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Take a Break from the Crowds: Top 5 Secluded Beaches around Zadar 

calendar iconMay 15, 2023

The greater region of the Zadar archipelago offers undeniable beauty to visitors and travellers each year. Among them, there are few who can say that the experience of this place did not make their holiday into a more all-encompassing venture, with tourists returning year after year, to the same places they visited before.

This is due to the enchanting allure of this place, with its lush emerald isles, incredibly clean sea and a flurry of exotic locations that have to be seen, because no words can describe their beauty.

Thus, some guests visit Zadar for its history, some for its cuisine, but there are others who appreciate the simplest, but definitely the most profound summer experiences – secluded beaches around Zadar that offer a respite from the summer crowds, that flock to the Croatian mainland each summer.

This is a prefered choice for all people who cherish peace and privacy above all other benefits of a holiday, and it is for those people that we bring you the best 5 secluded beaches, that are perfect for escaping the city and enjoying the pristine state of Adriatic nature in solitude and peace.

All of the beaches on the list are accessible by boat only, because it will take an incredible amount of time to reach most of these destinations by way of state-funded ferries.

So, the best solution is to book a boat tour with Zadar Archipelago and let us handle the transit, so you can enjoy everything else.

Ravel in the splendour of Saharun beach

Saharun Beach is known as one of the most beautiful and exotic beaches in the entire Croatian Adriatic sea, and once you arrive here, you will know exactly why that is.

aerial view of sakarun beach
Sakarun Beach Private Boat Tour – Relax in Unspoiled Bays

Its blue lagoon welcomes travellers from afar, and since the best way is to arrive by boat (there is a long and strenuous road for people coming by car, followed by a 15-minute hike to reach the beach) there are always several yachts and speedboats anchored in this safe haven.

The beach itself is sandy and incredibly beautiful, with the white sand creating an aquamarine glow of the seabed, as well as creating a Carribean-like atmosphere for all guests.

The bay of the beach is also incredibly shallow, which means that guests can relax in the water by sitting down and enjoying a private pool atmosphere. As you approach Saharun Beach with Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours, you will definitely understand why it’s considered one of Croatia’s most beautiful and exotic beaches.

Bask in the glory of Lojena beach

Nestled on Levrnaka Island within the Kornati archipelago, Lojena Beach captivates with its glistening white pebbles and shimmering sands. Reachable solely by boat, this secluded oasis invites you to leave the hustle and bustle behind and savor the untouched splendor of Croatia’s coastline.

Lojena Beach beckons those who cherish life’s simpler pleasures. The absence of tourist amenities means you’ll need to come prepared with your own provisions, but this only enhances the thrill of exploration and serendipity. Delight in a tranquil swim or snorkeling session in the crystalline waters, or just unwind on the beach, basking in the warm sun.

Enveloped by Kornati National Park, Lojena Beach is a haven for nature enthusiasts and shutterbugs alike. The preserved area boasts a diverse array of flora and fauna, accompanied by striking geological wonders. Remember to bring your camera and immortalize the extraordinary memories you’ll create at this hidden treasure.

lojena beach in zadar archipelago
Aerial view of the marvellous Lojena Beach

Experience true beauty on Veli Žal beach

Nestled in the village of Dragove on Dugi Otok, Veli Žal Beach offers a tranquil sanctuary for relaxation and adventure. This beach combines pebbles and rocks, with a dedicated nudist area. Parking is conveniently available for those driving, but arriving by boat imparts an added touch of seclusion and intimacy.

people swimming in veli žal bay
Dugi Otok Boat Tour -Refresh Yourself on Veli Žal Beach

At Veli Žal Beach, disconnect from the world and delve into the captivating beauty of the Adriatic. Lush greenery surrounds the beach, setting the scene for a serene day by the sea. Wander along the rocky coastline or plunge into the crystalline waters, relishing the solitude and peace only found in such an undisturbed locale.

The neighbouring village of Dragove is also a must-see. Rich in history and allure, this charming village offers a window into authentic Croatian living. Stroll through its narrow lanes, marvelling at the stone dwellings and verdant gardens, and don’t forget to pause at a local café to indulge in delectable Croatian fare.

Find yourself on Ošljak Island beach

Ošljak Island, the tiniest inhabited island in the Adriatic Sea, is home to just a handful of elderly residents. This serene island connects to the mainland via ferry and boasts unspoiled beaches catering to diverse tastes, from rugged to pebble-strewn coastlines.

The tranquillity of Ošljak Island makes it a dream destination for those yearning for a break from the hustle and bustle. Here, you won’t encounter the sounds of cars, shops, bars, or nightlife, enabling you to fully savour the calming ambience. With its distinct beauty, natural variety, and conservation efforts, Ošljak Island is recognized as a natural park.

Each of the island’s beaches offers something unique, ranging from craggy outcrops to pebbled shores. Take your time meandering along the various beaches, and you may even discover your own secluded cove where you can unwind and absorb the sunshine. Moreover, the surrounding crystal-clear waters present excellent opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

osljak secluded beach in zadar archipelago
Discover Peace & Tranquility on a Secluded Beach on Osljak Island

Become one with nature on Jazina beach

Jazina Beach, nestled in the quaint tourist town of Tisno, is linked to Murter Island by a bridge. This pebble-strewn beach with concrete slabs presents an array of activities, from volleyball to mini-golf. The shallow, inviting waters are perfect for a lively game of picigin, while a nearby fast-food stand and café offer refreshments on balmy summer days.

Encircled by a pine forest, Jazina Beach supplies ample shade for those in search of relief from the sun. The natural surroundings, coupled with the diverse activities on offer, make this beach an idyllic destination for families and groups seeking a secluded and tranquil seaside retreat.

For visitors craving a more active beach day, Jazina Beach features a variety of water sports, such as kayaking and paddleboarding. Furthermore, the beach is in close proximity to several hiking trails, affording guests the chance to explore the breathtaking coastal vistas.

Why you should take a break from the crowds with Zadar Archipelago boat excursions?

When you decide to book a boat tour with Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours, consider the many different types of excursions we have available. You can have the utmost confidence in our local knowledge and expertise, which will guide you to see all the brilliant and incredible locations of the greater Zadar archipelago region.

For a start, consider coming in the shoulder season, when there are fewer crowds on the coast, but the weather remains warm and pleasant enough for typical summer activities like swimming and snorkelling. If you decide to come at this time, there will also be more boats available, as well as different sort of tours and locations.

When packing, see our blog about what to bring on a speedboat day trip with Zadar Archipelago boat excursions.

Since the entire maritime region around Zadar is so rich with secluded beaches and incredible indented coastline, you can be sure that our picks for the top 5 secluded beaches will help you to experience the true essence of the Croatian Adriatic: mysterious, enchanting and utterly beautiful

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