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Ist Island – Remote spot ideal for a private boat tour

calendar iconMay 22, 2021

Discover an island with an interesting shape on your next boat trip and visit the Ist island, which can be found 20 nautical miles away from Zadar, the main maritime traffic hub of the region. Ist island is placed in the same municipal group as the islands of Olib, Silba and Molat, which are all ideal for nautical tourism.

Because there are no cars or traffic on the island, Ist island is perfect for those seeking a getaway from the hustle and bustle of big cities and the stress of everyday life.

Enjoy carfree on Ist island and jump into the sea
Enjoy carefree on Ist island – Photo by: @likezadar

Taking a walk in nature while on Ist instantly refreshes the mind and body, while at the same time providing a wonderful background for enjoying all of the benefits of Croatian summer vacation.

Despite lacking official entertainment, Ist island can still offer plenty for those who appreciate unspoilt nature and crystal-clear waters:

Enjoy the in the heaven-on-earth on your private boat tour to Ist island

A nautical paradise, reachable only by boat excursion, Ist island attracts sailors and boaters with numerous small coves and bays, and since the best way to move around the island is by boat, you will not find the usual tourist hoard hogging the beaches or waiting in lines in town.

Instead, only a tranquil and peaceful fishing village will embrace every traveller that opts for discovering the subtle beauties of this fantastic place.

Enjoy in crystal-clear bays of Island Ist
Enjoy in crystal-clear bays of Island Ist – Photo by: @hiperaktivni_sanjar

Since Ist island is surrounded by smaller islets and isles, maritime travellers will rejoice with even more opportunities to lay claim to a private bay and make the waters around Ist island, your private Adriatic heaven.

Snorkelers and divers will have the time of their lives, thanks to diverse underwater flora and fauna, with the clarity of the sea only enhancing the magnificent experience of Ist`s seabed.

Fishermen will also find the waters around Ist island to be an excellent source of some of the best-tasting fish that can be caught in the Adriatic.

Sunbathe in complete privacy in secluded coves on Ist 

Between 200 and 300 people live permanently on Ist , so do not expect large crowds of people. Since the only way to reach Ist island is by boat trip, be sure that you will not be seeing swarms of tourists, which are a dominant sight on Croatia`s mainland. Instead, prepare to enjoy the peace and privacy of secret bays and secluded coves, where you will be able to relax in complete privacy.

Private bays of Ist island
Enjoy in private bays on Ist island- Photo by: @only_travel_and_nature_lovers

Walk among the lush green vegetation of Ist on your day trip

With a hilly interior that hides charming vineyards and olive groves, Ist island can also offer enticing experiences to hikers on an active holiday.

Choose to discover all the secrets of Ist on your next boat trip and explore the hinterland, with guidance from your experienced and local Zadar Archipelago tours crew, who will do everything in their power to provide an unforgettable summer adventure.

hilly side of Island Ist
Enjoy hilltop sunsets on Island Ist- Photo by: @igorjung

Here you will get a chance to learn about medicinal and aromatic herbs that grow in abundance all around the island as you hike through charming pine forests and rocky paths.

Lose track of time by discovering olive groves, walled off by centuries-old stone plots and loose mounds of earth. This type of ground is ideal for catching your breath beneath the shade of fig trees or enjoying a pre-made picnic, courtesy of your loving Zadar Archipelago team.

Recharge on a serene boat excursion on Ist island

If you want to spend some time in the village, you can explore the church of Our Lady of Grace, located on Straza hill, as well as St. Nicholas’s church.

Relax on Ist island
Relax on Ist island- Photo by: @hana_rhya

If sightseeing is not your thing, you can always sip cocktails or coffee in two Caffe bars or enjoy traditionally-prepared seafood and locally sourced vegetables, wines and olive oils.

Why Ist island should it be at the top of your list for a quick trip with the reliable Zadar Archipelago team?

For all visitors of Croatia in search of a special place, where the stress of everyday life is swapped for the sound of crickets and the unmistakable feeling of an authentic Croatian summer, look no further than Ist island.

Ist island aerial shot
Recharge on Ist island- Photo by: @adventurous.travelcouple

This out-of-the-way isle, accessible only by boat tour, guarantees peace and quiet for all those who explore its shores because the number of permanent inhabitants is very low and there is no other way to reach the Ist island, other than using maritime transportation.

Boat trip to Ist Island Zadar Archipelago
Enjoy a Boat trip to Ist Island

This makes it harder to reach the island, acting as a deterrent to most of the tourists that flock to Croatia during the summer. For those special few, who know how to distinguish between generic and unique, Ist island will be a perfect background for making memories that will last a lifetime.

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