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Epic Speedboat Ride through the military tunnel in Zadar archipelago

calendar iconJul 10, 2021

Dugi Otok is well known for its diversity and natural beauty, but that is not the only thing that this spectacular island has to offer. Opt in for a completely new and different experience on your next boat tour in Zadar. Enjoy the epic adventure and a thrilling speedboat ride through secluded bays and let your local crew take you to the impressive military tunnel in Zadar archipelago.

Military tunnel in zadar_region
Entrance to Military tunnel on Dugi Otok – Photo credit by: @zadar_region

Why visit the military tunnel in Zadar archipelago?

It is simple – you should visit these 70 meters long tunnels for a brand new experience and a sense of adventure on your boat excursion in the Zadar archipelago.

Entering the tunnel, you will feel like a movie character stepping into a secret villains lair. Enjoy your James Bond moment and witness the impressive submarine tunnel in Zadar archipelago.

Apart from that, you will get to enjoy the beautiful scenery and lush nature around the tunnel, and practice jumping from the speedboat in the crystal-clear sea.  All of that makes this place one of the must-visit spots if you are ready to embark on the exploratory mission around the archipelago.

When to visit: May- September

How to visit: The Best of Long Island Tour (9.5hrs)

Activities: Sightseeing, boat ride, swimming, snorkelling, sea jumping, island-hopping

Military Tunnel in Zadar Archipelago speedboat ride
Boat tour Inside the Military tunnel Zagrače on Dugi Otok

Explore one of the most exciting army hideouts on Dugi Otok

Let your local crew take you on a thrilling speedboat ride around the secluded bays and discover a mysterious military tunnel in Zadar archipelago. Here you will be able to feel the moody vibes of an army hideout place.

Imagine a gigantic submarine right there in that tunnel, because not so long ago, real-life submarines and military ships were hidden in these same military tunnels in Zadar archipelago.

This is the most praised military tunnel in Zadar archipelago, and it was made by the Yugoslavian army, but today it is a very attractive filming location for reality TV shows such as the Duch version of Survivor.

Moreover, this military tunnel called Zagrače is easily accessible by boat and it is an excellent place to cool off and hide from the hot summer sun.

Military tunnel in Zadar Archipelago speedboat tour
Speedboat ride through the military tunnel on Dugi Otok

Your local guide will tell you the story about the place where submarines were sleeping and your skipper will take you inside of the tunnel on your boat tour, so you can take a closer look.

Today this majestic tunnel is a secure place for all the boats in need of a safe harbour in case of a summer storm.

TIP: Dugi Otok is home to 3 submarine tunnels accessible by speedboat known as – Zagračina tunnel, Paprenica tunnel and Bukašin tunnel.

Military tunnel in Zadar archipelago jumping
Jumping from top of the tunnel

Exciting activities you can try out on boat trip to the military tunnel

Visiting an abandoned tunnel might not be part of your usual sightseeing list, but in this case, it definitely should. Set in a beautiful location, this military tunnel in Zadar region, is not only a fascinating piece of army heritage, but also a great place for swimming, snorkelling, or just wandering around.

This hidden gem is easy to overlook, but if you are looking for the best boat tours around Dugi Otok, make sure not to skip this one.

Here you can practice jumps from the deck of your speedboat into the crystal-clear sea, and the professional jumpers can jump off the 17m (56ft) high military tunnel in Zadar archipelago.

If you are a fan of snorkelling, you will be pleased to hear that bay in front of the military tunnel is filled with marine life. Apart from that, you can simply enjoy a refreshing swim after a thrilling speedboat ride, or lounge on a deck and work on your bronzed tan on your boat trip.

Ask your crew for a cold beer or a colourful cocktail, and enjoy your boat tour around the military tunnel in Zadar archipelago to the fullest.

Military tunnel in Zadar fun in speedboats
Fun in the military tunnel

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