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Private speedboat diving tour in Kornati National Park

calendar iconMar 10, 2024

Scuba diving in Croatia has become even more exhilarating following the country’s inclusion in the European Union. For adventurous souls seeking new underwater experiences, the Kornati Islands are a must-visit destination. As the most densely packed archipelago in the Mediterranean, the Kornati Islands provide a vast and varied area for scuba diving enthusiasts.

Exploring the submarine world of the Kornati is a must-do activity during a vacation in Croatia. Qualified independent divers have the privilege of experiencing all the wonders that make this place a national park.

Snorkeling (diving without autonomous equipment) doesn’t require a license. However, scuba diving expeditions can only be undertaken in organized and authorized groups, led by individuals or agencies with the proper credentials.

For those without diving credentials, we suggest putting on a snorkel and mask to catch a glimpse of the vibrant underwater world in the crystal-clear waters of the Kornati. Even from the surface, there are plenty of remarkable sights to behold.

Kornati National Park

The Kornati National Park spans 220 square kilometres and has been under stringent nature protection since 1980, aiding in the preservation of its underwater flora and fauna.

Home to approximately 350 species of algae and three species of underwater flowering plants, the park serves as a sanctuary for marine flora. However, it’s the wide array of animal species that truly captivates the imagination.

With 60 species of corals, 180 species of molluscs, 130 species of bristle worms, 60 species of decapod crabs, 65 species of echinoderms, and 185 species of fish, the Kornati Archipelago buzzes with life.

Yet, the most enticing diving spots lie concealed beneath the towering and majestic Kornati Cliffs. These cliffs, a natural marvel, provide a breathtaking backdrop to the colourful and varied underwater realm.

Private diving tour in Kornati National Park, panorama (1)
The diversity of marine life is astounding, with octopuses and lobsters seeking refuge in the nooks and crannies, while large yellow sponges thrive on the cliffs. Deeper down, vibrant red fan corals vie for space, adding splashes of colour to the underwater panorama.

Scuba divers have the opportunity to delve into the ocean’s hidden treasures, swim amidst vibrant schools of fish, and uncover stunning coral formations, all while surrounded by the grandeur of the Kornati Cliffs. It’s no surprise that this is one of Croatia’s most coveted scuba diving destinations.

The 9 diving zones in Kornati

Diving is permitted in nine designated zones within the Kornati National Park, subject to the specified conditions.
1. Kornat (Opat – Tanka Prisliga)
2. Samograd
3. Oključ
4. Mala Panitula
5. Vela Panitula
6. Rašip
7. Kasela
8. Mana
9. Borovnik

Diving rules in the Kornati National Park

There are five key rules to observe when scuba diving in the Kornati National Park to preserve its fragile ecosystem:

1. It is strictly forbidden to touch or remove anything from the sea, except for garbage, which should be disposed of properly on land.

2. Respecting marine life is crucial, and any intentional disturbance or endangerment of sea organisms is prohibited.

3. Night diving is prohibited between 19:00 and 7:00.

4. Divers are not allowed to carry any weapons or tools, apart from their diving knife, whether on themselves or their boats. Visitors must adhere to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Croatia governing underwater activities.

5. The maximum depth for diving in the Kornati National Park is 40 meters, ensuring the safety of visitors while minimizing any potential impact on the delicate ecosystem.

Diving in Kornati

In addition to the captivating underwater experiences and the scenic beauty of the islands, witness the astonishing variety of marine life, including gorgonian fields, octopuses, crayfish, and more. Our route is adaptable, taking into account local weather conditions and the preferences of our guests.

Private diving tour in Kornati National Park, panorama (3)
Embark on an exhilarating journey through the breathtaking island world of the Kornati islands.

A private speedboat tour with Zadar Archipelago considers various factors such as weather forecasts, diver experience levels, and interests when planning our dive trips, ensuring a diverse and rewarding experience for all participants.

For experienced divers, we offer exciting opportunities such as night dives and wreck diving on the Francesca di Rimini, as well as exploration of lesser-known sites within the Kornati National Park.

Dive trips within the Kornati National Park are organized based on the size of the dive group. Underwater photography enthusiasts will find unparalleled opportunities within the park, capturing crisp and clear images of its pristine underwater landscapes and diverse marine life.

A private speedboat diving tour with Zadar Archipelago boat excursions in Kornati National Park

Kornati National Park offers a paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts, boasting abundant marine life and stunning underwater vistas. Visitors are urged to adhere to the park’s strict rules and regulations to safeguard its delicate ecosystem. With nine designated diving zones and licensed diving centers available, exploring the underwater wonders of the Kornati Islands promises an unforgettable adventure for all thrill-seekers.

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