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Discover the Island of Happiness on Rivanj Island Private Boat tour

calendar iconMay 18, 2022

Discover Island Rivanj, a place where you can rest your body and soul, and recharge your batteries in the shade of old olive groves. Rivanj Island private boat tour will give you a chance to explore stunning secluded bays, swim in crystal clear sea, and enjoy in best summer activities.

This often-overlooked island is a true hidden gem of Adriatic and a  place where only the sound of the sea and the song of crickets disturb the silence. Discover nature’s unspoiled beauty, unplug from the world around you and recharge your batteries.

After a summer day filled with fun, you can relax on a boat deck under a sky full of stars just for yourself and an otherworldly feeling of serenity.

rivanj island view
Enjoy on the Island where time doesn’t flow – Photo by @krzysztofj74

Make your Island hopping base on Rivanj Island

Due to its proximity to Dugi Otok and Sestrunj Island, Rivanj shares a strong connection with them, which makes it ideal for the island-hopping base on your Rivanj island Private boat tour.

The most intriguing islets are located northwest of the island and are called the Three Sisters. On the smallest of these islands you will find a picturesque lighthouse, standing 16m tall, conveniently named “Rivanj”.

Northeast of this island you will see an islet named Jidula. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy in scenic boat ride overlooking the coast of the island and Mt. Velebit,  Privlaka and Zaton. You can visit Molat Island and discover gorgeous sandy lagoons, on the same day on your Rivanj island private boat tour.

rivanj alleys
Take a Stroll around Aivanj alleys – Photo by @karuzox

Opt-in for an Immersive Robinsonian Experience

Rivanj is an ideal place for a family vacation away from the daily hustle and bustle. The only noise waiting for you to hear is the chirping of birds and the song of crickets. The entire Zadar archipelago will be in the palm of your hand, and the city of Zadar is only one boat ride away.

On your Rivanj island private boat tour, you will get a chance to explore this small island with a long maritime tradition. You can visit the Rivanj village, the only settlement on this quiet island and enjoy the unique local lifestyle.

Since Rivanj has 20-30  inhabitants, that means you will have a lot of private corners and peace in this lovely place. kilometres. According to legend, the present village of Rivanj was founded in the 16th century by settlers from the nearby islands such as the island Ugljan, and there are only two family names on this private heaven – Radulić and Fatović.

Apart from that, you can opt in for a relaxing stroll along the coastline of the island, under the shade of pine forests and dense maquis. All of the previously mentioned make Rivanj an ideal spot for enjoying Robinsonian vibes, untouched nature and summer crowds.

Swim in the Stunning bays of Rivanj Island 

This hidden oasis will amaze you with awe-inspiring bays such as Dubrinka and Lokvina. Apart from these bays, there are countless unexplored magical turquoise lagoons, where you will be able to enjoy complete tranquillity and unspoiled nature.

Furthermore, the sea around the island is spectacularly clear and rich in fish, which makes Rivanj island a favourite destination of sport fishermen, scuba divers and snorkelers.

girl jumping from a boat in the sea on island rivanj
Enjoy in Best Summer Activities – Photo by @zadar_region

Conquer the 360 Panoramic Vista on the entire Zadar Archipelago

On your Rivanj island private boat tour, you will have enough time to enjoy in wondrous nature of this island, explore the underwater world, witness the unique islander lifestyle and conquer the hilltops.

Take a light hike to the highest peak on the Rivanj island, only 112 meters high Lukočina hill. Once you reach the top, you will discover otherworldly 360 vistas on the entire Zadar Archipelago and coastline.

Rovinj is the dream come true for all those who want a peaceful, relaxing holiday in untouched nature, away from the hectic pace of everyday life.

On your Rivanj Island Boat tour you will get an opportunity to experience the fragrant, somewhat wild nature of the island, discover the church of Sv. Jelena on Lukočina hill with an unforgettable panoramic view, and bask in the sun in the beautiful private bays of Rivanj island after your light hike.

Rivanj Island hilltop view
Conquer the Panoramic vistas – Photo by @island.of.happiness

Visit the “Olive Garden” of Rivanj Island

Unplug from the fast pace of modern life and relax on a terrace of Oliversum., a place where time is still, and you can enjoy in the serenity of sea and olive groove fields.

Oliversum is a family-owned olive grove field with a tavern and a renovated vintage stone house, located right by the sea. There are over 2700 square meters of olive trees and maquis on the plantation.

This wonderful place is right on the  Rivanj canal, which is praised for its clear sea and vivid marine world sea. You spend a portion of time of your Rivanj island private boat tour sunbathing or enjoying the natural shade of Olive trees, with a good book and the intertwined sounds of crickets, see and chirping of birds.

If you are planning to spend the night in the Oliversum, you will be glad to hear that the nights are pleasantly refreshing and the view of the starry sky will leave you breathless.

Although the boat trip to Rivanj island is only 25 minutes, you will be under the impression that you have travelled through time and space, to a completely different dimension.

The best part is – you can leave your wallet back in Earth’s realm, on Rivanj you will never reach for your wallet or look at your watch because you will be mesmerised by the wondrous nature and complete serenity of this unknown gem of the Zadar archipelago.

olive trees rivanj and seaview
Recharge under the Shade of Olive Trees – Photo by @oliversum.rivanj

Explore the vivid Underwater World on your Boat tour to Rivanj Island

In the turquoise sea around Rivanj island, you will find the vivid marine world and spectacularly clear sea. On your Private boat tour to Rivanj island, you will be able to explore even the most secluded lagoons, brimming with rich marine flora and fauna.

If you are a fan of Snorkelling, almost every bay of Rivanj island will be intriguing and captivating. Scuba divers won’t be left out, because in the vicinity of Rivanj there are quite interesting diving sites.

Here are the two best diving spots in the proximity of Rivanj Island:

Tri Sestrice Island Group

Three sisters island group consist of two bigger and one smaller islet. This is ideal snorkelling or scuba diving spot for beginners or advanced divers, with depths from 3 up to 30 meters. At a shallow, there is a meadow of seagrass, and then the terrain is stepped Flocks of blackbirds and salps swim in the upper part, and in the lower part, you will discover rich marine flora filled with various algae, sponges and mosses.

Rivanj channel

With the depths from 3-50 meters, this area is more suitable for advanced scuba divers, as the current in the canal is always very strong, we recommend that beginners do not dive into that part. For great diving, there are several spots between Rivanj island and Islands Ugljan and  Sestrunj.

rivanj diving
Explore the Vivid Marine world – Photo by @damir_santek

Witness local Festivities on Rivanj Island 

On August 18, the feast of St. Helena is celebrated on the island of Rivanj, and it is special because it marks a great jubilee – the birth of the first islander on Rivanj island. Five full centuries have passed since he was first born in Rivan,j on August 8, 1520, and now his heirs are celebrating the birthday of their ancestors.

Outside of the small church on the Lukočina hill, you will see a memorial plaque, in honour of the 500th anniversary of the birth of the first islander on the island – Matij Radulić. Join this unique celebration, and experience the local atmosphere on the charming island of sailors, gorgeous beaches, cypresses and olives.

people on family day cruiser molat and ugljan private boat tour
Opt-in for a Private Boat tour and Explore Rivanj Island at your own pace

Why go on a Private boat tour with Zadar Archipelago?

You will get to explore the Rivanj and nearby islands in a unique way, visit the spots known only to local experts and learn valuable local tips and tricks. Moreover, you will get a chance to immerse yourself in serenity and enjoy private bays surrounded by fragrant Dalmatian plants, a vivid marine world on your Rivanj island private boat tour. Furthermore, a private boat tour will enable you to have a flexible itinerary and to visit nearby islands such as Molat & Ugljan and still get home before dinner.

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