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Enjoy in the lush nature on Sestrunj island - Photo by @adventurous.travelcouple

Private boat tour to Sestrunj Island – place with an authentic Adriatic soul

calendar iconJul 20, 2022

A unique place with less than 50 inhabitants, Sestrunj island has three ports, from where you can begin exploring this fabulous island.

When on a day trip with Zadar Archipelago, you can always ask your expert local skippers and tour guides for advice, about which side of the island is best to start with.

private boat tour to sestrunj island
Enjoy in complete privacy in secluded bays of Sestrunj Island – Photo by @malbertin

Whatever you choose, an island with nearly 16 square kilometres on the surface will not represent a difficult place to survey. Sestrunj island is counted among the smaller islands in the greater Zadar Archipelago region, and being only 12 nautical miles from Zadar, it is a perfect target for a boat trip on your Croatian summer holiday.

Discover Sestrunj’s rich history on your day trip from Zadar

Archaeological findings on Sestrunj island date back to the second century BC; most notably, Illyrian grave mounds have been discovered on the higher points of the island.

Discover village Sestrunj on sestrunj island
Discover Sestrunj village – Photo by @otok.sestrunj

This gives firm evidence that Sestrunj island was inhabited in the times of the Romans. For the added interest of history buffs, also worth checking out are the churches of St. Peter and Paul and the church of Our Lady of Health, both hailing from the 17th century.

Slow down your tempo and enjoy in Sestrunj on your private boat trip 

Get in sync with the slower pace of time on the private boat trip to Sestrunj island, where ancient stone buildings still house the inhabitants of the islands, as they did their ancestors in the past.

Enjoy in private trip to Sestrunj Island
Enjoy in small moments of joy – Photo by @michiganbehn

The village intersects with several hiking trails, so travellers on an active holiday can always enjoy themselves as they traverse the scenic route and climb to one of several peaks on the island.

Visit the open-air museum on your private boat trip 

Small stone churches and houses will accompany Sestrunj island visitors wherever they go on the boat trip to the island, always carrying with them a vibe of rusticity and historicity.

daytrip to sestrunj island hinterland
Explore off the beaten path routes – Photo by @flaviasphotography

Because the architecture on the island is a purely natural stone, intertwined with typical Adriatic vegetation, all visitors of Sestrunj island will share a common feeling – as if they have stepped back in time to see how island life was lived in the centuries before modern technologies and gadgets.

Enjoy the incredible local dishes on your next boat trip 

Some of the locals still indulge in fishing, which means plenty of fresh seafood for all lovers of typical Croatian Adriatic cuisine.

Trust the experienced hands of local fishermen to procure only the best and juiciest fish, crab, clams and other delicacies from the nearby Sestrunj island seabed, so they could be served to you in a family-owned island restaurant.

sestrunj island gastronomy oysters
Enjoy in local gastronomy – Photo by @apartmentninaairbnb

The taste of fish caught this way will be significantly better, because you will know that each bite is the result of labour and knowledge collected throughout decades of living on this island.

The best way you can tell that Sestrunj island fishermen are the real deal is by paying attention to fishing nets, scattered on every corner of this picturesque fishing village.

Be accompanied by adorable travel companions on your day trip

You will almost certainly come across several island cats, which are a regular sight on all Croatian islands.

This tradition of keeping cats is directly tied to the seamanship capabilities of local Croatian sailors, who appreciated cats for their mouse-catching abilities, both when on a ship and when on dry land.

fisherman and a cat sestrunj island
Island vibes – Photo by: Croatia Times

Why Sestrunj island is a perfect location for a private boat trip with Zadar Archipelago

Every good story starts with a feeling, a yearning for adventure. This manifests individually, seeing that some travellers like excitement and adrenaline, while others prefer only the company of trees and animals that come by naturally on small Croatian islands.

Private boat tour to Sestrunj island zadar.archipelago

By deciding on a private boat trip with Zadar Archipelago, you can experience the local cuisine, the pristine state of nature, reflected in the unimaginable clean seas and the incredible richness of the Croatian Adriatic seabed, all presented thanks to the local know-how of your experienced tour guides and skippers.

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