Play picigin in Zadar archipelago during a boat trip
sakarun picigin in zadar

Enjoy splashing and jumping around shallow waters with your friends. Join for a round of picigin in Zadar on your next boat tour and keep the ball in the air!

Your boat trip crew will enjoy teaching you the „Dalmatian unofficial national sport“. Have a fun and active afternoon while experimenting with not-so-gracious acrobatic jumps, as you splash around the beach and keep the ball from touching the water.

having fun while playing picigin in zadar
Enjoy in unofficial Dalmatian sport – Picigin! – Photo by: @glasistre

Feel like a local while playing Picigin on your boat trip

Experience the true nature of summer relaxation and enjoy the sun`s rays and the pleasant splashing of waves under your feet as you have fun with friends and acquaintances, playing a typical Croatian summer game of Picigin on your boat trip.

Truly a wonderful summer activity, Picigin will keep you active and in the water, but in an informal setting. There are no winners and losers in Picigin and no competition between players, so people can casually enter or leave the game without any guilt.

You could even play with a refreshing cocktail in one hand, while you try and catch the ball in the other.

picigin in zadar, playing in sakarun bay
Awaken your inner child with a game of Picigin – Photo by: @pravilaigre

How to play Picigin on your day trip from Zadar

Jump in your swimming suits and stand in a circle, ankle-deep in the sea. You are all set! Start with hitting a small ball back and forth, apparently at random and keep it in the air by all means!

Leap in the air, fall in the water, but keep the ball bouncing. Soon you will have a blast shouting, laughing and splashing each other in this fun beach game on your next boat excursion.

picigin in zadar group having fun on beach
Enjoy a fun-filled beach escape

Who can play Picigin in the bays around the Zadar archipelago

Everyone can play! People of all ages and backgrounds will have no trouble at all in learning the rules and jumping into an active game of Picigin. Set your pace and find the perfect balance between having fun and staying active. Enjoy tossing the ball around the shallow waters while jumping and splashing in the warm sea on your next boat trip adventure in the Zadar archipelago.

playing picigin in zadar
Picigin is the perfect summer game for everyone!

Learn the game rules & enjoy this boat tour activity

  1. Picigin is played on a sandy beach on a day with no wind or waves, and the water should be about ankle or knee-deep.
  2. There are usually five players standing in a circle ( you can play with 2 or 3 people, but the more – the merrier)
  3. Both hands are used, preferably with open palms, and the goal is to keep the ball in the air, as long as possible, without it touching the water.
  4. The ball used (or balun in Croatian) is a simple small ball, filled with air
  5. The main goal of the game is to keep the ball in the air while using over-the-top jumps and tricks for maximum fun
  6. Holding the ball is not permitted. Only small hit-based contacts are allowed.
jumping in the air while playing picigin in zadar
Stay active & have fun

Top 3 bays for an unforgettable game of Picigin on your boat tour

Play Picigin in stunning locations in the Zadar archipelago on your next boat trip. We recommend playing on a sandy beach for the best experience. Discover this local sport and have fun and enjoy the stunning scenery of the island bays. If you do not prefer sand, you can still enjoy in this boat tour activity on rocky or pebbly bays. Bring your water shoes and do not let the ball touch the surface of the water.

Here are the 3 best locations for enjoying a fun game of Picigin in Zadar archipelago:

Sakarun beach

Sakarun is perfect for a recreational game of Picigin! Enjoy crystal clear turquoise waters, fine white sand and perfectly blue skies on your unforgettable beach getaway boat trip. A round of Picigin in Sakarun is one of the best things to do on Dugi Otok island.


The best of Long Island (9.5hr)

Sakarun Half-Day Beach Escape (4.5hr)

WHEN TO GO: June- September.

sakarun bay ideal for playing picigin in zadar archipelago
Sakarun bay

Lojena lagoon

Explore the island of Levrnaka on your next boat trip, where the colours and beach and complete relaxation reign supreme. Sunbathe in the beautiful Lojena bay, go snorkelling and play a game of Picigin in the turquoise waters. Lojena beach on Levrnaka Island is the only sandy beach in the Kornati Archipelago and an ideal spot for a boat trip. This makes Lojena a perfect playground for picigin in Zadar archipelago!


True nature of Kornati & Telašćica (9.5hr)

Kornati half-day beach escape (4,5hr)

WHEN TO GO: June- September.

lojena lagoon place for picigin in zadar archipelago
Lojena lagoon, Island Levrnaka –  Kornati islands group

Veli žal

Bring your water shoes and play a game of Picigin in the stunning Veli Žal. Jump, splash and swim above the sand and pebble seabed or relax far away from the crowd with a spectacular view. The Great White Stone beach is a pebble beach, in front of the small island of Mežanj, that charms with vibrant colours of white and turquoise that form a stunning sight on the horizon.

HOW TO GET THERE:  The best of Long Island (9.5hr)

WHEN TO GO: June- September.

boat anchored in veli žal bay
Veli Žal bay on Dugi Otok

Fun fact: This game is unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the whole world, apart from Dalmatia. The World Championship assembles the best of the best in this interesting game and fun is more than guaranteed!