Everything you need to know about Molat Island Boat Tour
Molat Island Boat Tour

Visit the Hidden gem of the Adriatic known as the “Honey Island”, explore the stunning sandy lagoons, discover an underwater world filled with surprises, explore the smallest inhabited island Galevac, and enjoy the best summer activities. 

In ancient times, the Molat island was known for producing exquisite honey, while its people engaged in numerous activities, such as fishing, farming, winemaking, and later even tourism. The traditions of Honey island still exist today, and you can discover them on your Molat Island Boat tour.  

The name of the island  Molat comes from the Latin word “melatus” which means “honey”. And many visitors would agree that island life on Molat is as sweet as it gets, especially in the summer months. 

women happy on a beach
Explore the Hidden Bays

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the Island Molat:

Top 5 spots to Visit on  Island Molat 

Molat is home to some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia, and ideal for families with children and non-swimmers since its shallow sandy lagoons will give you a chance to enjoy the crystal-clear sea carefreely during your Molat Island Boat tour

Known for the island’s dense maquis and pine forests, Molat is ideally suited for solitaries and hikers seeking the scent of the Mediterranean vegetation while travelling. 

Apart from that Molat Island has a long and vivid history, which means it will give you the opportunity to unravel the secrets of the past while enjoying a unique island atmosphere. If you opt-in for the Molat Island Private Boat tour, you will get a chance to explore the Honey island in its pores and get amazed by the unique island lifestyle.

Molat Island Brgulje bay sailing boats
Enjoy in a Scenic Cruise at Brgulje Bay – Photo by: @marin_mgs

Here is our quick must-see list while on a Molat island boat tour:

  • Zapuntel is surely a place you don’t want to miss during your visit to Molat island. You will witness the historical remains from the prehistoric era at Ledenik near  Zapuntel, get a chance to explore the artefacts from the past and learn more about this fascinating island. Apart from that, on the southeastern part of Zapuntel bay, you will discover the remains of fortified settlements on the hills that have been built from prehistory until the Middle Ages- “Gradina Lokardenik” on  148m high hill and “Gradina Knežak” on a 141m high hilltop, dating from the Iron age.In Zapuntel village you won’t only explore the past times, you will be able to enjoy the present in a unique island atmosphere surrounded by pristine bays, lush island vegetation, and discover local gastronomy in Restaurant Pero.
  • Molat is the biggest settlement on the island, where you will be able to experience the local gastronomy, culture and visit gorgeous Jazi Beach, with shallow shorelines and sand bottoms. Jazi Beach is one of Molat’s most appealing and popular beach areas, and the best part is that it is not far from the village of Molat.Moreover, you can visit the island Museum and discover the historical artefacts of Molat island or the island library with 6600 books available to the readers, or visit the Dolphin institute and learn more about these fascinating mammals.
  • Brgulje is a true heaven for food lovers. Here you will get a chance to enjoy gastronomical delights in traditional local restaurants, fresh seafood and locally grown vegetables. Moreover, you will have a gorgeous sea view and enjoy dining on picturesque restaurant terraces that are overlooking Brgulje bay.
  • Jazi Beach is one of the most stunning island beaches, located near Molat Village. This bay is ideal for families with children due to its shallow waters and sandy seabed. Enjoy in crystal-clear sea and relax under the sun on a stunning island beach.
  • Sabuša Bay is amongst the most stunning island lagoons, accessible only by boat. Here you will enjoy complete privacy, unspoiled nature and a pristine sea. Sabuša will be the highlight of your Molat Island Boat tour.
lady in bay swimming
Enjoy to the Fullest on Molat Island Lagoons

Best Boat Tour Activities on Molat island


The northern part of the Zadar archipelago area and Island Molat are included in the ecological network as an internationally important habitat for fish-eating sea birds. This area is rich in a shallow sea and numerous islands and is very convenient as a nesting ground for fish-eating seabirds. Which makes Island Molat a dream come true for lovers of Birdwatching. Opt-in for this fun activity next time on a Molat Island Boat tour.

Dolphin watching from a speedboat

Island Molat is the home of ”Association “Val” committed to the protection of the Adriatic bottlenose dolphins. The dolphin identification project is in the area around the island Molat, and if you are lucky enough there is a good chance you might spot curious dolphins on your Molat Island Boat tour.

Apart from that, the Val Association offers the possibility of getting to know the research team of the project and learning about dolphins, their behaviour and anatomy.

You can also adopt a dolphin online through the “Adopt a Dolphin” program, the Blue World Institute is supporting the Adriatic Dolphin Project, the longest research project in the region.

By supporting the Institute, you can help to promote research on bottlenose dolphins and other types of dolphins and whales in the Adriatic Sea, as well as raise public awareness locally and nationally. 

Hit the Beaches on your private boat trip

Molat is home to the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic Sea. You can enjoy swimming in sandy Jazi beach or explore the secluded private bays on a Molat Island Boat tour.

Whatever you decide, get ready to be amazed by the sandy coastline, unspoiled nature and crystal-clear sea. In addition to the beaches in Brgulje, Jaz and Lučina bays around Molat. Besides, these awe-inspiring locations are ideal for beach sports, or a day far away from brimming summer crowds. 

On the Molat Island Boat tour, you will be able to explore the hidden coves, accessible only by boat. You will visit the stunning Sabuša lagoon and enjoy the best summer activities in a shallow, crystal-clear sandy bay.

zapuntel bay molat island
Relax in Crystal-clear bays in Zapuntel: Photo by @role_7

Hike to the hilltops & conquer 360 vistas

Hilltops of island Molat will give you a few treats, except the stunning 360 vistas on Zadar Archipelago, you will get a chance to visit forts at Lokardenik Hill and Knežak Hill.  Apart from that, there are a couple of rock climbing areas for beginners if you want to opt-in for outdoor activities on your Molat Island Private Boat tour

Explore the Underwater World on your boat excursion

Grab your snorkelling gear and explore the world beneath the waves on your Molat Island Boat tour. Due to the extremely clear sea, Molat has a rich marine world. Underwater world Near Tovarnjak Island you will find the underwater archaeological site from Roman times.

Here are the Best Diving spots you can visit on a Molat island private boat tour:

  • Bačvica Reef is located on the southwestern part of the island Molat and it is suitable for beginners and intermediate snorkelers and divers there you will discover a wall right on the surface, in one part stretching up to 20m in depth, and on the other part towards a depth of 40 meters.Here you will be able to explore sea terrain overgrown with colourful red, orange and black sea sponges. Often you will see various species of crustaceans, such as shrubs and crabs, and vicarious kinds of wild fish.
  • Tramerka isle is located near Molat island, where you will find the ideal snorkelling and diving spot for beginners and intermediate divers. The best position for diving is the outer wall of the island, which cascades down to 15 m, and then turns into a steeper wall.At a depth of three meters, you will discover an opening in the pit, which extends horizontally for 20 m all to way to the island. The passage is narrow and only one diver can pass through the passage at the time. The walls are lined with corals and sponges which are home to various schools of fish and lobsters.
  • Passage of Mankare is an ideal spot for advanced scuba divers is located between Cape Bonaster on Molat and the islet of Golac in the Mak passage. Depth is from 5 to 50m, but be careful when diving sue to Due to the strong current that often changes. Here you will discover meet numerous fish species and rich flora and fauna.
Explore the Underwater World

Things You didn’t know about Molat Island

  • Island Molat was first mentioned in the 7th century. 
  • The name of the island  Molat comes from the Latin word “melatus” which means “honey”.
  • You can find Dolphin research Association on Molat Island
  • Island Molat is part of the  ecological network as an internationally important habitat for fish-eating sea birds
  • Molat has given 130 priests in its history
  • The library on Molat Island has more books (6600) than inhabitants (220) 
  • Near Tovarnjak Island you will find the underwater archaeological site from the Roman times

The gastronomy of the Honey Island

On your next Molat island boat tour, you will enjoy scenic speedboat rides, lush vegetation, pristine bays, but that is not all that this hidden gem of the Adriatic has to offer. 

Molat Island has exquisite gastronomical offers complemented with top-notch service and breathtaking vistas. You will enjoy fresh seafood brought straight from the sea to your plate, and locally grown vegetables and local wines. Treat your tastebuds in traditional restaurants around “Honey Island”.

When in Zapuntel, visit Restaurant Pero, located near the beach with an amazing view of the surrounding islands and the Port of Zapuntel. Branislav Perač, the owner of the restaurant, has been running it for over a decade. Prior to that, he worked as a chef aboard a yacht overseas for 16 years. As a family, he and his wife Mirjana and son Ante take care of an apartment complex and a restaurant.

At Pero, you can enjoy traditional food, exquisite tastes, exemplary service, and the tranquillity of the island. Enjoy some fresh seafood and dalmatian wines combined with a unique island setting. 

If you visit Brgulje you can visit the gastronomical delight –  Restaurant Papa. This captivating restaurant is located in the beautiful Brgulje bay, where you can enjoy mouth-watering food on a seaside terrace.

local food octopus under the bell
Try out Local Dishes- Photo by @otokmolat

The true meaning of hedonism can be experienced on Molat island by tasting Dalmatian cuisine and experiencing its delicious flavours. A speciality of Restaurant Papa is fresh meat and fish dishes grilled over an open grill, shrimp and shellfish stews, risotto, pasta, and salads made with locally grown vegetables.

Yet another treat for your taste buds in Brgulje is Restaurant Janko. This place has been a gem of the gastronomical scene of island Molat for more than a quarter of the century. The owner is Danko Kačanić and his father Janko opened the restaurant in 1987, offering modest tavern dishes, including fish, cheese, and local wine. Today this is the oldest and largest restaurant in the area.

The concept of the restaurant is both traditional and modern. Restaurant Janko offers excellent dishes alongside excellent wines and a unique atmosphere that, in addition to the beautiful view of the bay, overlooks an art gallery belonging to the local sculptor.

History of the Island Molat 

Island Molat is living proof that Diamonds are made under the pressure. Even though Island Molat is today a hidden jewel of the Adriatic dotted with lush vegetation, indented shores, and extraordinary beaches and bays that will provide you with the perfect setting for the best summer activities, the island itself didn’t have such a light history.

Get ready to travel to the past on your Molat Island Boat tour, and discover a museum, various artefacts and archaeological sites.

Island Molat was first Mentioned in the 7th century, although the archaeological remains in Ledenice near Zapuntel prove that island was home to prehistoric men. Life on the island was thriving during the Iron age, which is proved by the fortifications on Lokardenik hill and Knežak hill. 

In the Middle ages, things went sideways and Molat has experienced great violence in further history. Island Molat was first confiscated by the Venetian republic and taxes were always double, in yield and in gold ducats, and the locals paid them in gold or in their lives. 

The luck of Molat Island didn’t change for quite some time and it was plundered on several occasions by the Turks and English men. But the troubles did not stop there, it was often targetted by the notorious pirates. 

Although serfdom in Croatia was abolished in 1848, ion Island Molat happened long after, on November 17, 1937. Which is commemorated in a memorial plaque on the bell tower of the parish church. 

Island Molat finally had a glimmer of hope, but the repression over islanders continued soon after. The infamous Italian fascist camp was founded on the island, and  20,000+ civilians, women and children passed through this dread place.

Since the island Molat had a rough history, locals found hope in the faith, which is why Island Molat has given 130 priests and the local islanders have deep faith in the tradition and faith in God.

These hopes and faith have finally paid off for the island, as it is finally at peace and blossoming with all its might. It is now considered the most attractive island of the Zadar archipelago because of its crystal clear sea, modern harbour, and a high number of private apartments. Furthermore, it is home to various birds, sea mammals, dolphins and vivid marine life you might see on your Molat Island Boat tour.

dolphin watching people in speedboat
Spot the Playful Dolphins

Why go on a Molat and Ugljan Island Boat tour with Zadar Archipelago

You will experience a fast, safe and thrilling speedboat ride from Zadar to the nearby Islands. Your local crew from Zadar Archipelago will make sure you get a chance to enjoy the best summer activities on stunning island spots known only to the local experts.

Moreover, you can opt-in for a group half-day tour, private half-day tour, rent a boat to Molat island or enjoy a full day private cruise to the nearby islands. Explore the hidden gems of the Adriatic and create unique memories far away from summer hustle-and bustle.