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Sea preservation on a boat tour with Zadar Archipelago

calendar iconAug 01, 2023

The Adriatic Sea has played a big and important role in the Mediterranean area since ancient times, connecting several southern European countries and creating a separate ecosystem. Croatia’s tourism industry, the country’s largest source of income, relies heavily on the cleanliness and beauty of the Adriatic Sea and this is the main reason why every attempt at sea preservation on a boat tour is important and good.

The 870 km length of the Adriatic Sea, with 1,294 islands, of which 69 are inhabited and 1,185 are in Croatia, creates a unique environment. The Otranto Gate leads from the Ionian to the Adriatic Sea, passing through national parks like Brijuni, Kornati, and Mljet. The largest islands are Krk and Cres, while Brač is the highest, and Hvar is the sunniest.

But, the most condensed area in the entire region is the Zadar archipelago, an area where there are more than 300 islands, in a diameter of around 50 kilometres. This heavy concentration of islands creates a perfect opportunity for summertime exploration tours with Zadar Archipelago, the region`s leading local operator of speedboat and luxury boat day trips and transfers.

This blog post aims to guide individuals in choosing sustainable ways to enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic Sea while minimizing their impact on the environment and supporting local communities, during their day trip with Zadar Archipelago boat excursions.

Choosing a Responsible Tour Operator

When planning a boat excursion in the Zadar sea area, opt for smaller tours and local organizations that provide authentic experiences and prioritize sustainability. Zadar Archipelago is among such organisations, because we pride ourselves in following responsible preservation practices, as well as engaging in eco-friendly activities to reduce pollution and maintain the ecosystem.

On a side note, we also offer activities that embrace the local way of life without disturbing animal species, and contribute to the local economy, thereby promoting sustainability.

Preparing for Your Boat Excursion

Before going on a day trip with us, we suggest bringing reusable water bottles, so that the amount of waste is reduced as much as possible. Also, when using sunblock, remember to pick an eco-friendly version; be mindful of the type of sunscreen you use and opt for products that reduce pollution and the release of heavy elements into the natural environment.

A charming island seen from a distance
Getting from one island to another will be an easy feat if you choose Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours as your preferred guides

If you are bringing snacks or similar things with you on the trip, always pack them into backpacks or reusable bags, so pollution is reduced even further. The temperature of the Adriatic Sea provides ideal conditions for abundant marine life. Understanding the delicate balance of the Adriatic ecosystem helps preserve its beauty and sustenance for future generations.

Onboard Best Practices

During the entire length of the tour, always remember to properly dispose of waste and recycle when possible to reduce pollution and maintain the cleanliness of the Croatian Adriatic Sea.

Keep your garbage in sight and save it for later disposal in designated containers. Be especially careful during cruising so that the windy conditions do not carry the garbage into the sea. For those who feel particularly conscientious, if you see garbage at locations you visit, take that garbage with you and thereby show your contribution to environmental preservation.

Abide by local laws that regulate motor volumes to minimize disturbance to marine life. The noise level of engines also poses a threat to marine life, as most animals communicate through sound, and water itself has the characteristic of better sound transmission, making engine sounds often too loud and unsuitable for the ecosystem. If you choose our modern and lightweight speedboats, you are choosing vehicles with modern and quieter engines that give our green signature to your trip.

Talk to your tour guide so that boat speed reduces the impact on the environment and marine species. Excessive speed poses a danger to many animals, as well as divers. Throughout Croatia, the law regulating speed within 300 meters of the coast is in force, but we also recommend reducing the speed of movement in more distant waters.

Snorkeling and Swimming Etiquette

When we bring you to the best snorkeling locations, be mindful of your surroundings and avoid contact with underwater creatures. When diving and studying the seabed, enjoy the sights through your eyes, not your hands. Do not touch or remove animals from the sea to take pictures with them. Animals are living beings that feel fear, and encountering humans can cause them great stress if touched or moved.

Also, avoid disturbing coral reefs and seagrass beds and help to protect these delicate ecosystems by steering clear of them while snorkeling or swimming.

A traveler reading a notice about Always stay informed about the best practices of sea preservation on a boat tour
Always stay informed about the best practices of sea preservation on a boat tour

If you are an avid fisherman, practice catch-and-release fishing to minimize the depletion of fish stocks. If you are a sports fishing enthusiast, we recommend using friendly hooks and releasing the fish back into the sea after catching them.

One more thing you can do is abide by local laws that support sustainable fishing practices. In case you are a supporter of catching fish, we advise you to adhere to all provisions and guidelines of the fishing law in the area where you are located. Choose environmentally friendly gear to reduce your impact on marine life and never catch more fish than you need for your personal use.

Supporting Local Communities and Spreading Awareness

Support local businesses and artisans by shopping for goods and souvenirs in the community during your stay in Zadar. Also, be mindful of local customs and traditions to promote a harmonious relationship between tourists and residents.

You can also get informed at your local Zadar Archipelago tour operator about how to join local projects aimed at preserving the coast and the underwater world. Croatia has recently become known for cleaning up the seabed and beach, so we advise you to join the action if you find yourself in the right place at the right time.

Cleaning actions are responsible for the proper disposal of unattended waste that mars the aesthetic appearance of the coast, but also endangers marine creatures. Local green associations, volunteers, and various organizations participate in the actions, collecting several tons of garbage per year.

If you undertake such an action, do not forget to use modern technology and social media platforms to share content with an educational aspect, raising awareness and responsibility among your friends and followers. This will impact how others are informed about the importance of protecting the Adriatic and other marine ecosystems, as well as the steps we can take to preserve them.

You might also successfully inspire fellow travellers to make responsible choices when visiting the Adriatic coast, such as using reusable water bottles and engaging in sustainable fishing practices.

Why you should trust Zadar Archipelago speedboat trips with sea preservation on a boat tour?

It is crucial to protect the Adriatic Sea from threats such as overfishing, climate change, overcrowding of coastal areas, lack of knowledge of maritime property, invasive species, and oil spills, as it is a significant source of pride for Croatia and essential for the country’s economy.
Individual actions, such as choosing sustainable ways to enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic, supporting local businesses, and participating in conservation initiatives, can have a significant positive impact on preserving this unique ecosystem.

A blue lagoon near the shore with white rocks
Enjoy the pristine natural beauty of Croatia’sh incredible coastline, which will remain that way only if we all contribute to its conservation

Encourage others to join the movement to protect the Croatian Adriatic Sea and its marine life, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the same beauty and bounty that we do today. Remember the importance of sea preservation on a boat tour by paying attention to the composition of sunscreens and other products we use before bathing in the sea, as certain ingredients are not degradable in water and thus pollute the natural habitats of many animals and algae.

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