Visit 15th Meridian on Sestrunj Island Private Boat Tour
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Explore the tranquil oasis full of pristine nature and private bays on your Sestrunj island Private Boat tour. Experience the unique island atmosphere and enjoy complete privacy in awe-inspiring settings. 

Proudly standing in the archipelago, looking like the mighty mountain thrown into the sea Sestrunj island hides numerous unique and stunning spots. Sestrunj island is amongst the smaller islands in the Zadar archipelago and it has only 48 inhabitants and 3 island ports: Hrvatinj, Kablin, and Triluke. 

Although today this lone gem is forgotten, it is filled with history and unspoiled nature. Sestrunj was inhabited by Illyrians in ancient times, which is confirmed by. The valuable archaeological finds from 150 BC near Gračina and Grunčina hills. 

sestrunj island aerial
Explore Sestrunj Island – Photo by @adventurous.travelcouple

Best Spots to Visit on Sestrunj Island Private Boat Tour

Sestrunj Village

The main sights in Sestrunj village are the church of St. Peter and Paul from the 16th century and the chapel of Our Lady of Health from 1602. Most of the houses are located on a hill 2 kilometres from the sea, where you can discover impressive 360 panoramic views on the Zadar archipelago.

Since the Sestrunj island is 12 nautical miles from Zadar, it is an ideal place for boaters, sailors and other lovers of the sea. On your Sestrunj Island Private Boat Tour you will discover an oasis of peace, lush vegetation and crystal-clear sea. 

You will be able to meet the islanders adorned with exceptional hospitality and visit the 15th meridian on a stroll through Sestrunj village. Moreover, there you will find the true artwork in a form of a mosaic bench made by the local artist.

Furthermore, in July and August, you might get a chance to be a part of a local manifestation known as the Sestrunj Summer and enjoy watching local traditions such as Olive branch braiding, or simply enjoy a unique island atmosphere.

Hidden Bays of Sestrunj Island

A Boat trip to Sestrunj island is an ideal way to visit the most beautiful bays on the island such as Hrvatin and Muline on the east side of the island, and Permanje, Kablin and Dumbočica on the west side.  If you cruise on the northern side you can drop your anchor in the Travnik bay and opt-in for shipwreck snorkelling, or safely explore “Croatian Bermuda Triangle” – Cape Križ. You can visit Sestrunj on a Private Boat Tour to Molat & Ugljan as well.

girl sunbathing on sestrunj island
Enjoy basking in the Sun- Photo by @annetteperkovic

Explore the Ledenik Shipwreck 

The previously mentioned shipwreck is located along the coast on the northern side of Sestrunj island, slightly east of the bay Travnik. There you will be able to see the silhouette of the sunken ship “Ledenik” to which many controversies are connected. 

This 70m long, refrigerator ship sank in the autumn of 2008 under still unexplained circumstances. Some suspect, that the ship was intentionally sunk to collect the insurance policy, however, everything is just a guess.

If you decide to explore this superb spot on your Sestrunj Island Private Boat Tour, you will get a chance to discover the vivid marine world, swim with curious fish and explore the world beneath the sea surface.

Sunken ship Ledenik scuba diving
Explore the Sunken Ship- Photo by @zuznis

Best Summer Activities on Sestrunj Island

Visit the 15th Meridian 

A unique mosaic bench was presented to Sestrunj by the author and artist Boška Kliman. This lovely artistic bench became a local landmark and one of the most Instagramable spots on Sestrunj island. Aside from that, it is at the centre of the 15th meridian, according to Mrs Kliman; this is one of the places where love and joy connect.

Conquer the “Croatian Bermuda Triangle”

Due to Magnetic variations at Mankare, near Cape Križ many ships sunk during history. Although today locals refer to it as “the Croatian Bermuda Triangle”, the truth is that the old ships used compasses for navigation on the sea, and due to magnetic variations near the island and 15th meridian their navigational instruments would not function properly. 

That was the true cause of the many shipwrecks that lie beneath the surface. In order to commemorate these lost sailors, islanders made a cross monument on the capes hilltop and named it Cape Križ ( Cross) in order to guide and protect the sailors in this area.

Explore the private bays

This hidden gem of the Zadar archipelago is a true oasis for a beach getaway and a place where you can experience complete freedom and tranquillity on your boat trip to Sestrunj island.

You will have an experienced skipper and a local guide who will take you to the gorgeous secluded bays on your Private Boat Tour. You can enjoy unspoiled nature, summer sounds, sunshine, crystalline sea and the best summer activities.

private bays of Sestrunj island
Discover private bays- Photo by @malbertin

Explore the Underwater World

The advantage of your Sestrunj Island Private Boat tour will be numerous bays, surrounded by pristine neater. You will enjoy exploring the vivid marine flora and fauns, meet the curious wild fish and enjoy the best summer activities on the stunning island spots known only to the local experts.

If you are a professional scuba diver contact our booking agent and we can set up an individual scuba-diving itinerary on fascinating diving locations during your Sestrunj Island Private Boat tour, or you can opt-in for a boat rental with a local skipper and explore the best of Sestrunj.

Top 3 Diving Spots on Sestrunj Island

  • Parnjak offers great diving for novice and intermediate divers, with depths between 8 and 30 meters (26-98 feet).  If you visit Parnjak on a Sestrunj Island Private Boat Tour, you will find a sea wall that gradually descends from 8m (26feet) to greater depths. There are also various marine creatures there including fish, shellfish, and so on.
  • Vrlac is an ideal spot for both snorkelers and scuba divers, and the most impressive diving is on the northwest side of the Sestrunj island. The wall falls stepwise from 5 meters to a depth of 45 meters (148ft). Various marine life can be found on the upper plateau, which is overgrown with sea vegetation. If you are a pro-diver then Sestrunj Island PrivateBoat Tour will give you ideal scuba diving spots full of vivid marine life such as sponges, mosses, corals, along with wild fish, can be found in the lower region.
  • Ledenik is the wreckage of a 70m-long refrigerator ship that sunk over a decade ago. It can be found on the coast at the northern end of Sestrunj, slightly east of the bay Travnik. The wreck is easy to locate since its shallowest part is 10 meters (32ft)  beneath the sea surface. The outline of the wreck can be seen from the surface, which means you can easily spot it while snorkelling on your Sestrunj Island PrivateBoat Tour.
Explore the Underwater world – photo by @likezadar

Things You didn’t know about Sestrunj Island

  • The locals bought the island from the noble families of Zadar in 1904. for 16,000 forints.
  • Valuable archaeological finds from 150 BC have been found in the stone burial mounds at Gračina Hill.
  • You can Visit the 15th Meridian at Sestrunj Village
  • Due to Magnetic Variation  near Cape Križ, Navigation can be tricky if you rely on the compass
  • Sestrunj Island now has more wild pigs than humans
  • This Island has no schools and Stores 
  • Every Summer there is a local manifestation in July and August known as Sestrunj Summer
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Why Choose Sestrunj Island Private Boat Tour?

Opt-in for a unique Sestrunj Island Private Boat tour and snorkel with the sunken ship, visit the 15th meridian and conquer the “Croatian Bermuda Triangle”. Your local crew will take you to the best island spots, where you can enjoy in best summer activities in complete privacy and experience another level of boating. Sestrunj island will become your personal private oasis where you can create unique holiday memories far away from summer hustle-and bustle.