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Molat Island – Relax in the secluded bays on your private boat trip

calendar iconAug 10, 2020

Prepare to enjoy a scenic boat tour filled with splendours of nature that cannot be found anywhere else in the world except on Molat Island. This place is unique for its bio-diversity, as well as the incredible clarity of the sea surrounding it.

This makes Molat island a perfect target for all those who are in need of escaping from the summer crowds on the mainland and fleeing into a forgotten sanctuary.

Molat island bays aerial
Enjoy in numerous secluded bays around Molat island- Photo by: @marin_mgs

Prepare to enjoy incredible bounties of nature on your private boat trip, in the form of excellent local seafood specialities, private bays and coves with pebbly beaches and a lively seabed, which is every divers and snorkeler’s dream.

Molat island can be found in close proximity to Ist island, in the northern maritime region of Zadar. With a population barely reaching 300 inhabitants, Molat`s primary strengths are numerous secluded bays and plenty of privacy, so you can expect peace and quiet where you can be alone and no one will bother you.

These are some of the things you can expect to encounter while vacationing on Molat island:

Enjoy picturesque panoramic vistas on your day trip

The highest point on Molat island is the Knizak peak, reaching 142 meters in height, which is perfect if you like hiking.

The trail leading to the summit is very lean and filled with aromatic herbs and dense Adriatic vegetation, which makes the ascent an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Once you reach the top, you can enjoy a splendid panorama of the surrounding islands and the vastness and beauty of the Croatian Adriatic sea.

Molat island hill top panoramic view
Enjoy breathtaking panoramic vistas – Photo by: @robertficker

Learn about the exciting past of Molat island on your boat excursion

The first archaeological remains found on Molat date back to the Neolithic period, meaning that this island had all the basics to support prehistoric life i.e. freshwater, game, wild fruit and vegetables.

Molat island has also had many other interesting occurrences in its past; in the 12th century, the island belonged to a Benedictine monastery from Zadar, but in the 15th century, the ownership passed to Venice.

Molat island building
Explore the history of Molat Island- Photo by: @rokostokov

Since it changed hands many times during its past, interesting anthropological remains can be found on Molat island; just ask the locals, and they will be delighted to teach you about the island`s history on your next boat excursion.

Enjoy the aquatic activities on your private boat tour

Discover the beautiful Jazi beach on your private boat trip, where the clarity of the sea and the pine-shaded coastline is perfect for spending the entire day swimming, snorkelling or sunbathing.

Jazi beach Molat island
Swim in turquoise sea on Jazi beach- Photo by: @natasa_bekic

The surrounding area of Jazi beach offers an incredible underwater world, just waiting to be discovered. This includes an antique shipwreck, that can be found on the southwestern part of Jazi.

Discover charming island settlements on a private trip to Molat island

There are just three settlements on Molat island; Zapuntel, Molat village and Brgulje, all of which have their own port. Zapuntel`s natural bay offers excellent protection against all types of harsh weather conditions making it an ideal bay for a boat excursion.

The nearby Molat village has a museum dedicated to the ethnographic heritage of the island, while Brgulje has a library with over 6000 books and several thousand members, which is a great accomplishment, seeing that there are only 300 permanent inhabitants on the island.

Molat village houses
Discover island settlements on Molat island- Photo by: @_photkizza

All three settlements offer opportunities to mingle with the locals and hear some authentic stories, while at the same time enjoying the experience of strolling on the waterfronts and sampling some freshly caught and traditionally-prepared seafood.

Why is Molat island the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a “Robinsonian” adventure in Croatia?

There is plenty of opportunity on Molat island to get in touch with your “natural” side during your private boat tour; gaining a deeper understanding of natural elements like the wind, the waves, the sun and the sea will be a purely instinctive thing on Molat.

Trust the guidance and the local know-how of your experienced Zadar Archipelago crew and you will get to experience the side of Molat usually reserved for the locals.

Molat island aerial boats near island
Explore the wonders on Molat island- Photo by: @ig.croatia

Also, when visiting Molat on a private boat trip, there is ample potential for doing some island hopping, seeing the proximity between the islands of Molat, Ist and Dugi Otok.

Moreover, if you decide to opt-in for a private boat tour, you will have numerous islands and countless secluded bays within reach and complete liberty to explore them.

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