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Enjoy in Private boat tour to Vrgada Island - Photo by @arto_photo

Enjoy in the private boat adventure on Vrgada island

calendar iconMar 23, 2022

Located opposite the famous holiday resort village of Pakoštane, Vrgada island also has a claim to fame, thanks to its numerous sandy beaches, as well as natural pebbly coves and shaded groves filled with lush Adriatic vegetation.

Since the island of Vrgada is only 3 kilometres long (1.8 miles), visitors and travellers have no problems in familiarizing themselves with all the charming characteristics of this typical Croatian Adriatic island in just one day.

Private boat tour to Vrgada Island Zadar Archipelago
Explore the sandy bays on Vrgada Island – Photo by @tetka_hr

Choose to undertake a private boat trip to Vrgada island with the help of Zadar Archipelago and prepare to experience all the best sides of a summer holiday in Croatia.

Hike up to the highest point of the island and enjoy the scenery as you climb

The view from the highest point of Vrgada is really spectacular: you can see the vacation resort of Pakoštane, as well as 15 smaller islets that lay scattered around Vrgada island.

Since this is truly a unique photo opportunity, your experienced local crew from Zadar Archipelago could arrange a drone, to immortalise your private boat tour.

private day trip to vrgada island Zadar Archipelago
Enjoy in spectacular vistas – Photo by @hakunamatatavrgada

Hiking to the top of the 112-meter (367ft) high hill known as Srabljinevac, travellers to Vrgada will get to enjoy strolling amongst lush pine forests and smaller, but equally dense, Adriatic vegetation.

Let your local crew from Zadar Archipelago tell you about the history of Vrgada island

If you would like to know more about the history of a certain place on your Croatian summer day trip itinerary, your local tour guides are always ready to share interesting facts and little known historic information.

Since Vrgada was an important tactical point in the Adriatic sea, it saw many governing powers on its shore, most of which have left some traces of their presence.

private boat trip to Vrgada island Zadar Archipelago
Dissover Vrgada Island – Photo by @nenakatarina

During the middle ages, Vrgada was chosen as a construction site for a medieval castle, due to its strategic position. Located on a hill above Vrgada town, the castle known as Gradina stands as a witness to an interesting bygone era.

Enjoy the incredible sandy beaches of Vrgada island on your private boat tour

Locals and foreigners alike recognize Vrgada island as a location for several world-class sandy beaches. Since the sandy heaven can only be reached by boat, you will be able to experience the soft sand and turquoise colours if you book a day trip with Zadar Archipelago.

Enjoy sun and sand in the beach bar on Vrgada island
Enjoy sun and sand – Photo by @hakunamatatavrgada

Once you arrive, use the speedboat as a springboard for doing some instance jumps or seeking shelter in the shade of pine trees. There are even cafes and restaurants not far from the beach, where you can enjoy cocktails and other refreshing drinks.

Taste the difference in local products on your private boat tour to Vrgada Island

The majority of the population on Vrgada island grow their own fruits and vegetables, so it is not unusual if these incredible ingredients find their way to the tables of Vrgada island bars & restaurants.

Enjoy the fun on private boat tour to Vrgada island
Enjoy the fun on your next private boat tour – Photo by @petrakonyit

If you choose to sample the difference yourself, you will be amazed at the taste difference; crispier, crunchier and juicier vegetables will go perfectly with freshly-caught grilled fish, season with locally-made and hand-pressed olive oil, rosemary, garlic and lemon juice, straight out of grandma’s garden.

Why Vrgada island and Zadar archipelago day trips are a match made in heaven

Since cars or traffic are not allowed on the island, you are guaranteed a special atmosphere of peace and quiet, as soon as you step foot on the island. This makes Vrgada Island an ideal target for a private boat tour.

experience the joy of private boat trip to Vrgada island cocktail beach party
Have an amazing cocktail party at the beach – Photo by @hakunamatatavrgada

Ask your skilful boat crew to drop an anchor near sandy bays and enjoy sipping cocktails in local beach bars.

Start your Croatian summer holiday truly detached from modern society and let Zadar Archipelago transport you back in time with a special day trip to the island of Vrgada.

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