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Our fleet – Lolivul 9 speedboat review

calendar iconMay 01, 2023

If you ever decide to come to Croatia, you will be welcomed by incredible nature, alongside hospitable locals and welcoming locations. To get a better understanding of the very indented Croatian coastline and more than 1000 different islands to discover and explore, most visitors rely on speedboats to carry them across the glistening Adriatic Sea.

Truthfully, there is no better way to get familiar with all the hidden secrets of the Croatian Adraitic sea than by a speedboat, which is by far the most efficient and fastest way to get the most out of your Croatian vacation. And there is no better speedboat than the Lolivul 9 speedboat.

If you are attracted by the idea of flying through the waves on a speedboat and exploring all the hidden locations of the Zadar archipelago then you are in the right place and consider this your lucky day.

Booking a speedboat tour with Zadar Archipelago guarantees that you will be able to ride in the most modern and safest of all speedboats, offering an experience like no other. This is because our flotilla of speedboats is top-of-the-line and costume built especially for cruising in the Croatian Adriatic sea

If the testimonials of our satisfied customers about the quality of our speedboats are not enough to pique your interest, check out for yourself the mainstay of Zadar Archipelago`s speedboat fleet: The Lolivul 9.

The origin of the fantastic Lolivul speedboat

Lolivul was created by the Kanula organization, founded in 2007 by a Croatian duo: an Olympian and sailor Mate Arapov and Ivo Slišković, a professional captain and skipper.

Their goal was simple: to create and design a speedboat that will be a perfect fit for flying around the indented Croatian coastline and its many shallow bays, narrow capes and not-very-accessible beaches.

Lolivul 9 speedboats next to each other
What is better than a single Lolivul 9 speedboat? A pair of Lolivul 9 speedboats!

The vision of the company was to create a speedboat that would serve professionals in the Croatian maritime region, as well as cater to an ever-increasing number of tourists that flock to Croatia each year.

Safety and comfort were prerogatives when constructing the Lolivul speedboat. And since its creators were both seamen of considerable experience, great attention was given to the boat performing well in all weather conditions, and in moderate wave heights. Its wave-piercing bow is designed to cut through any swell at top speed, guaranteeing top-class standards and safety.

Specifications and technical information

Measuring 9 meters in length, the Lolivul 9 can carry up to 12 passengers (13 passengers if there is only one tour guide), with a 6×2 seating combination. The Lolivul earned its name by combining the Latin name for the European squid (Loligo Vulgaris) which is one of the most intelligent and capable sea creatures, that can be found in the Croatian Adriatic Sea.

Thanks to its narrow width of only 2.4 meters, the Lolivul 9 speedboat can squeeze through the narrowest of cracks, ensuring that guests travelling on this fantastic speedboat never miss out on the best and most beautiful sites in Croatia, like the Blue Grotto or Saharun beach.

Because this speedboat weighs only 1000 kg, it simply flies on the water, demonstrating its agility and manoeuvrability to all present during the fun and wild ride. The fuel capacity is 320 litres, which guarantees that a tour cannot simply run out of fuel, since everything in the Zadar archipelago is so close by.

A pair of Lolivul speedboats seen from a bird`s eye perspective
As above, so below: the Lolivul 9 speedboat looks great from every angle.

The top speed of the Lolivul is over 70 km/h, more than enough to completely fill out a busy day trip itinerary. Allow Zadar Archipelago to create a bespoke speedboat tour filled to the brim with fun and excitement in one of the most beautiful locations in the entire Croatian Adriatic sea: the charming Zadar archipelago.

Amenities aboard Lolivul 9

The comfort and safety of the guests were the first and most important priorities when constructing these vessels. That is why every seat is covered with white leather, guaranteeing a comfortable seat, while the polished steel handrails integrated into each headrest enable a grabbing point for guests who want to stand up and enjoy the dynamic view from a vessel speeding at 50 km/h, while also bouncing on waves.

All the technical equipment is also present; this includes a Raymarine Radar, a GPS Plotter and a Vhf. This means that the skipper always has direct contact with the Harbour masters, and the GPS position of the vessel is visible at all times to the authorities, so there is no risk for the guests of getting lost or sidetracked whatsoever.

When it comes to practical safety, lifejackets are provided for all the guests and can be found safely stowed under the seats or tucked in the bow stowage.

The Lolivul is also equipped with an onboard Hi-Fi audio system with a USB port. This means that you can talk to your skipper before the start of the day trip and agree on a playlist ideal for this kind of excursion – enjoyable Lo-Fi beats, relaxing summer tunes or something a little faster, to complement the exhilaratingly swift cruise and the wave-piercing abilities of Lolivul 9.

A pair of Lolivul 9 speedboats, anchored in a bay
Let the Lolivul 9 speedboat take you to the most remote locations in the Zadar archipelago area

Zadar Archipelago also provides complimentary snacks and drinks for all of our guests who decide to book a trip with us. Also, sometimes at the end of a day trip, some guests find the return journey somewhat windy; that is why we also provide wind jackets for all guests, so the entire experience is as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

Last but not least, our incredible Lolivul also comes equipped with a bathing ladder, which will make entering and exiting the vessel very easy. This feature will come particularly handy when there will be a need to dive, snorkel or swim in one of many enchanting locations in the Zadar archipelago area.

Because we are an experienced day trip agency, we also provide all of our guests with snorkeling sets in all sizes and enough for every guest, so that every visitor can truly experience the incredible beauty of the Croatian seabed. Get in touch with amazing specimens of seafloor flora and fauna and be amazed at the cleanliness and clarity of the Adriatic body of water.

Lolivul speedboat and its usage in the great expanse of the Croatian Adriatic sea

The purpose of the Lolivul speedboat is multi-functional and not limited to only one type of activity. The Lolivul speedboat can be used for all sorts of maritime activity, from regular taxi service to organized day trips and even sports, like fishing or diving.

Also, some Croatian natives decide to purchase a Lolivul because it suits the everyday needs in the Croatian Adriatic perfectly, with its light, but tough build, quality materials, and expertise of the owners of the company, who wanted to create a boat for the local people, as well as for professionals and tourists.

Lolivul speedboats follow all prescribed rules and guidelines from Hrvatski registar brodova (CRS), with models 7.4 and 9 having an official certification from CRS. This means that the Lolivul 9 is an excellent speedboat for quick and easy transportation between the numerous islands in the Croatian Adriatic.

lady diving below 2 lolivul speedboats
Lolivul speedboats offer a safe and easy way to explore the secrets of the Zadar archipelago

Why would you want to book a Zadar Archipelago boat tour on the Lolivul 9 speedboat?

Croatian cultural heritage is closely tied to the sea, because Croatia always had to be navally-savvy, in order to control and dominate its Adriatic coastline. For that reason, Croatians developed a keen interest in the construction, management, and operation of naval vessels of all shapes and sizes.

From commercial and trade to warfare and piracy, there is not one activity on the open sea the Croatians have not mastered. For that reason, Croatian shipyards have only just recently started to shine on the world stage, demonstrating the inherent intuition the Croatian people have for naval and maritime travel.

Thus, Croatian shipyards will undoubtedly leave their trace on the world stage, just as so many other shipyards have done before. From humble beginnings, established shipyards like Heesen, Ferretti and Bilgin (read more about these shipyards here, here and here) have emerged onto the world stage as masters of vessel construction. And that fate is sure to follow Croatian shipyards if they continue producing such excellent speedboats and other crafts, such as the excellent Lolivul 9.

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