Ošljak island - Explore the Art Colony During Your Private Boat Tour | Zadar Archipelago
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Ošljak island - Photo by Preko.hr

Ošljak island – Explore the Art Colony During Your Private Boat Tour

calendar iconFeb 25, 2022

Once you arrive on Ošljak island, prepare to be amazed by the quality and quantity of natural beauties and wonders. Dare to experience the unimaginable beauty of this fairy-tale-like island and bask in the magnificence of the pure and serene Adriatic atmosphere.

Choose to explore the coastline with a boat tour from Zadar and familiarize yourself with the abundance of plant and animal species that roam freely across the natural landscape of this stunning location.

Ošljak island is known as a small island, but this compactness allows it to preserve all of its natural treasures with greater scrutiny, compared to larger islands.

ošljak island aerial
Discover Ošljak – Photo by TZ Preko

Ošljak island has a total area of fewer than 0.4 km2, and it is situated between the island of Ugljan and the city of Zadar.

The island`s only village has a standing population of 29 inhabitants, which means that Ošljak is a haven for travellers seeking peace and quiet on their boat trip.

What does it mean to be stunned by sights and intoxicated by scents and tastes? Only those who have been to Ošljak island can answer this question.

Visit Ošljak island Art colony on your boat trip and create an art piece of your own

Ošljak island becomes a regular retreat for artists during the month of May, when authors from all around the world flock to this charming island to express themselves artistically and without limits.

The freshness of the Croatian Adriatic atmosphere positively affects all artistic expressions, which can be observed in the exhibition that ties up the whole event.

Known as The Art Colony Lazaret, this event aims at the cooperation between authors of different nationalities and will incorporate the settlement of Preko on Ugljan island in future versions.

All visitors on Ošljak island are encouraged to try their hand at an art project of their own – a perfect souvenir and a chance to hone your artistic capabilities on your next boat tour.

Try out taxi boat to Ošljak
Try out taxi boat to Ošljak island – Photo by @wanderlass

Explore all the nooks and crannies of this marvellous island on a private boat tour

Walk along the beach and let your feet touch the pebbly ground as the warm sea gently washes over your every step. If you are a genuine sun lover, there are plenty of open locations where you can work on your perfect bronze tan.

Discover all the beauties of hidden Croatian islands, whose location transformed them into sanctuaries of serenity and tranquillity, where peace and quiet reign supreme.

Ošljak island enjoy

This is also true about Ošljak island, whose topography and interior both offer plenty to visitors in need of a bit of activity on the Croatian summer holiday.

When departing from Zadar to your destination, you can always ask your professional and local Zadar Archipelago boat tour guides for everything and anything you want to know about the island you will visit.

Bathe in crystal-clear waters of secluded bays of Ošljak island on your private boat excursion

Swim in the crystal-clear waters of this magnificent island and enjoy the liveliness of the seabed around Ošljak island on your boat trip. Enjoy free diving and snorkelling or ask your local Zadar Archipelago skippers about the best places for underwater exploration on Ošljak island.

ošljak island bays
Enjoy in pristine bays – Photo by @patricijaduretic

Choose between different kinds of beaches, suited for different kinds of beach activities; gravel is best for sunbathing, while pebbles and children go hand in hand.

The best part about all the beaches on Ošljak island is that they all have nearby shade, so rest or shelter from the sun is always a rock`s throw away.

Hike to the Lazaret peak, and admire the vistas on your day trip from Zadar

Since Ošljak island has a small surface, the hike to its highest peak will not be a difficult path to endure; rather, you will get to experience an enjoyable hike, filled with aromatic Adriatic herbs and lush vegetation, all the way up to the top.

Ošljak island panoramic view
Enjoy in lush nature on Ošljak island – Photo by @simefr

Once you reach the highest point of the island, prepare to enjoy picture-perfect panoramas, made up from the shimmering Adriatic Sea, Croatia`s mainland and the nearby islands of Ugljan and Pašman.

All these intertwining elements create incredible photo opportunities and a background you could look at for hours during your boat excursion.

Why you should visit Ošljak on a private boat tour with Zadar Archipelago

Most tourists stick to well-known and alluring locations, mainly on Croatia`s mainland. This leaves islands and small isles, such as Ošljak island, be all but unexplored.

These “underground” locations, far from the mainstream mainland, put Croatia on the map for guests seeking their very own oasis of tranquillity.

Ošljak island kids swimming jumpp
Enjoy in summer activities on Ošljak island – Photo by @trulycroatia

All travellers in Croatia, particularly during the summer, will find out for themselves just how much privacy you can experience on your boat trip to the nearby islands that are not part of the mainstream touristic offer of Croatia.

If you choose to come to Ošljak island, with the help of Zadar Archipelago boat tours, prepare to enjoy pristine and untouched nature, alongside a small number of permanent residents, which makes Ošljak a truly Robinsonian destination.

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