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Boat trip to the Adriatic King of Sandy Beaches – Olib Island

Mar 04, 2022

Treat yourself to a unique boat trip to Olib Island, one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic and discover stunning sandy beaches of unparalleled beauty. Olib island is a remote oasis, full of breathtaking locations and private bays, which makes it ideal for a boat trip in the high summer season.

Your local crew will make sure you visit the best spots on the island, known only to local experts. To discover more about this unique island, keep reading our guide to the Adriatic King of Sandy Beaches

Olib island private boat tour stunning lagoons
Explore unspoiled nature on a boat excursion to Olib island

Why you should Opt-in for a boat trip to Olib Island? 

If you are a fan of sandy beaches, look no more, Olib island will amaze you with its numerous sandy bays and stunning beaches, and live to its nickname of “The Adriatic King of Sandy Beaches”.

Apart from that, this spectacular island is full of unspoiled nature, and it will give you a chance to recharge your batteries on the locations with a stunning backdrop. If you have ever heard about the world-famous Sakarun beach, well let’s just say bays on Olib can surpass and overthrow even this majestic lagoon.

Why go on a boat tour? This island is remote and not very well connected with the mainland, which means you will need a boat to visit this awe-inspiring place. Moreover, Olib bays and lagoons are secluded and the best way to explore them is with a fully-guided boat tour with a local crew, that knows the most stunning spots on Olib.

Besides, here you will enjoy the best summer activities, be amazed by the scenery, get a chance to explore vivid marine life, and enjoy in the privacy of secluded sandy lagoons, and you can visit its neighbour on a single boat tour- Silba island.

silba and olib boat tour croatia
Enjoy on most beautiful lagoons in Croatia

When and how can you visit the Adriatic King of Sandy beaches?

The best time to visit Olib is the summer season, so you can enjoy summer joys and activities to the fullest. We suggest escaping to this peaceful oasis in the high summer season. That way you will enjoy a perfect beach getaway, far from the brimming summer crowds that usually usurp the coastal areas.

Wondering how can you visit Olib island if you do not own a boat? Opt-in for a fully guided boat trip to Silba and Olib islands, and enjoy a full-day boat tour to the most beautiful and unique islands in the archipelago. If you want to enjoy privacy on your boat trip, you can book a private boat tour to Silba and Olib islands, or ask your local booking agent from Zadar Archipelago to make a tailor-made itinerary for you and your travel companions.

boat trip olib island zadar archipelago
Opt-in for a fun-filled boat tour

Enjoy in best summer activities on a boat trip to Olib Island

Island Olib will offer you a wide range of summer activities in spectacular locations. You can enjoy in complete privacy in gorgeous bays, sunbathe on a floatie, snorkel and explore the vivid marine life, take a stroll under the shade of pine trees, and swim in the crystal-clear sea.

Ask your local crew to teach you a fun “unofficial Dalmatian sport” Pigicin and enjoy the ultimate fun in shallow sandy bays, or simply stay fit playing beach volleyball. Apart from that, you can visit Olib village and opt-in for a sightseeing tour to the island’s landmark “Kula”. This unique tower dates from the 16th century and was built to protect the Olibians from thieves and pirates.  Moreover, you can enjoy local products and discover “Sol” – unique pillows made from seagrass.

people eating fruit in Olib island bay and on speedboat
Find a private bay in Olib & Enjoy with your friends on a boat trip

Top 3 bays on Olib Island that can overthrow Sakarun beach

Slatinica Bay is one of the most praised bays on Olib and it is a crown jewel of the Adriatic King of Sandy beaches. The pristine nature of this wondrous bay will make you fall in love at a first sight, and once you gaze upon the crystalline sea, you will feel drawn by its crystal-clear water.

Apart from that in Slatinica bay, you will find a charming beach bare where you can lounge and admire this spectacular place with a glass of your favourite drink. Another awe-inspiring bay ideal for a beach getaway is Southern Slatina bay. Here you will be amazed by the untouched nature and stunning white seabed. Relax, grab a cocktail on your boat and enjoy in best summer activities.

St.Nicholas Bay will charm you with its secluded location, where you can enjoy both the sandy parts of the bay and pebbly. This lovely spot offers great natural protection for the boats, and it will amaze you with its stunning scenery. Moreover, you can discover and explore the little chappel of St.Nicholas and its surroundings in this picturesque lagoon.

clear bay on olib island
Recharge your batteries in pristine lagoons

Why go on a Boat Trip to Olib Island with Zadar Archipelago?

Our team of local experts know all the best places full of unsurpassed nature on Olib Island, and we will make sure you get a chance to see them. Your local crew will show you all the best spots and make sure you get a chance to enjoy the best summer activities in breathtaking locations. If you decide to book a private boat trip to Olib, our local booking agent will make a tailor-made itinerary that will perfectly fit your preferences.

people on a speedboat drinking cocktails
Enjoy cocktails on your boat trip to Olib island

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