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Visit Iž island on a private boat tour & witness a king’s corronation

calendar iconNov 05, 2019

Located between the wondrous islands of Dugi Otok and Ugljan, with less than 500 inhabitants and only 2 villages on the island, you can be certain that Iž island is the place you seek if you are looking for a tranquil oasis where nature still reigns supreme over all other aspects of modern life.

The daily rhythm on Iž is considerably slower and much more relaxed than on Croatia`s mainland, making it a perfect target for a private boat trip with Zadar Archipelago tours, for those travellers looking for a  remote, authentic and unspoiled island.

On this magnificent island you can also opt-in for some very unique activities:

Enjoy the fantastic cuisine during your private boat trip to the Iž island

In town, there are a couple of authentic bars and restaurants, but nothing too expensive or luxurious; instead, these are family-owned establishments that guarantee a hospitable service to all guests.

Gastronomy-wise, Iž island can offer plenty from traditional sources of excellent Dalmatian cuisine; freshly-caught seafood and seasonal produce, combined with local wines and extra virgin olive oils.

Enjoy in the traditional cuisine_ photo by: zadar.travel

Most of the Iž island specialities are prepared in clay pots made by locals, which adds a subtle, but phenomenal texture to the flavour of the meal, enhancing the taste of seafood broths, grilled fish or steam-cooked vegetables.

Learn about authentic Iž island pottery on your day trip

Besides local cuisine, Iž island also has another interesting thing to share with the world; it is a place where Iski Lopiz is made – an authentic type of pottery, used for centuries as a means for storing wine, olive oil and other similar products.

iž island -Iški-lopiž-likezadar
Discover island pottery- photo by: zadar.travel

This kind of pottery can only be found on Iž, so it makes a perfect souvenir, alongside other hand-made products, such as lavender soaps, local oils and jewellery made from shells of coral.

Since the inhabitants of Iž island are the only ones in the Croatian Adriatic sea that still engage in pottery, this craft is protected as Croatia`s immaterial treasure.

Stay active on your private boat trip to Iž island and enjoy fantastic panoramic vistas

If you are enthusiastic about staying active on your boat tour in Croatia, we suggest you take a short walk to the highest point of the Iž Island, Korinjak Hill.

Iž island view from hill
Lovely vistas on Iž island bays – Photo by: @joemuckel

From the peak of this hill, you can observe the surrounding Adriatic panorama in all of its magnificence. Marvel at the splendorous shimmering of the sun, reflecting its golden rays in all directions at once and making the sea come alive with illuminating activity.

Take part in entertaining local festivities on your next boat excursion

Every summer, the inhabitants of Iž island gather to celebrate the Iž Festival, which occurs every late July. This event can be traced from antiquity, with locals dressing up in traditional robes and performing authentic island dances and songs.

iž island festivities
Enjoy in summer festivities at Iž Island – Photo by: @island_of_iz

Guests can also enjoy exquisite tastes of food prepared by following centuries-old recipes and made with love by locals. The main event of the festivities is the crowning of the “King of Iž”, an ancient tradition held between islanders, after which popular music concerts with prominent Croatian musicians commence.

Another fun thing to witness during your boat trip is when locals play “pošimpijada”, a fun competitive myriad of games between the islanders who live on the north and south sides of the islands. The two teams clash in sack races, rope pulling, water polo and chess, for the enjoyment of onlookers.

Ski on Iž island in the winter months

Visit a spectacular “Iška Queen” a unique and unusual ski race that takes place on the Iž island, where snow actually never fell on the ground of the island in the entire written history of the island Iž. That is what makes this ski race one-of-a-kind, and the snow for the race arrives on the day of the race.

Iška kraljica ski race on Iž island
Iška Queen ski race – Photoby: @zadaroutdoor

We know it is hard to believe, but every year trucks of snow from Croatia`s interior region – Lika, make their way to this charming island to create a small ski resort, with lengths spanning 50-60 meters.  Apart from that, the income of this event goes into funding local schools.

The locals rejoice in their private winter wonderland, but also anyone else who decides to visit this incredible island during the winter.

Why you should book a private day trip to Iž with Zadar Archipelago

Opt-in for a private boat tour to the  quiet sanctuary from all the world`s worries, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of waves rolling against the shore, warm gusts of winds and crickets singing praises to the summer sun

Iž island bay
Lovely bays on Iž island; @island_of_iz_

Visit Iž island, a unique island that stands out with its traditions and discover fascinating spots with help of your local crew with strong local know-how. This means you will get the best spots to see the coronation of “King of Iž”, and if you ask politely you might get a chance to take a selfie wearing his crown.

Apart from that, your experienced skipper knows numerous local bays where you can enjoy your boat trip in complete privacy away from brimming summer crowds.

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