Uncover the secrets of Zverinac island on a private boat tour | Zadar Archipelago
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Panoramic vista from Zverinac Island - Photo by @istriabike

Uncover the secrets of Zverinac island on a private boat tour

Jul 27, 2022

Zverinac island is a charming patch of land located between the islands of Dugi Otok and Sestrunj, opposite Božava village. The total surface of the island is less than 5km2, and it is populated by 42 people during the entire year.

Since it belongs under the municipality of Sali, the main settlement of Dugi Otok, Zverinac’s close ties to the island of Dugi Otok create a perfect opportunity to experience both islands in one day.

zverinac island view bay sea boat
Enjoy in lush nature on Zverinac Island – Photo by @istriabike

This can be done with the help of your local and professional skippers and tour guides from Zadar Archipelago; arrange a day trip from Zadar to Zverinec and Dugi Otok and live through all the typical Adriatic elements that make up a perfect summer holiday in Croatia; crystal-clear sea, wonderful beaches, plenty of shade under pine trees, the warm sun and the sipping of refreshing drinks and cocktails in nearby restaurants and cafe bars.

Enjoy untouched nature and pristine sea on a boat tour to Zverinac island

After you start your day trip on Zverinac, the most scenic way to experience the island would be to take a relaxing walk in untouched nature, with splendid views of the shimmering turquoise sea.

zverinac island sunset zadar archipelago
Enjoy nature and sunsets over Zverinac island – Photo by @davide_lanzo98

You could climb the island’s highest peak, reaching 111 (364ft) meters in height and some awesome picture opportunities. The panorama on the top will incorporate other islands in the vicinity, being connected by the fantastic blue Croatian Adriatic sea. Climb down and refresh yourself in the cool sea, before napping in the shade of pine trees.

zverinac island hilltop view
Hike to Zverinac island hilltop – Photo by @merengimama

Find out interesting facts about the history of this compact island

Zverinac island was first mentioned in the summer annals of the greater Zadar region in 1451; back then, the island had another name entirely: Surian.

During this period, it was under the ownership of a noble family from Zadar, but its role was that of a protector of strong Glagolitic traditions, in an era when this language was considered archaic.

explore zverinac island bay marina
Explore Zverinac island @petra_svete

Visitors can still observe the baroque palace of the Fanfong family, from the 18th century, as well as the remains of a Roman fortress and villae rusticae, hidden in the Poripišće bay.

Experience pure tranquillity on an island with virtually no people

Once you disembark in the small Zverinac island marina, the only thing worth checking out is the Fanfonga palace. Otherwise, the only thing you will find on this charming island is a peaceful and contemplative atmosphere, with only the sounds of nature keeping you company.

On the other hand, if at any time you would want to switch gears and experience a more lively atmosphere, you can always ask your local Zadar Archipelago skipper to take you to Veli Rat marina on Dugi Otok island.

Enjoy in sunset yoga on Zverinac island
Enjoy in Sunset yoga on Zvaerinac island – Photo by @petra_svete

Swim in your private piece of Adriatic paradise on your day trip 

Since the summer temperatures in Croatia allow for staying in the sea for long periods, the best thing you could do would be to roam freely between small capes and hidden beaches, scouring the seabed for shiny seashells, interesting rocks, starfish or corals, but remember – never disturb or touch the wildlife, so other that come after you could also enjoy the bounties of Croatian nature.

enjoy in snorkelling adventures on Zverinac island
enjoy in snorkelling adventures on Zverinac island – Photo by @piratesofparadise

Why Zverinac island  is a perfect choice for a day trip with Zadar Archipelago

When you start your Croatian summer holiday, you will inevitably run into large crowds of tourists, who like to stick to Croatia`s mainland and the mainstream choices for island getaways.

To avoid summer crowds, and people in general, choose to retreat to Zverinac island, an ideal choice for travellers wanting to escape from the hustle and bustle of big mainland cities.

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Enjoy boat tours around the Zadar archipelago

Doing this successfully requires guides with local insight, who will expose the best beaches, disclose the prettiest panoramas and reveal often overlooked snorkel locations. Luckily, the expert skippers and tour guides from the Zadar archipelago perfectly fit this description.

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