib

Silba is one of the islands in Zadar archipelago you simply must visit in the summer of 2022. This remote island will amaze you with its lush vegetation, island fables and traditions, as well as gorgeous beaches and crystalline bays.

Apart from that, you will get a chance to explore vivid marine life and snorkel around the sunken sarcophagi. Moreover, on your fully-guided boat tour, you will find out fascinating legends about Silba island, swim in spectacular bays, conquer the tower of love, and enjoy a unique ambience on the island with no cars.

On the Olib island, you will discover a supreme place where the white sand reigns over the solitary bays. This is what makes Olib – The Adriatic King of the Sandy beaches among the islands in Zadar archipelago.

We suggest a full-day boat tour to these wonderful islands in the high summer season when you can enjoy the best summer activities in extraordinary locations, far away from brimming summer crowds.

aerial view of sotorišće bay on silba island
Enjoy in stunning bays

These islands in Zadar archipelago are best experienced with our boat tours

Our team of local experts will make sure you visit the most brilliant islands in Zadar archipelago and learn fascinating things about these island locations. Apart from that our boat tours are fully guided and your local crew will be there for you every step of the way.

speedboat ride on veli rat aerial photo
Enjoy an exciting speedboat ride

Moreover, you will get a chance to visit stunning locations and enjoy the best summer activities at the same time.

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