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Silba the sunny island– book a speedboat trip and enjoy a sun lover’s paradise

calendar iconApr 24, 2023

The relationship between Silba the sunny island and sunshine is a strange one indeed. On one hand, Silba is right behind Hvar (the sunniest island in all of the Croatian Adriatic Sea) and on the other, the location of the island is not optimal for receiving hours of sunshine. Still, Silba manages to be in the top selection of the sunniest islands in the Zadar archipelago area.

For this reason, Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours have decided to arrange a special itinerary that will focus on all the best activities on Silba Island, that incorporate the warm summer sun as the main protagonist. If you enjoy finding yourself in the warm embrace of never-ending beams of light from the flaming ball in the sky, you are in the right place.

Keep reading to find out more about our excellent offer…

Learn some interesting trivia about Silba from your tour guide

If you start browsing the internet, the first thing you will notice about Silba island is that it is located far more to the north than other islands in the archipelago. For this reason, it is unexplainable how Silba still manages to acquire such an astounding amount of sunny days per year.

Regardless, we believe this is a perfect opportunity for our guests to enjoy a truly unforgettable speedboat experience

With our expertise and local tour guides and operators, you will be able to learn all kinds of interesting facts about the sunny island of Silba, which will elevate your entire day trip experience with Zadar Archipelago.

Their expertise and knowledge of the region will make them an indisposable asset when it comes to experiencing everything that the sunny island of Silba has to offer, like telling you interesting things about Silba while in transit.

Speedboat arriving at a coastal settlement
Only when you arrive to Silba the sunny island, can your Croatian vacation truly begin

The history of Silba is closely related to the history of maritime traffic and trade in the Adriatic. Once the steamships arrived in this region, many of the wealthy captains found themselves in bankruptcy, because their wooden sailing ships could not compete with new steam ships, in terms of practicality, speed and price. Thus, Silba had to adapt to survive.

Connected to this interesting fact is that Silba Island had a steamboat connection with Trieste. In the years before the first world war, Silba inhabitants would be able to arrive to Trieste in a span of 12 hours, which was a remarkable achievement for that time and technology; another fact that testifies to the peculiar, but the fortunate geographical position of Silba island.

Also, Silba had a very strong presence in the industry of table grapes (grapes that you would eat, not press into wine) and their goods would be exported from their small island, and would arrive to Triest, or even as far as Vienna, in a span of one day (in the context of the early 20th century, this speed is truly remarkable).

Did you know: Table grapes have very high sugar content, and mature earlier than grapes that are destined to be turned into wine.

Sunbathe in Adriatic paradise and acquire a perfect bronze tan on Silba island

We know all the best and most private sunbathing places on Silba island and are willing to share them with you. Silba has several sandy beaches that are perfect for a primordial wellness session, if you use the sand as a peeling material, and then bathed in the clean Croatian Adriatic sea, you will find your pores cleansed and your spirit revitalised; just remember to stay hydratised.

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to find a quiet cove and enjoy the undisturbed peace and natural beauty of Silba island and its surrounding waters. If you decide to bring a picnic setup with you, or a stereo system to play some music, notify your tour guide beforehand, so all of your belongings can be safely stored in the speedboat.

For sun protection, we warmly recommend natural and organic oils and suntan lotions made in Croatia, that contain aromatic herbs and oils picked right from the environment you are occupying, making them ideal for achieving a perfect tan.

Two speedboats with the sun in the background
The sun will be your constant companion on your journey towards Silba island

Enjoy the sun, but seek refreshment in the sea

On your boat trip to Silba island, you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking clarity and cleanliness of the Croatian sea. Swim, snorkel and free dive along the indented coast of Silba island, but always remember to watch your body temperature: too much exposure to cold water and you might become slightly hypothermic. If that happens, then the perfect cure is to seek warmth under the summer sun.

After swimming, the best thing is to lie on your back and let the sun warm you up. But always remember not to overdo it, because sunburn, dehydration and heat stroke are all real factors to be taken into consideration, particularly if you are not used to spending time under the sun. Always stay hydrated and be wary of sunburn, because this small and insignificant factor can ruin an entire holiday. You can always ask your experienced tour guide about some neat trips and tricks to get the most out ouf your sunbathing session.

Always remember to stay safe and avoid heat stroke by seeking shade if necessary. Zadar Archipelago boat tours always provide complimentary sunscreen, so that no guest finds him/herself in a position where the sun becomes a problem

Savour a cocktail in a local bar

There is nothing that says „summer has arrived“ like drinking a cocktail on the beach, listening to the sound of the waves, feeling the salty breezes on your skin and enjoying the panorama of the glistening sea in the distance.

Let us introduce you to the most sought-after locations on Silba island, known for their high level of privacy and extraordinary beauty. Relax and put your feet up, while taking sips of your favourite cocktail; you can even come to an agreement with the tour guide about preparing costume-made cocktails with the supplies you brought onboard, to make a unique experience even more magical.

Trust us, rarely there are better things than sitting in the sea, with a long straw in your glass and just letting the water wash over you, as you gaze into the enchanting distance. Music is also a possibility here, so the entire scene is elevated into a kind of improvised beach bar or beach lounge club, that the entire day trip crew can wholeheartedly enjoy.

Sit in the sand and reflect on the positive things of your Croatian vacation; we guarantee one thing for certain – you will be back next year.

Be swept away by the breathtaking beauty of sunsets in the Zadar archipelago

One last surprise awaits visitors returning from their day trip with Zadar Archipelago boat tours. Saying its farewell for the day, the setting sun will present a captivating sight that will capture your attention during the entire return journey. Concentrate on the changing colours and enjoy a unique spectacle of shades, textures and overlapping tones, creating a truly magnificent sight.

After a day spend savouring all that the Croatian Adriatic Sea has to offer, this will be a perfect farewell to an already perfect day spent under the warm sun on Silba island.

Why you should consider booking a speedboat tour to Silba the sunny island with Zadar Archipelago Tours?

Silba awaits all those who want to enjoy the warm summer sun on private beaches and swim in clear and clean water. Trust in Zadar Archipelago speedboat tours and our local know-how to deliver the most fantastic locations on the sunny island of Silba to all of our willing guests.

Because of our expertise and experience, there is no better choice for a speedboat excursion to Silba island.

sunset near silba island
Let the day trip to Silba the sunny island end with a truly extravagant sunset

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